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About Vintage is one of the youngest brands in the history of horology. The Danish watchmaker was founded by two friends just recently, in 2014 and its design features a blend of classic vintage details, alongside mild modern elements.

Unlike watch brands like Rolex which name its watches respective to the features of the watch, About Vintage watches bear their names from their inspirer. In their watches lineup, the 1969 Vintage collection was the brand’s first unisex collection which became one of their bestsellers with its modish splendor. About Vintage 1969 borrows its name from the world’s first quartz watch which was introduced in 1969. But why did Skov Andersen really name it so? Was it the size, the gold case, or the movement?


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The History of About Vintage Watches

About Vintage is a Scandinavian watchmaker which debuted just recently in 2014. The luxury watch brand is a creation of two childhood friends who had earnestly yearned to own a vintage watch but couldn’t afford it then. Although they were drowning in their desired vintage watches, the dream of creating their own idea from the scratch was still in them, growing stronger day by day. In 2013 they finally made up their minds and in the year that followed they plunged into their prolonged desires of owning a prestigious watch collection.

Skov Anderson, the name of the creators of About Vintage watches, design their watches by combining fine craftsmanship from vintage classics with contemporary designs. This results in the creation of simple stylish timepieces that are super-affordable and with a coherent classic look that fits individual desires.

While coming up with the names of their watches, Skov Anderson usually borrows important years in the history of watchmaking and acknowledge those milestones. Around the year 1815, for instance, a French Horologist, Louis Moinet, invented the chronograph technique for use in tracking astronomical objects.

To resuscitate the period, Skov Anderson created their first watch lineup as a chronograph which they later named 1815. Although the exact date of release can’t be traced yet, the watch featured high-quality materials that include gold-coated steel case and sapphire crystal display.

With the inspiration from the chronograph which was updated by horologer Adolphe Nicole in 1844, 1815 Chronograph was updated with sticks for the minute counters- instead of dots. The new dial feature was to enhance readability while making each timing, just as with Nicole’s update whose intent was to enhance successive measurements.

1820 Automatic watch is another collection of About Vintage which was named after the year Thomas Prest registered a patent for his keyless winding mechanism. The mechanism is what is known today as a self-winding watch. For the watch versions encompassed under 1820 Automatic lineup, their case is made of 316L Steel with gold coating. The case sheathes caliber NH35A self-winding movement that then works secretively and presents its wearer/s with high-precision of time and date for 40 hours nonstop. The time the About Vintage 1820 was introduced is not yet clear but we hope Skov Andersen will share it soon.

In the watchmaking industry, 1969 is one of the most remembered periods entirely. It was the year that had a very great breakthrough, but which had a mixture of joy and despair. It was the year the first quartz watch was released and rewrote the history of horology with affordable luxury watches which were remarkably accurate. To commemorate the year, Skov Andersen created their first unisex collection running with around such electronic quartz movement. The About Vintage 1969 has its movement combined with vintage details comprising of a curved dial and super-domed mineral glass.

The antireflective mineral crystal sheathed the matte black/ white dial which held classic-inspired sword-shaped hands. Similar to the rest of the brand’s watches, About Vintage 69 is available in two size 36mm and 39mm. The watch also has interchangeable straps which allow every of its wearer to customize the watch respective to day’s color theme, occasion, or even the mood. Although About Vintage 1969 was warmly received in the watches marketplace, Skov Andersen believed the history was yet exhausted. For a staunch watch enthusiast, I believe you can remember the introduction of Quartz movements affected Swiss watchmakers extensively. In fact, history says that the Swiss watch employment dropped from 90,000 to 28,000 as most of the firms were using mechanical movements. In order to stand out from the rest of brands, an ordinance for the Swiss made watches was codified in December 1971. The year was thus an important time for the Swiss watches, and so was it to About Vintage.

Due to the reputation attached to Swiss watches, Skov Andersen decided to go it Swiss as well. They developed their first Swiss Made self-winding timepiece and just like the rest of their vintage collections, the lineup was baptized 1971 Automatic. The design of the watch borrowed a lot from the Swiss watches starting with the robust 316L steel case which is used by most of the watch brands. For a distinctive luxurious elegance, though, 1971 Automatic About Vintage has its case coated with gold and its front display and caseback with a flat sapphire crystal. The transparent caseback presents its wearer with an excellent view of the Swiss-Made caliber ETA 2824-2 self-winding movement. The 25-jewel movement has been a pillar of support to various iconic watch brands like Hamilton and Tudor due to its superior functionality at 28800 vph.

Well, I don’t know about your opinion on Skov Andersen but I do believe their ingenuity and desires in watchmaking is set to transform the industry big. While it’s quite a great work to browse through all the historical background of an industry, Copenhagen (About Vintage’s headquarters) is now soaring with glory.

Despite its tender age, About vintage is already flourishing with several celebrities like Pilou Asbæk and Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) from the Vikings series. The Scandinavian watchmaker is focused on making precision moments historical by transforming your flair to Vintage. Their uniqueness presents your wrist with a special tick that’s exquisitely precise and with notable moments in the evolution of horology.

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