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Despite their well-known reputation, About vintage is amongst the youngest luxury watches manufacturers in existence. The watchmaker was established in 2014 by two childhood friends whose focus is to create simple yet contemporary timepieces that are both ultra-luxurious and affordable. About Vintage Watches borrow their designs from the classic vintage watches, then combined with modern elements to create a definitive look that fits individual desires.

For the fans of advanced watch complications, the About Vintage Chronograph collection feature excellent timepieces with a historic yet stylish design. Amongst the models in the prestigious lineup is the 1821 Chronograph watch which has a fascinating combination of the elegant rose gold black pigments.


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History of About Vintage Chronograph watches

In a timeline coupled with extensive and ultra-modern technology, two childhood friends have proved to the world innovation is all about creativeness. The duo truly yearned to have a vintage timepiece but didn’t have a clear idea of how to own one. The watches have become very rare to find and the collectors who have them sold at very high prices.

Through their creativeness, the two friends finally went for their dreams as Skov Andersen and founded the About Vintage Company. With the headquarters at Copenhagen, Denmark, the luxury watches manufacturer aims at creating simple-but-stylish timepieces which also have historic moments behind them.

Following its creators burning desires of a vintage watch, About Vintage watches borrow their inspiration from the important moments in the watchmaking. For a staunch fan of Swiss watches, am pretty sure you’re aware the standards that oversee their making have changed over time. The law that governs the Swiss watches today was codified on December 1971, thus an important year in watchmaking and for the About Vintage.

Amongst its first achievements, the Scandinavian watchmaker named its first automatic Swiss Made watch “the 1971 Automatic”. The prestigious timepiece features a robust 316L steel casing and an automatic ETA movement, which both are very common in Swiss watches. Aesthetically, the architecture of the watch is much of a classic, with a brilliant white dial which blends with your professional dressing impeccably. To emphasize the relevance of the Swiss’ year, Skov Andersen designed the 1971 Automatic as a limited edition of only 1971 pieces.

For the enthusiasts of complicated watches, The About Vintage Watch Company has been able to cater for your individual liking as well. The watchmaker has a lineup of Chronograph watches which currently has three different series.

Unfortunately, the exact release year of the About Vintage Chronograph collection is not clear. Although the three encompassed series feature historic moments in the development of the initial Chronographs in the 19th Century.

For the 1815 Chronograph, the encompassed models have their name from the year inventor Louis Moinet started making the first modern Chronograph. Inspired by the French horologist and sculptor, the Skov Andersen team designed their first chronograph under the name 1815.

As of today, the 1815 About Vintage Chronograph has four different watch versions, with each uniquely designed using quality materials to enhance attractiveness and durability. Designed much of a gent’s watch, the watch has a robust 306L steel case, with a girth of 41mm and domed sapphire glass.

With the desire to serve your coloring desires, the 1815 Chronograph 117177 has a dark blue dial with excellent sunray lines to enhance the appearance. For extra attractiveness, there’s also a golden model with the elegant rose gold coating on the case and indexes.

Another prestigious series on the lineup of the About Vintage Chronograph is the 1821 which, unfortunately, has only a single version with Reference 102012. Designed to blend with any of your attire, the precious watch has its steel case coated with rose gold and the dial in black. Literally, the black pigment is a favorite option of almost every man due to its flexibility and modesty.

Getting back to the naming, the 1821 Chronograph has its inspiration from the first chronograph to be marketed upon the request of King Louis XVII. Respective to the vintage-inspired contemporary design, alongside the rose gold finishing, am pretty sure the French king would have approved the modern Chronograph as well.

Apart from the timeless Chronograph, the About Vintage Watch Company also has a vintage-inspired avant-garde timepiece which offers even more advanced complications. Created by the Skov Andersen, alongside the support of the Swiss watchmaker Frederique Constant, the special edition involves the About Vintage 1988 Moonphase watch. On the inner casing, the Swiss Made wristwatch has a deep blue curved dial with steel dot indexes and rose gold dauphine hands.

The back case of the leathered men’s watch is a clear sapphire glass which presents you with a view of the famous FC-702 Manufacture movement. Apart from the Côtes de Genève decorated gold rotor, the 26-jewel movement presents you multiple functions, including center hour, analog date, and moonphase function.

In spite of its stunning brilliance and functionality, About Vintage X Frederique Constant designed the 1988 Moonphase as a limited edition of only 100 pieces.

Well, am not sure of what you think about About Vintage watches but I believe their presence has really served the lovers of vintage watches right. In all their watches, by the way, Skov Andersen usually installs them with interchangeable straps which you can customize with your day’s theme with ease.

Check out the provided selections below and add an ultra-elegant About Vintage Chronograph to your wardrobe at affordable prices. For more details on the other watches from the brand, visit The Watch Company main page and also our blog for the latest updates.

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