Have You Ever Wondered How Much is a Rolex?

Mar 01, 2019
Have You Ever Wondered How Much is a Rolex?

Have You Ever Wondered How Much Is a Rolex? “All the time!”

The general opinion about the price of a Rolex watch is “unaffordable to most of us.” For more than a century, Rolex has been ruling the market with a consistently raising price range. If you are a new watch collector and want to add a Rolex watch to your collection, trust me you can do it. The prices vary depending on the quality, the model, the ownership status, and the seller.

Stick with us throughout this article to find out different price ranges of Rolex watches. So, are you ready to go? Let’s see how much the following watches are.

Prices of New Rolex Watches

The first category of Rolex watches is the new ones. To a collector, getting a new watch is like hitting the jackpot. How much does it cost? The starting price of new watches is around 5,000 USD!


Rolex Oyster Perpetual is one of the most preferred collections. Watches in this collection will cost you less than 5,000 USD excluding tax. Oyster Perpetual watches are considered as the cheapest Rolex watches ever since the company started its watchmaking business. The Oyster Perpetual watches are more affordable and could be a good start for new watch collectors.


Next, the new yet more affordable collection from Rolex is Explorer. The Explorer watches are simple, sophisticated, gorgeous, and utterly amazing! Except for the date display, Explorer watches have almost every feature that Rolex watches have. Besides, this collection is popular among young wearers.


The third recommendation for a new collector is the Milgauss collection. Milgauss watches use different watch faces and dials. The style adds an aesthetic touch to your looks.


Along with these cheap and affordable watches, you can buy new Rolex watches spending more than a hundred thousand dollars!

Cosmograph Daytona is the most expensive collection from Rolex. One would cost you a little more than three hundred thousand dollars. Cosmograph Daytona watches are crafted with 18 Karate rose gold. And, the bezel color is rainbow with jewel decorations. Such kind of ladies watches with precision, beauty, and taste are just hard to find. When you have money, do not hesitate to add one to your collection.

The second most expensive collection is GMT Master II for men. The watches fit the personality of frequent business travelers. However, the second time zone and large date display on Rolex GMT Master II are the two most excellent features for the splendid Rolex watch. Generally, a GMT Master II watch would cost you approximately one-third of that of a Daytona watch.

With the above discussion, you might start to get an idea of how much a Rolex new watch costs.


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Prices of Pre-Owned Rolex Watches

How much is a pre-owned watch? If you want to buy a pre-owned luxury watch, you need to do some research on the watch market first. You can either buy from an auction or from a personal collector. You may get a vintage watch at an affordable price or end up getting a fake watch that does not worth the money at all.

Yes! You heard it right. There are plenty of fake watch sellers out there. They would try their best to make money by selling you a fake watch. Let’s go through some consequences to understand the value of Rolex watches in the pre-owned market.



For enthusiastic collectors, going to auctions could be an exciting activity. If you want to get a vintage watch from 1940 or from the James Bond movies, you need to pay attention to auctions. The highest Rolex ever sold on an auction was owned by Paul Newman. That was a Cosmograph Daytona watch. An anonymous collector purchased it at 17.8 million dollars!

Additionally, you should know that the price changes drastically in auctions. Things are not valued by the materials used, but the ownership and history behind them. On the other hand, the price of a watch bidding on an auction also depends on the passion of participants. To enter the world of auctions for luxury watches, you need plenty of money and some passion for vintage watches.


Private Collectors

You might wonder how watches keep their values in the second-hand market. If you take proper care of your watches, you can sell them at almost the same prices you bought them – or even higher!



The risk lies in the pricing difference and counterfeiting. You might fall victim and lose money if you are not cautious enough. Before entering the market, you need to do proper research on the prices of real watches. If the seller offers you an unexpectedly low price for a Rolex watch, you are probably in danger! Show the watch to an expert to be assured of the authenticity of the watch.


Why are Rolex Watches Costly?

Rolex is maintaining pure art in all of their timepieces. Undeniably, the beautiful designs and the handmade automatic movements are both attractive. Every detail is made to perfection.

Besides the watches, you have to consider the service too. People have been using Rolex watches for timekeeping for a long time. In some cases, they can last longer and be passed on to a second owner. By taking proper care, the watch can serve you for a lifetime.

In addition, purchasing a Rolex watch is like an investment. The price of a Rolex watch is raising. It is very possible that you can sell your Rolex watch at a good price. If your watch is a vintage one, reselling it could as well make a fortune.


This is how we answer questions on how much Rolex watches are. Prices vary according to the condition of the market and the owner’s perspective as well. So, get one for your collection and use the Rolex watch as long as you want!

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