Have You Ever Wondered How Much Is a Rolex?

Mar 01, 2019
Have You Ever Wondered How Much Is a Rolex?

Have You Ever Wondered How Much Is a Rolex?“A lot!”

Is it, or is it not? A common concept about the price of Rolex is considered unaffordable to most of us. For more than a century, It is ruling the market with a consistently high price range. If you are a new collector and want to add a Rolex watch to your collection, trust me you can do it. The prices vary depending on the quality, model, ownership status, and seller.

Stick with us throughout this article to find out the different price ranges of Rolex watches. So, are you ready to go? Let’s focus on some insights to see how much is it.


Prices of New Rolex Watches

The first category of Rolex watches is the new ones. To a collector, getting a new watch is like hitting the jackpot. How much is it cost? You may wonder knowing that the new watches price starts from around five grand!

Rolex Oyster Perpetual is one of the most preferred items in this category. This watch will cost you less than five thousand dollars excluding tax. Oyster Perpetual watch is also known as the cheapest  watch since the company has started making watches. The affordable watch is a representative of the Oyster genre.

The second, new yet affordable and cheap is the Explorer watch. Simple, sophisticated, gorgeous, and utterly an amazing timepiece! The Rolex Explorer is preferred among young wearers. Except for the date display, almost every other feature of Rolexes is available in it.

The third recommendation for a new collector is the Milgauss. The Milgauss watch contains a different watch face and dials. Elegant and yellowish look adds a true aesthetic part to your personality.

Along with these cheap and affordable watches, you can buy new Rolex watches spending more than a hundred thousand bucks!

As for a new watch, Cosmograph Daytona is the most expensive Rolex watch from the company. You can purchase it by spending a little more than three hundred thousand dollars. The Cosmograph Daytona watch is crafted with 18 Karate rose gold. The bezel is rainbow colored with jewels. Rolex gives emphasis on its customers. Such a watch for women is hard to find with precision, beauty, and aristocracy. When you have money, do not hesitate to add one of this in your collection.

The second most expensive watch is the GMT Master II watches for men. This watch fits with the personality of a frequent business traveler. The watch will cost you one-third of Daytona. However, the second time zone and large date display on Rolex GMT Master II are the two most excellent features for the splendid Rolex watch.

From the above discussion, you might have got an idea of how much is a Rolex new watch.


Rolex Sea Dweller 126600-0001


Prices of Pre-owned Rolex Watches

So how much is a pre-owned watch? If you are interested in buying a pre-owned watches, you need to gather some knowledge to understand the market first. You can either buy from an auction or from a personal collector. In both ways, either you may win a vintage watch deal or lose the money by buying Rolex replica watches.

Yes! You heard it right. There are plenty of fake watch sellers in the industry right now. They would try their best to convince you of buying a fake watch. Let’s follow some consequences to understand how much is a Rolex watch in the pre-owned market.



For any collector, auctions are the most awaited event. If you want to get a vintage watch from 1940 or from the James Bond movies, you need to get yourself updated about auctions. The highest Rolex ever sold on an auction was owned by Paul Newman. This was a Cosmograph Daytona. An anonymous collector purchased it with 17.8 million dollars!

The price changes drastically in auctions. The valuation cannot be constrained by the quality of materials used for manufacturing. Nevertheless, criteria like ownership and history related to the watch play important role in pricing.

How much is a watch bidding on an auction is also dependable on the passion of participators. To cope with this industry, you will need plenty of money and a real passion for vintage watch collection!


Private Collectors

Rolex watches or any other vintage watches are sold directly by personal collectors. You will be wondered knowing that the watch has unimaginable sustainability of pricing in the industry. If you purchase a watch today, by taking proper care, you can sell the watch at almost the same price.



The risk related to these purchases is pricing difference and counterfeiting. You might fall in a trap created by a syndicate. Before entering the market, you need to do proper research on how much is a real watch. If the seller offers you an unexpectedly lower price for a Rolex watch, you are probably in danger! Show the watch to an expert to be assured of authenticity of the watch.


Why is a Rolex Watch Costly?

Rolex is maintaining pure art in all of their timepieces. You cannot deny their elegant handmade automatic movements. It keeps on mind about every detail.

Moreover, Rolesor, the specialized metal blending used while manufacturing in watches, is not available in any watch. An exclusive product has the liberty to ask for an exclusive price.

Along with the exclusiveness, you have to consider the service. Rolex watches are used for timekeeping for a long time. In some cases, they can last even after the first owner dies. By taking proper care and servicing the watch properly, you may easily use the watch for the lifetime.

In addition, purchasing a watch is like an investment. Rolex watch price seems to be at a consistent rate. No matter how much is a watch you could buy, you can sell the watch back to the market at a good price any time. If you can grab a vintage watch, reselling can generate more income.

To conclude the topic, we can answer how much is a Rolex like this. The watches prices varies with the market condition and the owner’s perspective. The value added during the manufacturing process is justified on every purchase. It ensures maximum customer satisfaction. So, get one for your collection and use the Rolex watch as long as you want!

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