The Best Watches for Men Under $1,000

Dec 10, 2018
The Best Watches for Men Under $1,000

Would you like to find out how to complete your look at an affordable price point? Owning one of the watches featured under this list can do just that. Sure, there are many other timepieces that can be purchased for a cheaper amount. There is however a higher risk of buying one that is of substandard quality the lower in price you go. This best watches under 1,000 USD list will help you avoid that and give you some ideas on how to match your style preference.



Seiko Presage SARX055

This Seiko watch evokes the timeless simplicity and dedication to perfection that the brand is known for. It is technically referred to as the Seiko Presage SARX055. On the other hand, some call it as the “Baby GS Snowflake”. It is an homage to the original and more expensive Grand Snowflake. The Presage may have some features different from the Grand Seiko Snowflake though it does have the same beautiful finishings. Those who momentarily glance upon the Seiko SARX055 could easily mistake it for the same watch.

There are plenty of Seiko watches for men styles. The Presage watch however is distinct because it draws its inspiration from the exclusive atmosphere of Japanese cocktail bars. A new Presage Limited Edition one in particular was influenced by the Fuyugeshiki cocktail. It was created by Hishashi Kishi, an International Bar Association World Championships past winner.




TAG Heuer Formula 1 CAZ1010.FT8024

Without a doubt, Tag Heuer has consistently produced some of the best men’s watches. The TAG HEUER Formula 1 is no exception. It would admittedly feel like a bargain to buy a watch of such quality and name recall. Just looking at this Tag Heuer f1 watch will tell you that you are getting a whole lot more than what you pay for. It is a branded tachymetre made by one of the largest luxury Swiss watch manufacturers.

This Tag Heuer Formula 1 chronograph comes with a sporty black rubber strap that secures its 43mm steel and titanium casing. Its black dial has luminous index markers with luminescent hands. You can easily keep track of time regardless of where you are or the brightness of the setting that you are in. The Tag Formula 1 watch is even water resistant for up to 200 meters.

Now how awesome is that?




Tissot T Classic T006.408.36.057.00

The elegant styling is the first thing you will notice on this Tissot watch. It is also one of the best priced automatic watches you can find. Otherwise known as Tissot Le Locle, it is a model worth considering. It bears the rare Controle Officiel Suisse Des Chronometres (COSC) mark which is a certification that less than 3 percent of Swiss watches carry. The underlying premium quality of this Tissot automatic watch however does not end here.

This Tissot mens watch has also participated and won in 2012’s Concours International de Chronometrie (CIdC) competition. This cements its place among one of the most accurate mechanical watches in production. The Tissot 1853 watch is powered by an ETA 2824-2 movement and is not to be overlooked. Everything is pointing in the right direction for this award-winning creation.




Longines Conquest Heritage L16114752

It is hard to believe that this Longines watch comes at just under 1,000 USD. You seriously have to take a look at it again to make sure you are seeing the right price. Longines is a Swiss watch company dating back to 1832. It has traditionally created luxury timepieces and its brand reputation is impeccable. Additionally, this Longines Conquest Heritage model has been around for over 63 years. This truly makes this Longines Conquest watch one of the best affordable watches available in the market today.

The Conquest Heritage is undoubtedly a handsome dress watch. It runs on an ETA 2824/2 movement or the Longines caliber L633. There is hardly any excuse to pass up on this automatic watch. Its design and features alone already makes the Longines mens watch quite tempting to purchase. When you look at its pricing against its pedigree however, it becomes even more difficult to ignore.




Casio G-Shock MTG-B1000-1AJF

Yes, there are Casio watches that are near this list’s 1,000 USD price point (around 800 USD actually). Just to be clear, this is the latest and most advanced model of the premium Casio MTG watches. The luxurious Casio G Shock MTG-B1000-1AJF is packed with features. This G Shock watch has Bluetooth capabilities allowing it to sync effortlessly with your smartphone for starters.

The G Shock smartwatch model of course comes with Triple G Resist technology, which the line is well-known for. It is water resistant for up to 200 meters and can withstand centrifugal forces. The durability of this solar watch is unquestionable. The G Shock solar watch has a sapphire crystal installed on its beautifully finished casing which is bolted securely unto a strong resin band. If you are looking for a sports watch that is loaded with form and function, this is it.



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