7 Hip & Limited-Edition Gaga Milano Watches

Nov 02, 2019
7 Hip & Limited-Edition Gaga Milano Watches

By Chanel Lim

Founded in 2004, GaGà Milano is an Italian watch company offering bold and exuberant watches —thanks to its founder, Ruben Tomella, who who has a penchant for thinking out of the box.

Gaga Milano is heavily inspired by the Milanese particular way of living, looking and taking on the world. “Gaga” is a common phrase in the Milanese dialect, used in ancient times referring to a male figure that is both delicate and refined in the way he carries himself.

Hence, all models in this collection are based on this concept of reigniting passion and versatility. As such, it has since established itself as a brand that offers a refreshing take on watch designs.

From Milan to the World

The quirky Italian watch brand has come a long way from its roots in Milan to the success of its initial launch in the Middle East, and now taking Asia by storm. Rapidly expanding all over Europe, Africa and South America, the Gaga Milano brand is slowly carving its own niche in the world of watchmaking.

Although deeply rooted in Italian heritage, Gaga Milano is manufactured with Swiss precision and craftsmanship in its headquarters in Switzerland. Today, it has gained international support and following not only from regular watch collectors but among celebrities as well.

Here are seven of our favourite funky and limited-edition watches from the exuberant Gaga Milano brand.

Gaga Milano Neymar Jr Limited Edition

Gaga Milano Neymar. Jr Limited Edition, Luxury Watch, Italian Watch, Leather Watch, Gold Watch
Source: Gaga Milano

As expected of a Neymar and Gaga Milano watch, the exciting Gaga Milano Neymar Jr. Limited Edition timepiece is beyond iconic. With a yellow gold-plated case and bezel fixed with a screw-in crown, the watch features the numeral marker ‘10’ lined with white diamonds to symbolise Neymar’s kit number 10. This would be a delight to watch connoisseurs who are also fans of this prominent Brazillian footballer.

Even if you are not, however, the prestige associated with this watch is still attractive. As a limited-edition piece with only 111 pieces, it is definitely a rare buy for collectors. Working on a quartz movement, it features a black leather strap that is handmade in Italy. As such, it is not only the outer appearance of this watch that makes it a high-demand product but also the quality it ensures to its wearers.

Gaga Milano Batman 800 Limited Edition

Gaga Milano Batman 800 Limited Edition, Italian Watch, Luxury Watch, Black Watch, Elegant Watch
Source: Gaga Milano

A one-of-a-kind collaboration between Warner Bros and Gaga Milano, the Gaga Milano Batman 800 Limited Edition is a futuristic and idealistic watch clad in full-black PVD material. With an exaggerated lug and bezel design, it is specifically crafted to be elaborate and impactful.

Running on a quartz movement and offering up to 100 metres of water resistance, the watch provides a unique double-dial case and hypoallergenic rubber strap, fitted with the Batman logo. If you are all about that DC superhero and you love a jarring 48mm bold timepiece on your wrist, this limited-edition collection only has 300 pieces up for grabs. So do hurry!

Gaga Milano Hello Kitty Limited Edition

Gaga Milano Hello Kitty Limited Edition, Cartoon-themed Watch, Unique-looking Watch, Special-themed Watch
Source: Gaga Milano

A tribute created by Gaga Milano in honour of Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversary is none other than this iconic Hello Kitty series with two variations — the rose gold-plated and the steel-plated. With Hello Kitty’s recognisable red bow and ears, the dial of this watch is definitely refreshing and different. Its white enamel dial features the eyes and whiskers of the famous kitty. At the same, bow-shaped hour and minute hands complement the gold-plated case.

Also running on a quartz movement, it is water-resistant up to 50 metres. Catering to all women who love this Japanese-inspired icon, the watch comes in both red and white Italian-made leather strap. Definitely a must-have if you want a decorated and exemplary piece for your collection.

Gaga Milano Slim 46mm in Steel

Gaga Milano Slim 46mm in Steel, Luxury Watch, Italian Watch, Elegant Watch, Fashionable Watch

Enclosed in a steel case and bezel, this alluring and unconventional Gaga Milano Slim 46mm watch is certainly less dramatic among this collection, but it still retains its artistic charms. It works its way to the hearts of both men and women alike through its Milanese mesh strap. The silver tinted dial features silver hands and big hour markers.

With a highly precise quartz movement, this watch balances its 46mm huge case with its simple and monochromatic design. It is definitely a watch suitable for those who want a funky yet contemporary complement to their outfits.

Gaga Milano Manuale Stars 48mm

Gaga Milano Manuale Stars 48mm, Silver Watch Dial, Unique Watch, Star-themed Watch, Italian Watch

The Gaga Milano Manuale Stars is a robust, manually-wound timepiece in a 48mm steel case. Its solid black enamel dial highlights steel star hour markers and applique steel hands. From its shiny steel case to its embossed markers, this timepiece offers a special switch-up with its unconventional shapes.

Through its hand-wound Swiss movement, the watch offers 36 hours of power reserve. Its caseback is protected by sapphire crystal boasting 30 metres of water resistance. Featuring a grey leather strap hand-made in Italy, this watch has a sexiness to it that balances its robust size. With only 299 pieces available, people are flocking to make this universally appealing design theirs.

Gaga Milano Manuale Rose Pink 40mm

Gaga Milano Manuale Rose Pink 40mm, Italian Watch, Colourful Watch Hours, Pink Strap

Definitely the most vibrant piece among this collection, this Gaga Milano Manuale watch is suitable for those who need a pop of colour in their wardrobe. Its white shell dial features a splash of colours through its hour markers. Its bezel and case are coated with rose-gold and 18K PVD material.

Driven by a Swiss-made quartz movement, this watch is finished by a pink leather hand-made in Italy. Needless to say, this vibrant watch works with Swiss precision and Italian finesse — truly what every woman needs!

Gaga Milano Manuale Slim 46mm

Gaga Milano Manuale Slim 46mm, Leather Watch, Coloured Watch Hours, Unique Watch

This Gaga Milano Manuale Slim Watch features a 46mm steel case with a distinctive dial with a mix of Roman and Arabic numeral hour markers. Bold and vibrant with its purple accents, this Gaga Milano model offers a unique and refreshing take on watch designs. Its black leather strap goes well with its black dial. Meanwhile, its seconds sub-dial serves as a pleasant surprise peeking at 3 o’clock.

Working on a quartz movement, this watch is a unisex piece that enchants even the most conservative of men and the most delicate of women. A black leather strap completes its almost gothic look, while a 30m water-resistance keeps it safe from accidental water contact.

Insider’s Info

It is not every day that you stumble across a watch face with so much personality to it. Yet it is probably this quirky creativity that got people to notice Gaga Milano in the first place. Perfect for those who love huge dials, this brand makes large watches that are trendy and practical.

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