Breitling Endurance Pro: An In-Depth Guide to Breitling’s Innovative Sports Watch

Jul 09, 2021
Breitling Endurance Pro: An In-Depth Guide to Breitling’s Innovative Sports Watch

What should a great sports watch look like? There are a lot of different ways to answer this question, but one of the most basic has something to do with the materials used in making the watch. Stainless steel and titanium are two of the most commonly used materials in the watchmaking industry. This is due to their immense durability and classy profile, especially when cleanly polished. For wearers who champion an active, sporty lifestyle, however, stainless steel and titanium are not so ideal. Sports enthusiasts, gym-goers, and athletes would surely prefer a sports watch that has a lightweight profile rather than a hefty metal watch. This is the main reasoning that Breitling went for when they created the outstanding Breitling Endurance Pro.

Although Breitling initially started off manufacturing aviation and navigation watches, they decided to expand their horizons with the Breitling Endurance Pro. They quickly realised that durability is one of the main characteristics a sports watch should have, alongside the necessary features needed to assist an athlete or someone with an active lifestyle. Many sports watches on the market today have achieved this durability by opting for a heavy-duty look with hard materials like stainless steel and titanium. The Breitling Endurance Pro, however, takes a different, more lightweight route that surprised many athletes and watch connoisseurs around the world.

With the Breitling Endurance Pro, Breitling had a great answer to the question of what a sports watch should really be. In making this watch, Breitling focused on creating a sturdy, reliable timepiece that would still be comfortable and convenient for wearers to carry around while engaging in strenuous, active sports. So, what exactly makes the Breitling Endurance Pro a worthy companion for the average sports enthusiast? Let’s find out.


In 1884, Léon Breitling had the idea of creating a timepiece that could effectively measure the speed of something moving as accurately as possible, also known as a chronograph. This technology enabled the Swiss police to precisely measure the speed of a moving vehicle; thus, the first speeding ticket was issued. Having developed a firm grasp of technology behind chronograph watches, Breitling took to the skies and created aviation chronograph watches that were both durable and precise. Over the next few decades, Breitling released several watch collections that perfectly embody the innovation and expertise they have accumulated as a highly-regarded Swiss watch company, such as the Transocean, the Navitimer, and of course, the Professional.

The Breitling Endurance Pro was introduced back in 2020 as part of Breitling’s Professional collection. This collection consists of high-precision wristwatches that are intended to be used in especially dire situations such as emergency landings or being stranded somewhere remote. With this in mind, it is clear that Breitling’s main focus with this lineup was durability and adaptability in any situation. For instance, the Breitling Emergency II was introduced in 2013 as part of the Professional range. It is an excellent example of Breitling’s passion with regards to creating exceptional utility wristwatches suitable for any possible crises.

At first glance, the Breitling Endurance Pro sports watch may seem out of place in this collection, which mainly consists of navigation watches. A closer look, however, reveals to us that the Endurance Pro might just be in the right place after all. Athletic activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming, or even triathlons may lead to certain situations that require professional help.  When it comes to such activities, it’s always a great idea to be prepared for the worse, and there is no watch you will want with you more than the Breitling Endurance Pro. 

During its initial release, a lot of fans were not too happy with the Breitling Endurance Pro. The vast majority of Breitling’s previous watches had been released with metallic cases, so the sudden introduction of a sports watch with a carbon case left fans confused. The price tag of the Endurance Pro was also deemed rather expensive, especially for a watch that is equipped with a quartz movement. However, athletes and sports fanatics quickly found themselves converted by the Endurance Pro’s satisfyingly lightweight feel and bold, masculine appearance. 

First Impressions

The Breitling Endurance Pro is uniquely designed compared to its fellow watches in the Professional collection. The other Professional watches such as the Chronospace Automatic and the classic Aerospace lean more on their refined designs. This might turn some people off the Endurance Pro, which has a much more sporty and casual style—comparable to Casio G-Shock’s sporty profile. But that does not mean the Endurance Pro lacks the versatile, critical functions that are apparent in the rest of the Professional range. 

Some have gotten the impression that the Breitling Endurance Pro lacks durability, especially for a sports watch. This is because most sport watches are equipped with either a titanium or a stainless steel case to protect them from external elements that could ruin the watch. Breitling, however, chose to use their own patented case material that has characteristics similar to carbon. This material is known as Breitlight®. It is scratch-proof, nonmagnetic, hypoallergenic, thermally stable, and significantly lighter than both titanium and stainless steel. Breitlight is quite the innovative triumph for Breitling, so it is no surprise that the company has been very secretive about the components they used in creating this material. Unfortunately, the unknown origins of the Breitlight has led left most of Breitling’s fans divided.

That being said, reviews of the Breitling Endurance Pro thus far suggest that the Breitlight has delivered on its promises, as the case of the Endurance Pro is surprisingly sturdy. Its lightweight profile provides the wearer with maximum comfort, allowing them to go on with their activities seamlessly. Plus, the watch’s 100m water resistance is extremely convenient, as it can easily be taken along for a quick swim or even a dive. The Breitling Endurance Pro is a very accessible sports watch that just about anyone can wear—especially triathletes.


The Breitling Endurance Pro has a very straightforward set of features that are relatively similar to the other watches found in the Professional collection. This renders the Endurance Pro a clearly identifiable member of said range. There are some differences in terms of the movements used and the style of the watch, but the essence of professionalism can still be found in the Endurance Pro. Let’s have a closer look at just what the Breitling Endurance Pro has to offer. 

Case, Crown, and Case Back

As mentioned before, the material used for the case is Breitling’s very own Breitlight. We can hazard an educated guess that carbon is one of the materials used in the creation of this lightweight case, given its sturdiness. Some might mistakenly think that the case is made of just plastic or maybe resin—but the durability of this case proves otherwise.

The Endurance Pro has a 44m case with a screwed-down caseback. The diameter size of this watch is only the larger side, which might make it seem like it’s only a sports watch for men, but this is really not the case. The Endurance Pro was not designed to be specifically targeted to a certain gender. Furthermore, the lightness of the case means that female athletes have been known to wear this watch without any problems regarding its weight or comfort. Since the Endurance Pro is not made of solid metal, the thermal stability of this watch provides a noticeable warmth against your wrist even underwater. This goes to show just how trustworthy and versatile the Breitlight is despite its unknown origins. 

The crown of the Endurance Pro is screwed-down. This means that you can pull on the crown in order to make necessary adjustments—be it to the calendar or the time. There is an ongoing discussion in the horology community about whether the type of crown helps in the water-resistance of a watch. Many agree that the presence of a screwed-down crown is necessary in order to keep any moisture from leaking into and damaging the inner machinations of the watch, so its presence in the Endurance Pro is definitely a plus. In addition, the Endurance Pro has a 100m water resistance, which is approximately 330ft underwater. This means you could easily go for a casual dive in the ocean with your Endurance Pro without any worry about it being possibly water-damaged. 

Dial and Strap

The dial of the Endurance Pro is pretty straightforward, even for a chronograph watch. Most chronograph watches are known for their complicated dials that are cluttered with features, and this can be confusing for the wearer. The dial mainly consists of three sub-dials, a date aperture, and the usual minute, second, and hour hands. The 1/10th-second sub-dial can be found at the 1 to 2 o’clock position, while the 30-minute sub-dial is on the opposite side which is at the 9 to 10 o’clock. The 60-second sub-dial, on the other hand, is located at 6 o’clock. These three sub-dials can be controlled through the two corresponding buttons located around the crown. The date aperture is placed at the 4:30 position. One issue with the date aperture is that it is quite small, and can be easy to miss at first. But it is only a matter of time before you get used to it. 

The minute markings and the hour numerals are what make the dial of the Endurance Pro distinct from the other watches in the Professional range. The hours 3, 6, and 9 are in large print, while the other numbers are smaller in size. The Breitling logo is added in place of the 12th hour marker. It is a neat design choice instead of just printing an enlarged number 12, as it is a crisp logo that sharply marks this watch as being an authentic Breitling piece. The design of the dial may be a little unorthodox for a sports watch, but the legibility is still apparent despite some lack of space. That being said, it is certainly a rugged, good-looking dial.

The colour of the dial is primarily black, but it is accented with a secondary colour that varies depending on which model you get. There are currently five colour variations of the Endurance Pro available: red, orange, light blue, dark blue, and yellow. These colours are paired with their corresponding rubber straps. These eye-catching and bold colours blend well with the black of the dial and the case, and certainly add more to the sporty look of the watch. 


This is where the Breitling Endurance Pro sets itself apart from the whole Professional collection. Instead of using an automatic movement like most Professional watches do, Breitling decided to use the Breitling 82 calibre movement. This calibre is also known as the Thermocompensated SuperQuartz. The choice of using a quartz movement in the Endurance Pro gained quite a bit of flak from Breitling fans who were mostly expecting an automatic movement—especially since the timepieces in Professional range are largely equipped with an automatic calibre. The Breitling 82 calibre can last the watch for at least 3 to 4 years, which is more than enough for an average watch wearer, so running out of power will not pose much of a problem. The Breitling 82 calibre is a solid watch movement, even with the Endurance Pro being a chronograph watch.


The Breitling Endurance Pro, despite being a quartz movement watch, is still quite expensive. Breitling is considered a luxury Swiss watch brand that has been offering classic timepieces since 1884. This means that their expertise in their craft bears a significant role in the watch industry. When you buy a Breitling watch, expect to be paying for quality.

The retail price of the Endurance Pro starts at $3150. It is undeniable that this watch is far from being an affordable piece. However, compared to the other watches in the Professional collection as well as other Breitling collections, the Endurance Pro is considerably cheaper.

If the retail pricing is outside of your preferred budget, opting for a second-hand watch may be right up your alley. Buying a used watch means you have to be especially careful about your purchase, but buying a second-hand Breitling Endurance Pro from a trusted seller or a reputable market will surely be worth your time and money. And if that is not enough, the Casio G-Shock is a great budget-friendly alternative for you to enjoy. The G-Shock collection has several features in common with the Endurance Pro—plus, it is much more affordable compared to the $3000 price range of the Endurance Pro. 

How does the Breitling Endurance Pro Fare Against Other Watches?

Breitling Endurance Pro vs Casio G-Shock

To be clear, the Casio G-Shock and Breitling Endurance Pro are not directly comparable watches. Although the Casio G-Shock does offer some similar features, there are some differences between the two as well. There are many variations in the G-Shock series, but most G-Shock watches make sure to offer measuring capabilities that are used not just for sports, but even in law enforcement. The Endurance Pro, on the other hand, is mainly used in sports most of the time. That is why comparing these two watches will leave you divided in deciding which one to choose.

Master of G G-Shock

All G-Shock watches offer a wide set of utilities. That being said, the exact features a G-Shock offers as a utility watch may vary depending on exactly what kind of G-Shock watch you’re looking at. One of the most outstanding G-Shock models is the G-Shock Master of G. It is a particularly durable timepiece, a little larger than the Endurance Pro, and as a digital watch features many unique capabilities the Endurance Pro lacks. For instance, the Master of G comes with an altimeter, a digital compass, and even has a Tough Solar feature so it can be charged using almost any light source. The Master of G seems superior to the Endurance Pro in terms of versatility and adaptability to all sorts of situations, but then again, the Endurance Pro was designed primarily with sports capabilities in mind. Furthermore, Breitling is especially known for its polished, professional metallic cases. As such, the fans’ lack of interest in the Endurance Pro is understandable, as opposed to the Master of G, which is a very traditional G-Shock watch in terms of both functions and style and is therefore much more familiar and comfortable to watch enthusiasts. That being said, the Breitlight-made Endurance Pro is a far sturdier watch than the G-Shock, with many more surprises in store. This is why the G-Shock vs the Endurance Pro debate has become a popular topic amongst watch connoisseurs.

With regards to the prices of the Breitling Endurance Pro as compared to the Casio G-Shock, the price tag for the Endurance Pro is deemed to be quite expensive, especially for a watch equipped with a quartz movement. On the other hand, the G-Shock is, for the most part, a very affordable choice, with a price range of $300 up to $700. That is why many watch enthusiasts would rather opt for a Casio G-Shock rather than spending at least $3000 for a quartz watch. With that in mind, the G-Shock is probably one of the best alternatives to the Endurance Pro if you are on a tight budget. If not, you will surely enjoy the Endurance Pro since it offers a fresh style that both younger and older generations can appreciate.

Reasons to Buy a Breitling Endurance Pro Watch

There are several reasons why buying a Breitling Endurance Pro watch will prove to be worth your while. Well-known triathletes such as Jan Frodeno, Daniela Syf, and Chris “Macca” Mccormack wore these watches during competitions—notably, the Ironman Triathlon series. All three of these athletes were crowned as world champions multiple times in their own expertise, and their choice of the Endurance Pro is a strong endorsement of this timepiece as the perfect sports companion. The lightweight profile of the Endurance Pro greatly helps in reducing the burden when indulging in physical activity. If you are looking for a watch that can basically be considered as an all-in-one watch, the Endurance Pro can provide the basics as well as the necessary tools for swimming, jogging, cycling, and even on a daily walk in the park. 

Final Thoughts

When the Breitling Endurance Pro was first announced, there was a great deal of skepticism amongst Breitling fans. The non-metallic case and the brightly-coloured rubber strap led watch connoisseurs believe that the Endurance Pro was Breitling’s mediocre attempt at creating a cheap sports watch. Many argued that by that measure, buying a more affordable G-Shock was a preferable alternative to the expensive Endurance Pro.

Nevertheless, the Endurance Pro is not to be underestimated. It manages to deliver its innovative features seamlessly without compromising its overall appealing, masculine design. Moreover, the Breitlight might be one of the most innovative materials to emerge in the horology industry in recent years. It may not be as polished as stainless steel or titanium, but the Breitlight carbon brings a fresh style and impossible lightness, making the Endurance Pro a rugged and comfortable-to-use sports watch. It may not be the most affordable sports watch out there, but it is definitely one of the best modern sports watch in the market right now.


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