5 Reasons To Invest In Longines Watches

Oct 04, 2019
5 Reasons To Invest In Longines Watches

Do you have a passion for luxury watches? Love to wear a well-made timepiece on your wrist? Maybe you appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication of a beautiful, Swiss-made piece?

If so, then why not have a look at watches made by Longines, a luxury watch brand with over 140 years of experience in the watchmaking industry. Longines is a well known Swiss watch company based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland since 1832. It is also a member of the Swatch Group Ltd.

Initially, this luxury watch brand started under a different brand name, only taking the Longines monicker in 1866, in ode to the place where its factory was relocated. Today, the Longines brand offers timepieces in over 150 countries.

Longines is well-known in the luxury watch field and for good reason. This high-quality watch manufacturer has long produced exceptional watches of a wide variety.

If you need a little more convincing to invest in Longines watches, then here are five reasons why you should do so. Have a look:

1. Legacy And Heritage

Longines Master Collection Automatic, Incredible Design, Date Display, Classic Features, Swiss Watch

Since 1832, Longines has maintained its legacy and heritage in terms of quality and design. The company has ensured that its models are updated according to the changing market demands and new technology. Over the years it has released several watches with advanced features.

In 2005, the company released the Longines Master Collection, a series consisting of mechanical dress watches. This lineup was released to honour the company’s continued legacy and stature in the 21st century.

Under the Longines master collection, the company has released a wide range of traditionally styled luxury watches with a variety of complications. Different models of this collection include automatic chronographs, power reserve displays, complete calendar displays with a moonphase feature, and many others.

The new Longines Master Collection Automatic marks a respectable foray by the company into the world of luxury dress watches. A silver dial and brown alligator leather straps makes it a perfect dress watch.

Because of its large black-coloured Hindu-Arabic numerals, this automatic model is not only striking but also easy to read. Its elegant blued steel hour, minute, and seconds hands also provide a brilliant contrast to the silver dial.

The price for the Longines Master Watch Automatic begins at ¥138,797 or $1298.08. You can wear this beautiful watch at any official functions and parties.

2. Longines Watches Symbolize Success

Longines Hydro Conquest, Automatic Watch, Date Display, Black Watch Face, Swiss Watch

Those who sport a luxury watch from Longines exude qualities of style, workmanship, and professionalism. In fact, watches like the Longines Hydro Conquest are considered a status symbol and is particularly prevalent in the business world.

Longines timepieces such as the Hydro Conquest reflect the hard work you’ve put in and the challenges you’ve overcome to reach the current position you now have. They also showcase the success you’ve earned over the years and provide you with a boost of confidence. So don’t hesitate to sport models like the Hydro Conquest when attending certain events.

The release of the Hydro Conquest marked a significant milestone for Longines as its release quickly gained positive acclaim internationally.

The back ceramic bezel of the Hydro Conquest is one of its most notable features and reflects the company’s stature in the industry. To ensure that the black ceramic doesn’t radiate a dull appearance, this watch also includes multiple surface finishes to heighten its elegance. Other aesthetic features include a matte dial, polished case, and stainless steel bezel which all make up a harmonious and visually interesting model.

Besides the features mentioned, the Hydro Conquest also includes an impressive movement as well as a black quality rubber strap which provides the wearer adequate comfort. It retails around ¥118,334 or $1106.70.

3. Longines Watches Have Amazing Features

Longines Conquest V.H.P., Date Display, Functional Watch, Swiss Watch, Automatic Watch

Like cars, luxury watches from Longines possess incredible value. Naturally of course, depending on the model you buy, this value will eventually increase. As opposed to spending your money on a wardrobe that will soon no longer be fashionable, buying a Longines watch can be a wise investment. Just make sure you keep it in excellent condition and keep hold of its box and documentation.

If you’re looking for a watch to invest in long-term, then have a look at the Longines Conquest V.H.P. You’ll be surprised to know that this is a quartz movement watch which is a continuation of the company’s Very High Precision “VHP” watches. In fact, Longines’ affinity for quartz movements goes way back.

The Longines Conquest V.H.P. includes a perpetual calendar which means the date automatically sets itself according to the length of months and leap years. Therefore, there’s no need to fiddle with the crown positions to set the date. Meanwhile, the Longines Conquest V.H.P. also includes a “magic crown” which allows you to set the time the traditional way.

This watch’s battery is so durable that it can last an amazing five years. Not only that, but when there isn’t enough energy to keep the watch running precisely, its hands automatically go into sleep mode at the 12-hour position.

The cases of this luxury watch use high-quality stainless steel that comes in different sizes: 41mm and 43mm for the three-handers and 42mm or 44mm for the chronograph. It is also a perfect night watch thanks to its black carbon dial and nine applied bar indexes treated with Super-Lumi-Nova. Moreover, it is water-resistant up to 50-metres.

To get this amazing timepiece, one needs to pay around ¥120,278 or $1124.88.

4. Longines Watches Use High-Quality Materials

Longines La Grande Classique, Gold Watch, Automatic Watch, Date Display, Luxury Watch, Swiss Watch

Longines watches feature hundreds of minuscule parts that function flawlessly to power the whole model. These watches are made through the exceptional precision possessed by expert Swiss watchmakers. As such, they are the exemplar of masterful craftsmanship.

To ensure the watches’ superb performance, Longines watchmakers use high-quality materials such as 18kt gold, carbon fibre, synthetic sapphire crystal, and pure leather. Among Longines’ high-quality watches is the Longines La Grande Classique with a white dial which comes with an 18 carat rose gold case.

The Longines La Grande Classique is the product of years of innovation and design. Hence, it has an incredible style. Its supple leather band and 18 karat gold case gives the wearer a feeling of sophistication. In addition, it works as a perfect jewellery piece for both men and women.

This watch features an excellent Quartz movement to to ensure high accuracy. Its face is made up of a durable and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that makes the watch easy to read whether in day or night. Meanwhile, its white dial which features luminous black Roman numeral, hands and hour markers complements the watch’s overall design. Furthermore, it is water-resistant to 30-metres.

The Longines La Grande Classique can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Add this watch to your luxury watches collection for a price of ¥257,315 or $2406.50.

5. Longines Watches Are Built To Last

Longines Heritage Military Watch, High Precision, Long Lasting Watch, Automatic Watch, Swiss Watch

One of the reasons why Longines watches are good investments is because they’re built to last. All Longines watches are built by hand and maintain a balance between traditional techniques and modern technological innovations. As such, they have long been considered as premium watches when compared to other timepieces.

Every model of Longines passes through a quality inspection process before having a label applied to each one. The methods used in their making ensure precision and longevity. One of these watches is the Longines Heritage Military Watch which is highly durable.

The Longines Heritage Military Watch’s design is an ode that of the original military watch produced by Longines in 1918. This is most evident in the dial, with the 12 large numerals encircling things in a specific font. In addition to that, it features a running seconds sub-dial which gives it a different look from other timepieces. As for the movement, this watch uses a Calibre L615.3 and offers 42 hours of power reserve.

Final Thoughts

Longines is famous for its rich history, craftsmanship, and quality luxury watches. If you are planning to buy a luxury watch, then investing in Longines watches is an excellent choice.

Longines watches are available in different models perfect for any person belonging to whatever profession. You can be assured that by wearing them, you’ll feel proud about the hard work you have done.

Now that you know the reasons why Longines watches are good investments, then head out now and buy the one that suits your personality.

We hope you’re enjoying your watch reading experience. For another enticing read, check out 6 Luxury Watches For Women With Infinite Elegance.

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