5 Of The Best Seiko Watches To Date

Apr 16, 2019
5 Of The Best Seiko Watches To Date

Seiko is a company whose name is synonymous with quality and innovation. There are countless examples of how Seiko watches have led the watch industry towards new developments. The following that Seiko has gathered over the years is a symbol of its ability to create amazing watches.

This is reflected in several watches that are considered as legendary Seiko watches for men. The people behind this company belong to a culture of finesse and quality. There are countless watches by Seiko that are worthy of praise for their uniqueness, quality, and innovation.

Going through every single one would require a never-ending page because the information would just be that much. This leads to us doing the exercise for you and finalizing a list of top Seiko watches for our readers. Discussed here are some of the best watches that Seiko has ever created in its history.

Seiko 5

If there is any series that is the most popular in Seiko watches it is definitely this one. The 5 series has been around for more than 50 years and is a true symbol of Seiko’s watchmaking prowess. The series is identified through the legendary shield symbol. The symbol has a five written in number on it.

This emblem is one of the most popular in the world and has great value. What is particularly interesting is that the number 5 actually represents five different innovations. These innovations were to change the face of the watch industry with time. The improvements include quite a few innovations.

Firstly, it has a diaflex mainspring. The watch also features automatic winding. In addition to that, combined date and day function were also present. The watch also had a recessed crown at 4 o’clock and the Diashock system.


Seiko watches

Grand Seiko

Seiko is a company that did not meet the global standards up until 1960s. The popular belief was that the Swiss watches are best in the world. Seiko wanted to change this perspective. They teamed up with Daini Seikosha Co. and Suwa Seikosha Co. two subsidiary companies of Seiko joined hands.

Their purpose was to come up with a watch that changed this perspective. To do that, many say Seiko put aside the pursuit of making any profit. The company focused solely on creating the best possible watch. They used the best materials, achieved a Chronometer certified movement and a body with either gold or platinum plating.

The result was the Grand Seiko, a watch that made Seiko a truly global company. The watch has a hand winding mechanism to drive it and this feature remained in future iterations.

Seiko SKX007 – Game Changer

Over the decades, the most popular type of watch is a diver’s watch. If you look at traditional diver watches from big manufacturers you will see highly expensive watches that few can afford. Seiko changed the game completely by introducing Seiko SKX007, a member of Seiko dive watches collection that is ridiculously cheap.

The watch has a rating of 200 meters, something only achievable through great build quality. The design is also very stylish and the watch is also mechanical with a certified chronometer. This watched ticked all the right boxes must have created quite the stir in the board rooms of Swiss watchmakers.

The price of this watch was so less that functionality wise it challenged timepieces 10 times more expensive. Spending this much money to get a thoughtfully designed watch that had incredible accuracy seemed like a no brainer.


Seiko watches

Seiko SARB033

Seiko is considered the champion challenger of the luxury watch norms due to its inclusive practices. What it means is that the company tries to make luxury watches available to the masses. So an “affordable” luxury watch may sound like a big oxymoron, it can often be true in the watch world.

Perhaps the best example of this is the Seiko SARB033, commonly called the Seiko Mechanical (SARB033). At just below $500 this watch matches the quality and prestige of the Grand Seiko. The watch uses the same mechanical movement as the Seiko Prospex, a highly regarded Seiko timepiece.

The watch is also made of high-quality materials, has the signature Lumibrite display with highly legible hands and class. The last part is important if you want to add the luxury part with affordable. With this watch, Seiko ensured its place as a rebellious yet successful watch manufacturer.

Seiko SNK809

Seiko 5 has remained the most iconic series of the Seiko brand. You will find a lot of very expensive watches in this category. What you will also find is a watch that fulfils all the criteria of this category and yet is dirt cheap. At less than a $100 price, the Seiko SNK809 is the most disruptive watch to come out of the Seiko 5 line.

The list of features that this watch offers given its price is simply mind-blowing. The movement is Seiko’s 7S26 automatic caliber that offers a power reserve of 40 hours. The hand-winding is missing but you can bring it to life simply by shaking it for half a minute.

The hands have the same Lumibrite paint and it is also present on the every 5-minute marker. The dial is typical military style black. Overall this watch definitely holds great value for money.


Seiko watches

The future of Seiko

In recent years, Seiko has introduced some of the greatest timepieces ever. The continuous development in technology is quite visible in the company’s vision. The way Seiko has passed the test of “time” (pun intended) is quite amazing and somewhat inspirational.

With their effort to challenge the status quo in watchmaking, they have created some of the most iconic watches. And the best part, it can be afforded by the masses, something Swiss luxury watchmakers cannot claim. We have high hopes for the future of Seiko and definitely see it maintaining its place as an industry leader.

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