A Collection Of The Finest Chopard Watches

May 24, 2019
A Collection Of The Finest Chopard Watches

When it comes to luxury watches, Chopard watches are timepieces with the highest of regards. Finding a good Chopard watch is quite a process; the reason for which is the endless amount of options. Each watch is better than the other, so you can practically choose anything you want. The long history that Chopard has with creating exquisite watches is common knowledge. Whether you want something vintage and pricy or one of the production models, you will end up enjoying the purchase. This level of perfection and understanding of consumer needs has not come to Chopard overnight. It is an interesting and unique combination of watchmaking genius, fine craftsmanship, and upholding the highest quality standards. The company also has special consideration for motorsports as you will see with the Mille Miglia collection being a particularly fine example of that. All in all, Chopard has created some of the finest Swiss watches.



LUC Quattro

When it comes to luxury watches, Chopard has some of the finest timepieces in their inventory, and a new addition to that collection is the LUC Quattro. The LUC is a line of premium luxury watches by Chopard. This watch is not as dressy as some of the other watches in the collection but it certainly screams of the Chopard luxury promise. The watch has a large 43mm case which is only 8.84mm thin and has white gold and the dial is a beautiful shade of blue. The Quattro in the name refers to the Quattro technology in its movement. The dial also features a power indicator sub-dial, an overlapped sub-dial of the calendar, and second hand. The watch has a power reserve of 9 days and a water resistance rating of 50 meters. It is surprising how good this large watch looks in formal dressing.

Chopard LUC XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony

Photo Source: Chopard

LUC XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony

Chopard is famous for creating watches that break the norm in a way that no one expects. They tend to come up with designs that are unlike anything that you see in typical watches but they manage to do that in the most exquisite manner. This particular watch is a fine example of that and is one of the top luxury watches for women currently in existence. The Peony flower is a highlight of the design and Chopard resurrected the art of paper cutting for this watch. The watch resides in a beautifully engraved 35mm case with an incredibly small depth at just 7.7mm which is astonishing. The watch runs on LUC 96.23-L Calibre movement which is an iteration for this specific watch and also features a petite 22k gold motor that provides a power reserve of 65 hours. It is an incredibly beautiful and accomplished watch in every regard.

LUC XP 171966-1003

If there is any Chopard watch that tops the list of diamond watches for men, it is definitely this. Part of the ultra-luxurious LUC collection, this watch has diamonds studded on it like no other watch does. It is the very embodiment of ultimate diamond luxury for men with the watch dial, bezel, and lugs also having diamonds covering them. The underside of the case and lugs is 18k white gold. The watch has a thickness of 8.1mm and the dial comes with an anti-glare sapphire crystal. The movement in this watch is the LUC 96.17-L that has a self-winding mechanism that provides 65 hours of power reserve. The back of the watch is also covered with a sapphire crystal, giving a full view of the mechanical movement residing inside. The watch comes with an alligator black strap and overall, it is a beauty of its own league.

Chopard LUC Perpetual T

Photo Source: Chopard

LUC Perpetual T: Spirit of the Chinese Zodiac

Chopard has had a running tradition for the last few years to launch an Urushi watch with every Chinese New Year. In 2018, the company decided to go further and launched the Spirit of the Chinese Zodiac which is an exquisite watch that has the complete set of Chinese zodiacs engraved on the case through champlevé. The zodiac sign placement is in the proper chronological order according to their number. The dial is 18k gold just like the rest of the body and both the bezel and the dial have a crisscrossed lattice pattern. The watch comes with an alligator strap that is hand-made and black in color. The pin buckle for the watch is also 18k rose gold. The watch runs using the Calibre 02.15-L movement that gives a power reserve of 9 days. The complications included in it are week and month calendars and most importantly, a tourbillon mechanism.


front view of Chopard Mille Miglia Ref. 168589-3003 watch

Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph

This is not the most expensive or luxurious of watches by Chopard, but it is special in its own way. The watch is a part of the Mille Miglia series, the most successful watch series Chopard has ever created. The racing pedigree that comes with this watch makes it worth its price. The design is quite elegant with a white dial featuring large Arabic numbers and three complications. The bezel has diamonds studded in it and the dial is protected with sapphire as well. It also has a see-through back which also comes with a sapphire crystal. As far as the movement is concerned, the watch comes with a high-quality mechanical movement with the chronograph COSC-certified and providing a power reserve of 42 hours. The watch also has a signature tire tread rubber strap that reminds of its racing pedigree making it both sporty and elegant.


There are a lot of great watches that Chopard has created over the period of its history. The list could be ten times longer and still, it would not be enough to tell them all. What is certain, however, is that Chopard is a name that is a veteran in creating amazing luxury watches. The few pieces shared here are a testament to that. If you want a watch that is not outrageously expensive and carries some significance, this is a great option.

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