Nomos Club Campus: The Best Beginner’s Watch?

Oct 12, 2020
Nomos Club Campus: The Best Beginner’s Watch?

Fondly called by the German brand as “the graduates’ club watch”, the Nomos Club Campus is fashioned for young people who are just getting into watches. The Campus collection is aptly named because it perfectly summarises college life — youthful, fun, yet still functional.

Whether it’s for celebrating a graduation or for upgrading your graduate school getup, Nomos has ensured that the Nomos Club Campus 708 model is more accessible to a lot of people.



Up Close With the Nomos Club Campus 


  • Case material: Stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 36mm
  • Movement: Mechanical (hand-wound)
  • Power reserve: 43 hours
  • Water resistance: 100m

The Case

Let’s start with the case. While the Nomos Club Campus comes in various sizes, this model appears in a versatile 36mm. A lot of people would say that this size is best suited for slender wrists — and they are not wrong. However, it’s also great for bigger wrists if you’re going for that vintage look. 

Nomos Club Campus 708

The Bilingual Dial

Although the dial is obviously Nomos, it’s not as Bauhaus-y as the others. For one thing, it boasts more bright colours. Apart from that, it also uses a layout called the California dial, which consists of both Arabic numerals in one half and Roman numerals in the other. 

While classic California dials have the Arabic numerals in the bottom half and the Roman numerals in the upper, the Nomos Club Campus showed its rebellious phase and flipped the layout. And in my opinion, the tweak looked at home and natural on it.

Yet again, the Nomos Club Campus refuses to conform to watch design principles. Many watch dials with Roman numerals use IIII instead of IV. And without delving into much detail, its purpose is clearly to make the dials look balanced. However, this quirky watch ignored the norms and still opted for the IV approach. Some theories would say that it would look a bit off, but when it comes to the Club Campus, the concept simply sorted itself out.

Lastly, at the 6 o’clock position, we can see a subdial for the seconds. Nomos also made a bold move here as they gave the seconds hand an orange neon colour. Even from afar, its saturation is very noticeable.

The Alpha Calibre

The main ethos of the Nomos Club Campus is to nail the basics down and do away with fancy gimmicks. This is why for this model, they decided to use the Alpha calibre. For starters, it is Nomos Glashutte’s first and classic movement that still powers a lot of their models. It is robust, accurate, and reliable even though it is cheaper. And with a power reserve of up to 43 hours, you only have to wind it once every two days.

Considering that the target audience for the Nomos Club Campus are students and fresh graduates, I would say that using the Alpha calibre was a smart move. Yes, their other calibres are more visually appealing. However, opting for this base movement and using a closed steel caseback helped to keep the price tag low.

Nomos Club Campus case back

Write a Dedication

As mentioned above, the Nomos Club Campus 708 comes with a stainless steel caseback, whereas other Nomos models have see-through versions to show off the movement. For this model’s case, Nomos did the right thing because apart from saving costs, it allows for custom engravings.

These custom engravings are suitable for making the watch the perfect personalised gift for someone’s graduation. And to stay true to their image, Nomos is even offering free engravings on the caseback. This small gesture will definitely make your first watch a lot more memorable.


Nomos Club Campus: Who Is It For?

It must be obvious by now that the Nomos Club Campus was intended for the younger generation who are testing the waters of watch collecting. No doubt that this model is an ideal compromise for those who want to step up from their plastic quartz watches but are still wary of spending a lot on luxury watches. 


Other Nomos Club Watches to Consider

After gaining some experience in the watch community, you might want to start digging deeper when it comes to features. The Nomos Club 708 is a great introductory watch, but if it’s becoming too basic for you, here are a few more Club models that you should consider. While the 708 is fit for a wider range of people, these models are for enthusiasts who have a more specific taste in watches. 

Apart from their minor differences in appearance, these watches bring in several features that will suit different types of people. It’s up to you to find out which one is best for you as they have their own strengths.

1. Nomos Club Campus Nacht

If you gravitate towards dark-coloured watches, you’ll surely adore the Nomos Club Campus Nacht. It is a lot like the Nomos Club Campus version that we’ve just discussed in this article. However, there are a few minor differences.

Nomos Club Campus Nacht

Firstly, instead of a white colourway, this model is fashioned in black. Fun fact: its name ‘Nacht’ is a German word for ‘night’. Staying true to its name, its dial, sub-dial, and even the strap come in a pitch-black shade. Meanwhile, it retains the reversed California dial and the neon orange seconds hand.

Secondly, its case is slightly bigger at 38mm. So if you have big wrists, you might incline toward this version. However, the material used for the case is the same. There’s also no difference between the movement used as well as the other features of the watch.

Who Is This Model For?

If you’re trying to decide between this version and the white one, the only deciding factors should be its colourway and size. Apart from those differences, you will get the same treatment from the two watches.


2. Nomos Club Campus Neomatik

For those looking for an upgrade on the movement, the Nomos Club Campus Neomatik is the right model for you. Instead of a manually-winding calibre, this one is self-winding. In particular, it uses the DUW 3001 calibre which capitalizes on the Nomos Swing System. This means that top-notch accuracy and precision is to be expected when it comes to timekeeping.

Nomos Club Campus Neomatik

In terms of aesthetics, there are a few differences. One is that this model comes in a 37mm case instead of a 36mm. To be honest, you would have a hard time noticing a 1mm difference unless you put the two watches side by side. Another is the more toned-down look with the silver-coloured hour markers and rose gold hands.

Furthermore, this model features a bracelet instead of a suede strap. In fact, Nomos says that it is the first-ever model that utilizes this kind of bracelet. This is more suited for people who are adventurous as it is more durable and gives off a sporty vibe.

Who Is This Model For?

With that being said, the Nomos Club Campus Neomatik is for people who prefer automatic watches over mechanical ones. The automatic movement is its major upgrade from the Nomos Club 708.


3. Nomos Club Neomatik Siren Red

For those who prefer a bolder style, the Nomos Club Neomatik Siren Red is no doubt a must-see. Well, to be frank, you’ll have a hard time not seeing it due to its attention-grabbing colour. But the dial is not the only upgrade it carries with it.

Nomos Club Neomatik Siren Red

Inside, it is powered by a more advanced calibre called the DUW 3001. This movement is ultra-thin and uses the Nomos Swing System that guarantees top-notch accuracy. On top of that, it is automatic whereas the Nomos Club Campus 708 is manually-wound. Thankfully, its caseback is made with a see-through glass so you can admire its heart.

Who Is This Model For?

All things considered, the Nomos Club Neomatik Siren Red is perfect for Club lovers who want something louder than the Nomos Club Campus 708.


4. Nomos Club Sport Neomatik

The Nomos Club Sport Neomatik is the jock of the bunch. Indeed, it was made for adventures — just look at its water resistance rating of 300m! In addition, it has a larger frame at 42mm, giving the wearer a sportier and more modern vibe.

Nomos Club Sport Neomatik

Inside, it uses the DUW 6101 calibre movement which boasts excellent winding rate and accuracy. It also has the patented Nomos date mechanism, which proves very useful to some. Furthermore, it has a power reserve of up to 42 hours.

Its greatest upgrade is its durability. For one, it uses the new Nomos sport bracelet — made up of 145 steel pieces screwed together. The bracelet also bears an in-house developed deployant clasp. Moreover, the case consists of a screw-down crown, which protects the inside from harmful elements. And as a bonus, the inside of the crown is painted with bright red to warn the wearer if it is not fully screwed in.

Who Is This Model For?

To conclude, the Nomos Club Sport Neomatik is perfect for the adventurous type whose top priority is durability and robustness.


Final Notes

The Nomos Club Campus 708 fulfils the German brand’s mission — to provide a basic watch that will serve nicely as a graduation gift. Do note that I am not using the term ‘basic’ negatively. In fact, it’s the watch’s main selling point as it stays true to its goal of being a good intro to watch collecting. 

The Club Campus 708 basically cuts the right corners and does away with gimmicky things that may seem overwhelming for a beginner. At the same time, its low price tag is quite friendly, especially to first-time watch collectors. Yes, it may be basic, but this unique characteristic makes it suitable for those who are still unsure about what they like about watches.


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Photo credits: Featured image courtesy of Nomos Glashütte

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