Two-Tone Rolex Yacht-Master Watches for Your Open Seas Adventures

Apr 23, 2019
Two-Tone Rolex Yacht-Master Watches for Your Open Seas Adventures

As we all know, Rolex is one of the best Swiss watchmakers that has conquered all spheres of the earth impeccably. If it’s the Explorer, climbing Everest has become easier. Talking of water, Rolex Yacht-Master has become the ruler of the open seas, together with the Submariner and the Sea-Dweller in the diving family.


Literally, Rolex Yacht-Master has instilled a fine spirit in yachting sport with its superlative waterproofness and robust performance. Initially, about 6 years after the introduction of the first series, Rolex decided to stand out from the collection from the rest. The company created a two-tone Yacht-Master, instead of featuring gold and steel, the new model had a combination of platinum and stainless steel. This design came to be known as Rolesium. It paved the way for the two-tone Yacht-Master and the Yacht-Master II.


Some of the Rolex Yacht-Master watches with a two-tone Rolesium or Rolesor (combination of gold and steel) are:

Rolex Yacht-Master Black MOP Yellow Gold Steel


front view of Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 168623-BMOPO watch


Yacht-Master 168623-BMOPO is one of the few watches that rule in a league of their own. The timepiece has a yellow Rolesor casing of the combination of 18k yellow gold with 904L Oyster steel. This enhances the robustness of the watch, whilst enhancing its luster.


As with the other Rolesor Yacht-Masters, 168623-BMOPO has a 60-minute calibrated rotatable bezel which is in yellow gold. This bezel is really helpful on the open sea because it enables the watch wearer to calculate the time increment while sailing.


On the inner case, Yacht-Master 168623-BMOPO features a mother of pearl dial with yellow gold Mercedes hands and hour indicators. Besides, behind this dial, the 35mm watch harbors a 31-jewel Caliber 2235 self-winding movement.


Having aced the precision standards by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, 168623-BMOPO watch tells precise time with a golden splendor.


To assure a comfy fit, the Rolex Yacht-Master Gold Steel model has a three-link yellow Rolesor bracelet with an Oysterlock clasp.

Yacht-Master Chocolate Steel/Everose Gold


front view of Rolex Yacht-Master Ref. 116621-0002 watch


We all love chocolate. It’s a symbol of elegance and reliability, and that’s why Rolex decided to have it in one of their most precious creations, Rolex Yacht-Master 40.


Lustrous, robust, and ultimately reliable. Rolex 116621-0002 features a pink Rolesor which is a combination of solid Oystersteel and Everose gold. In its case, the 40mm watch has an Everose bidirectional bezel with 60-minute bold graduations. This bezel allows you to calculate the sailing time between two buoys precisely and with ease. As a member of the Oyster Perpetual family, Rolex 116621-0002 has a Triplock Screw-down winding crown that enhances the watch’s waterproofness.


In the inner casing, Rolex Yacht-Master 116621-0002 has a chocolate brown sunburst dial with untarnished Everose hands and hour markers. Similarly, the duo has a coating of Chromalight which offers a long-lasting luminescence in dark backgrounds. Behind the dial, Caliber 3135 Perpetual movement quietly does its magic in harmony with its blue Parachrom hairspring.


With the 31-jewel movement, 116621-0002 watch presents you with highly precise time, alongside instantaneous date at the three o’clock window. In case you wish to expand your sea adventures in the water, the pink Rolesor bracelet has a folding Oysterlock Safety Clasp. Together with an Easylink Comfort Extension Link, that guarantees you a finer comfortable fit when diving.

Yacht-Master II White Steel/18k Rose Gold


front view of Rolex Yacht-Master II Ref. 116681 watch


Essentially, Rolex introduced the Rolesor Yacht-Master II in 2011 — four years after the introduction of the lineup. As a blend of the previous Yacht-master with new technology, the watch has a programmable countdown and a mechanical memory. The two features have earned the watch notable respect as it allows them to discern the most effective course while yachting.


As one of the best models, Rolex Yacht-Master II 116681 comes in a pink Rolesor casing with a bidirectional 90º rotatable bezel. Moreover, this Everose gold bezel has a blue Ceramic insert with 10-minute gold-coated calibrations for tracking the programmed time.


For a sporty display, Rolex Yacht-Master II comes with a white dial, along with red and black accents. The Everose gold hands and hour markers have Chromalight coating which guarantees the wearer optimum readability in dark backgrounds. Furthermore, Rolex has equipped the watch with a caliber 4161 regatta chronograph movement with a paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring. This makes sure the model’s multi-functions are not affected by temperature variation, and or magnetic fields.


Similar to the rest of the Rolex Yacht-Master models, the 116681 watch has a pink Rolesor bracelet with Oysterlock Safety Clasp. It also has the Easylink Comfort Extension Link which allows adjustments by 5mm. Thus, these splendid parts guarantee the watch to be a secure and comfortable fit.

Rolex Yacht-Master Blue/Steel


front view of Rolex Blue Steel Ref. 116622 watch


Unlike the Rolesor which is available in various Rolex collections, the two-tone Rolesium is exclusively for the Yacht-Master. Chemically, platinum is a highly-valued metal due to its toughness and high resistance to corrosion. When combined with Oystersteel, the two create a casing that is super-strong, highly resistant to corrosion, and hypoallergenic. This goes for all the Rolesium models, including Yacht-Master 37 and Yacht-Master 40 where our Blue Steel 116622 falls in.


Besides, on top of its Rolesium case, Rolex Yacht-Master 116681 has a 950 platinum bezel with 60-minute polished calibrations. This attribute allows it to remain fully usable even in sandblasted backgrounds. Furthermore, the bezel is bi-directionally rotatable, thus, the wearer can easily and precisely calculate the sailing time between two buoys.


To enhance legibility in dark backgrounds, Rolex 116622 has a blue sunburst dial with Chromalight hour markers and hands which provides a long-lasting blue luminescence.


As a certified chronometer, the Rolex Yacht-Master 40 model houses Caliber 3135 perpetual movement which offers high precision of time and instantaneous date. Due to the watch’s sturdy sapphire crystal and the robust Rolesium case, the 116622 model can survive 100M sea-depth for up to 48 hours without malfunctioning.


Although there are more Rolesor and Rolesium Yacht-Master watches, those are some top-best of them. The four ensure your open-sea adventures are filled with high precious, while still animating your wrist with precious elegance.

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