The Portugiese series itself is a watch that Portuguese merchants requested to IWC to develop in the 1930s, and it is a very precisely made mechanical watch. Especially in the impression is the Portuguese Chrono series, Arabic numerals give out the softness of the entire dial board to the vertical second chrono style, finished in a well-balanced classical watch. There are also various variations and there is fun to choose one of your choice, and Portuguese Automatic equipped with our own Caliber 50000 series is newly added. It is a watch that uses a traditional Pelaton type mechanism and a Breguet hairspring in the balance and also has stability of accuracy. The power reserve is also secured for seven days and a satisfactory number of days.

¥708,280 (tax incl.)

Portugieser Chronograph Silver/Blue

¥682,800 (tax incl.)

Portugieser Chronograph Silver/Black

¥670,280 (tax incl.)

Portugieser Chronograph Black/Black