Payment Method

Payment Method

① Online purchase

Bank Transfer

With regards to international bank transfer, please contact with us.

Available bank accounts
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
青山支店 608 (普通)0348514

Mizuho Bank

Mizuho Bank
青山支店 211(普通)2437412

Sumitomo Bank

Sumitomo Bank
新宿支店 221(普通)4657107

Please note that customers will bear the process fees for bank transfers.

Account name


Transfer amount

The total amount for the goods only.。

Cash Payments (upon delivery)

For cash payments, customers can pay to the Sagawa delivery company driver upon delivery.

We do not take process fees for cash on delivery method.

Payment amount

The total amount for the goods only. Delivery is free of charge.

Please note that only cash is acceptable for payments upon delivery, credit card payments are not accepted.

Special notices to cash payments upon delivery
  • Due to the nature of the product, we may return the products back to us if we are unable to confirm that you have received the products. For more on deliveries, please contact us.
  • We are unable to reserve our products, and therefore cannot take any delivery reservations.
  • We may contact you with regards to your purchase. Please note that we may cancel your order if we are unable to contact with you.
  • Please note that cash payments upon delivery may not be available for some outlaying islands and districts.

Credit card payment  (must be the cardholder)

Acceptable credit cards

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and JCB.

Payment amount

The total amount for the goods only. For credit card process fees, please contact the local office of your credit card company for more details.

Available payment installments
Credit cardNumber of payments
One time、
(installments are limited to credit cards issued in Japan)

Special notices to credit card payments

  • For some of the products of Rolex, Omega, and others, credit card payment is not available.
  • ︎In general, we only accept credit card payments under the same name as the cardholder. We may need to contact you if the name is different.
  • ︎︎Credit card payments are not acceptable upon delivery.

② Purchase at the shop

  • Cash payments
  • Credit card payment  (must be the cardholder)