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Hermes is a luxury French brand that originated in Paris and their watches are known worldwide for the unique and exceptionally designer looks as well as latest Swiss technology.

Hermes was established in 1837 but started the business of watch making later in 1928. The journey from saddle and harness makers to high quality and luxurious watches, purses, perfumes, belts and other accessories has been a revolutionary one.

Despite of the highs and lows, Hermes has appeared as the topmost manufacturer for the luxury Hermes watches which are known for their precision, reliability and technology adorned with unique styles.
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History of Hermes Clipper Watches

Hermes- the luxury French high fashion brand is known worldwide for its premium quality and designer bags, watches, perfumes, home furnishings, clothing range and several other accessories. Carrying a logo with a duc carriage and a horse, this luxury brand was originally established in 1837 in Paris. The Hermes watches are carefully designed and each aspect is looked over right from inception to completion to so as to ensure premium quality, superior finishing and designer look for the modern men and women.

Hermes has a rich history and it has come a long way to become what it is now. Initially the founder of the brand- Thierry Hermes, started with the production of crafting saddles and harnesses for horse. He made an excellent reputation for his products amongst the nobleman and even received several awards for the same. Keeping the excellent reputation in mind, his son Charles-Emile took over the management in 1880 and took Hermes to new heights while expanding its product line.

1. The foundation stones for the Hermes watches were laid down in 1912 when Emile Hermes made watch for his daughter Jacquiline whose leather straps were made using the company’s saddlers- leather craftsmen.

2. In 1928 the first watches with the Hermes signature were made for the general public. For a period of over 50 years ‘Guardians of time’ were created by Hermes in close collaboration with the Swiss watchmaking. The Swiss watchmaker Universal Geneve was employed as the first designer of the Hermes watches. During this time first chronograph watches were made for men and they were available in 18k gold and stainless steel. Art Deco cuff watches were made for women and were available in 18K gold, platinum and steel. The models carried the sign of either Hermes or Hermes Universal Geneve. This partnership continued till the 1950s and continued creating excellent luxury watches for men.

3. In 1975 Hermes introduced their unique styled clasp Hermes watches with a distinct lock style dial. The unique designs have always been the USP of the Hermes watches. They aim to create a designer look while offering the best quality and technology.

4. In 1978 Hermes laid the foundation of La Montre Hermes S.A. as a subsidiary of Hermes International. The production facility was set up in Biel, Switzerland and the distribution was organized through authorized retail outlets and Hermes stores all over the world.

5. The Hermes Clipper watch is a flagship model that was launched by Hermes in 1981. It achieved excessive popularity all over the world and the porthole shaped bezel created a buzz among the people for Hermes watches. 6. The Cape cod with double wrap around strap was later introduced in 1991 and the Hermes Medor watchescreated a stir among the masses in 1993. The Hermes H watch collectionwas launched in 1997.

7. 2003 saw the birth of Dressage watches and later on the Arceau Temps Suspendu watches and Temps suspendu became quite popular. All these watches had unique features with excellent designs.

The Hermes Clipper Watches have been the favorite among the masses right from its introduction. It has evolved over the years but continues to be one of the best sports luxury watch for men. More than the brand name, it has attracted people through its unique design.

This exclusive collection got its name from Clipper- A fast and easy maneuverable ship with three masts. The Hermes clipper watches were designed by Henri d’Origny in 1981 and it went artistic and technological change in 2010. Clipper automatic Chronograph has a rotating bezel with an elongated date window. Rounded curves were introduced to form the shape resembling portholes of a sailing ship. It was further adorned with 44mm case made in titanium which made this watch lighter but stronger than the stainless steel one. The titanium material used is known for its excellent quality, resistance and impressive performance.

Mechanical self winding chronograph movements were further introduced to make the Hermes Clipper watches more reliable, durable and designer. The watch is made with precision and is water resistant up to 200 metres. The Hermes watch straps are available in two versions- Matt black and orange. Later on it also came in a warm brown shade. One of the best features of the watch are the Hermes watch strips which are specially made using best quality leather in special unit set up for producing excellent quality watch straps. Hermes has specialization in leather making because of the extensive experience gained as saddle makers and therefore the straps reflect the high quality.

Hermes men’s luxury watches represent true elegance and performance in each and every watch especially the Hermes clipper watch. The artisans at Hermes work efficiently on capturing time by showcasing detailed features for the watches. Hermes watches have won several prizes for their performance and features and are extensively popular worldwide.

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