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One-stop for the German watches – Nomos Glashütte is amongst the most popular watch brands present in the world of watches. The Nomos collection is notable due to its unique and simple style. The design of these timepieces highlights elegance and class. Not just the style, but these Nomos watches also forecast high-grade functions.

One of the most admired timepieces by the brand is its Nomos Metro. Launched in the year 2014, not very long ago, it has made quite an impression on the watch lovers from all around the world. The Nomos Metro collection is available in four case sizes ranging from 35 mm to 39 mm – to fit the wrist of each watch enthusiast.


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New Nomos Glashütte Metro Watches


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History of Nomos Glashütte Metro Watches

The high-grade and high-quality German watches are here, Nomos Glashütte is what’s its name!

Popularly known for simplicity, the Nomos watch brand was first launched in the year 1906, and re-launched again in 1990. The initial foundation simply focused on importing and exporting of Swiss watches, but in the later years, the Nomos Glashütte brand began to manufacture its own Nomos watches.

The Nomos watches, from the beginning, has always remained popular amongst the youths. They are highly notable because of their simple style and design.

It all began in the year 1990 when Roland Schwertner, along with a couple of partners, decided to open his watch company. Now the aim was not just to sell watches, but to build one. Since the foundation of the brand, Nomos strongly focused on creating simple timepieces. The design of their very first assortment was inspired by the Bauhaus purist style – which was a renowned German art school that taught how to blend craft with fine arts. This was drawn upon by Susanne Günther, who was one of the partners of this watch company. The company is also a part of Deutscher Werkbund, which is a predecessor of the Bauhaus movement.

Based in Glashütte, Saxony, the brand is one of the specialists which creates manual winding along with automatic mechanical watches. Although in its initial timepieces, the Nomos Glashütte brand made use of Swiss movement, until 2005 when it launched its own in-house calibre.

The very first calibre by Nomos Glashutte was named as Alpha and then followed Beta, Gamma and Delta. This initiation is marked as one of the milestones which are achieved by Nomos Glashutte.

Over a period of years, Nomos has launched a number of nice watches. While the older ones are powered by Swiss movement ETA SA/Peseux 7001, the models released after 2005 holds the in-house movement. The quality that magnifies the Nomos watches is its simplicity.

When you take a look at these timepieces, you can see that its dial resembles a pebble – a polished one. Its elegance is what calls out the younger generation to admire it. The design of Nomos watches is highly known for its clean and modernist aesthetic.

In a very short period of time, the brand has attained an enormous amount of popularity and fans. The very first automatic watch by the brand was its Nomos Tangomat which was introduced in the year 2005. Nomos has gradually expanded its collection with various models such as Nomos Ahoi and Nomos Metro. At present, Nomos offer a total of 13 different models in its collection – all being vibrant in size, design and function.

Released in the year 2014, Nomos Metro is that extraordinary series, which has gone to win many awards including the German Design Award, the iF Product Design Award and the Good Design Award. This particular series was designed by a Berlin-based designer named Mark Braun who has successfully blended the finest precision along with sheer elegance. The unconventional design of this watch speaks louder through its looks.

The Nomos Metro collection has been equipped with the renowned Nomos swing system along with the in-house escapement. The Nomos watch has been made available in 4 different case sizes – 35 mm, 37 mm, 38 mm and 39 mm – in order to meet the requirements of each client.

This Nomos watch is regarded as a unisex watch which can be worn by men as well as women. The cool watch is not only beautiful in its looks, but is featured with a number of functions such as date, power reserve indicator and offers various dial colour options.

One of the most sought-after collections is named as ‘At Work'. This assortment holds a number of models from Nomos Orion to Nomos Tangente. One such notable watch is its At Work Metro Neomatik 39.

Featuring the in-house movement DUW 3001 automatic, this timepiece offers its body in a Metro case. The dial of this drool-worthy watch has been embellished with red and black dots that plays the role of being hour markers. Although there are Arabic numerals present on its minute track, the dots simply enhances its beauty. The indices of this mesmerizing Nomos watch have been coloured silver and given the shape of a syringe in order to extract elegance. The Nomos watch also comprises of a sub-dial which features small seconds with a red hand. Furthermore, to obtain perfection, the watch has been placed on a black leather strap which perfectly reflects its simplicity, keeping all the details balanced.

Now, if you have an eye for the aesthetics, then the Nomos Metro will be an ideal fit for your watch collection. Nomos Glashutte is all about simplicity whereas Nomos watches highlights elegance. Hence, this mechanical automatic watch is perfect to beautify your attire.

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