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Bell and Ross is a watch company based in France. The company was set up in the late twenties. Their watch collection ranges take inspiration from the cockpits of aircraft and navigation instruments. The Bell and Ross instruments watches are made especially for the professionals involved in extreme professions. Bell and Ross holds a commendable stature with its Vintage and Instrument collections across history.

All the Bell and Ross watches are ensured to not only hold visually attractive appearance but also have serving and aiding features to suit the professionals' requirements. Bell and Ross instruments have professionally carved appearance and features appropriate to suit the requirements.

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History of Bell & Ross Instruments Watches

Bell and Ross is a revered and renowned watch brand. Precisely, Bell and Ross was set up in the year 1992 and has been serving watches in the market since then. The company's headquarters are situated in Paris, the Bell and Ross watches are manufactured in Switzerland.

Bell and Ross watches take inspiration from the history of aviation and the military specifications with technological advantages coming along. Every Bell and Ross watch that rolls down from their name is ensured to be quality driven and a visual treat for sure. This philosophy has been incorporated by the company in each and every Bell and Ross watch that is brought to life.

Bell and Ross watches are not merely committed to the visual aspects of their instruments, they are rather more specific and stringent with the qualities and features that they wish to deliver the watch with. All the Bell and Ross Instruments watches commendably do justice to the intended purpose and are created well to ensure assistance to professionals involved in extremities wherein they might have to stand extreme temperatures, high and low pressures and violent and rigorous accelerations. These professionals mainly involve divers, pilots, bomb disposal experts and astronauts- all working under extremes.

They ensure that their time instruments come out with uncompromised quality and features to cater to the requirements of the extreme professions. Serving professionals with such instruments watches, Bell and Ross have built a reputation pertaining to their precision and quality assurance with accuracy as a major feature.

With such promising features, the BR watches are most suited pilot watches with the quality, precision and features that come along its watches and instruments.

Across all these years, Bell and Ross have been dealing in manufacturing and selling watches that could be classified into two major categories- the Vintage collection and the Instruments collection. The Bell and Ross Vintage collection is aimed at providing a less professional and less sporty looking watch for those who do not wish to have those large and specific dials on their wrist. Whereas the Bell and Ross Instruments watches serve the major motto of Bell and Ross- designed for the professionals who deal in extremities. However, the vintage collection does pay tribute to the ancient eras of aeronautics and thereby establishes roots with the patent genre of Bell and Ross.

Bell and Ross are said to have expertise in making pilot watches in a commendable manner. The Bell and Ross watches are made in Switzerland, ensuring the high-quality check. The Bell and Ross BR 03-92 released around the year 2013 is one from the family of 42-mm diameter dial. The BR 03 watch has gold plated hands and markings and is extremely appealing with its looks and tremendous features. This Bell and Ross Instruments watch is designed with the patent circle within a square design of the dial which adds to its visual appeal. With Sellita SW 300 "special" grade and 25 jewels, this watch proves to be an appropriate blend of appearance with functions served in a brilliant manner. The special features of this watch are the hack mechanism, quick date adjuster, 42-hour power reserve and Incabloc shock absorption. The stainless steel case couple along the flat sapphire crystal with a non-reflective coating on the inside is yet another unignorable feature.

The Bell and Ross BR 01 collection is a brilliant offering by the brand. The Bell and Ross Instruments collection is in accordance with the brand's vision of producing high-quality tools and watches that can be used by professionals. It has an automated mechanical movement and is encased into a satin-brushed steel case. With a whopping 46mm diameter of the dial, the collection gives out a more professional appearance. The dial is black in colour and the numerals and hands are covered in a photo-luminescent coating, giving a fabulous spark to the dial's look and thereby enhancing the visibility. Water resistance up to 100m is also provided.

Bell and Ross is the one-stop destination for the watches that are intended to serve a more professional function with tolerance to extremities in the atmosphere. The Bell and Ross Instruments watches are widely used by astronauts, divers, pilots, bomb diffusion quad members etc. These watches come from applaudable collections that serve visual treat with useful and reverence-worthy features.

The Bell and Ross Instrument collection are highly plausible in the way they cater to the intended purpose and professional's requirements and expectations.

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