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Gucci we all heard the name. Starting from a small luggage preparing company in the city of Florence the brand has developed itself as one of the world's top-tier brand. Gucci watches especially claims the accolade in this case. Gucci watches for women, and men watches have witnessed an extraordinary demand in the market. The company established in the year 1921 revealed excellent craftsmanship of Florence.

The organization became a trendsetter for producing luxury goods or items. It has got its hold across the world. And Gucci's product range expanded beyond handbags and luggage to a diversified range of products.


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History of Gucci Watches

Are you a style or fashion conscious? Do you love to wear or carry the latest fashion trends with you? Would you like to flaunt the most original or unique fashion accessories of premier brands? In this case, if you say yes, then I must say the fashion brand, Gucci is the one-stop destination for you.

The organization or the brand Gucci is a Multinational firm established in the year 1906. As per data revealed in September 2009 by the particular company the brand operates approximately around two hundred seventy-eight stores throughout the world. The firm wholesales its valuable products with the help of franchisees, and upscale department stores present almost all over the cosmos. In the year 2013, the brand generated a revenue amount that valued around 4.7 billion US dollar. The value of the brand for a particular year was approximately 12.1 billion US dollar. The present creative director of Gucci s Alessandro Michele, who is an Italian fashion designer. He was appointed as the artistic director on May in the year 2015.

Some interesting facts about the brand

Here are some quick briefs about the luxury accessories brand Gucci. I think these quick facts can provide you with an overall layout or summary of the brand.

i) The brand was founded in the year 1906 in Italy.

ii) The reputed logo of the company which symbolizes double G represents Guccio Gucci.

iii) The man or the person behind the establishment of the brand was Guccio Gucci. He laid the stone of the company in Florence when he was forty years old.

iv) In the initial years after the company's inception, it started manufacturing leather made handbags, briefcases as well as luggage items. But with due course of time, the organization shifted its goals in producing other adornments items as well.

v) The first product that Guccio crafted was detachable leather bags for saddles, and the motto behind crafting this product was to capture the interest of the horsemen in Italy.

vi) Guccio was inspired to start his own brand when he used to work in the lavish Savoy Hotel. He got his inspiration for the adornments of celebs like Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill and many more.

vii) Many world famous celebs or stars are ardent fan and buyer of this fashion brand including rapper 2 Chainz.

viii) Celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor used the famous Gucci Hobo Bag as a part of their wardrobe.

ix) The particular double G logo of the company that we can find nowadays was not made by Gucci himself instead the emblem of the company was created later in the year 1960 to honor Guccio Gucci after his death.

x) After the death of Gucci, his sons inherited the company and marketed the products among Hollywood stars.

xi) Collection of Gucci watches expressly Gucci watches for women, and Gucci watches for men became a big hit among layman as well as among celebrities.

xii) “Genius Jeans” from The Gucci entered in the pages of Guinness Book of World Records as the priciest pair of jeans in the entire cosmos.

A brief history of Gucci watches

The man behind the brand of Gucci watches was Guccio Gucci. The initial idea of starting a fashion accessories related brand came to this man Gucci when he used to work in a swanky hotel where stars or celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill used to visit the hotel. From their adornments, he got an idea rather say an inspiration to initiate his own fashion brand that can produce luxury accessories items. The founder was the lad of a small Italian trader. He laid the stone of the organization in the year 1906 in Florence. He started selling his unique luxury items from the year 1921.

Guccio expanded his business to Rome in the year 1938. And after his death in the year 1953 his son, Aldo took the possession of the company and started to expand the operations vastly in other countries throughout the world. In the year 1953, Gucci store was expanded in New York, and gradually the stores were launched in Paris, Tokyo as well as in London. And after wrong steps were taken by the management the company landed in big trouble and faced bankruptcy.

Again in the year 1990, the brand entered into the segment of watch manufacturing. With this step, the emphasis was given on their place in the fashion market. The company started producing Gucci watch collection in the year 1997. Men watches along with female group gained popularity. Through the manufacturing of watches, Gucci depicted its creative skills and Swiss craftsmanship. In the same year of 1997, the brand got possession of Severin Montres Group' and showcased its timepieces or watches for the first time. From this time onwards Gucci became a brand of fashion accessories along with watches.

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