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Cvstos is considered as one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to luxury watchmaking. Cvstos has come up with some of the most amazing and extra ordinary timepieces that are unique in their style. The creators took a vow to follow their own aesthetic path and create unique designs that perfectly encapsulate the traditions of Swiss watchmaking and ultra modern techniques. One such unique example is of Challenge sea-liner by Cvstos that gained immense popularity in no time.

The brand was founded by two amazing and talented individuals, Sassoun Sirmakes and Antonio Terranova in the year 2005. Both shared a similar passion and goals to take traditional Swiss watchmaking to the next level through exceptional and exclusive designs. The fame and admiration that the brand has gained in just fifteen years of establishment is unmatchable. It's unique and distinctive skills of luxury watchmaking is what sets it apart from others. Cvstos is a promising brand that still has a long way to go, but the exceptional timepieces that it has created guarantees immense success to come.

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History of CVSTOS

Luxury watches are one of the first things that pop up in your mind when you hear the words class and fashion. Luxury watches have always kept their mark in the fashion industry. They signify excellence and success. Luxury watches are often worn by the most elite people in the world. There are several luxury watch brands in the world that are admired for their fine watch making skills. Cvstos is one of them.

Cvstos is high-end watchmaking company that was founded in 2005 by Sassoun Sirmakes and Antonio Terranova. Sirmakes was the CEO and Terranova was the chief designer of the company. Their motto was to represent a new way of preserving time through timeless and elegant watch designs. Their major focus was on the distinctive cutting edge approach to elaborate the art of fine watchmaking. Today, the ideas and hard work of both have paid off and the entire world recognizes them as heroes in the luxury watchmaking industry. The reason to this immense success is their initial experience and expertise in the putting elegance in watches. They both shared the same passion for luxury watches.

Sassoun Sirmakes was born in Geneva in 1983. He was an Armenian by birth. Ever since his childhood, Sirmakes has indulged himself in high-end watchmaking processes. He has always been so adept in creating timeless pieces because of his genetics. Franck Muller, his father, was the owner and chairman of Vartan Sirmakes. Sassoun already knew he was going to pursue this genetic gift. From an early age, he was determined to create and independent brand. The image for the brand inside his head was to display the traditional art of watchmaking through modern techniques and aesthetics. He wanted to create ideal pieces for the young millennials who are looking for the perfect amalgamation of modernism and traditionalism.

Antonio Terranova has played a significant role in bringing this image to reality. He provided the ideal look for the brand. He has been there since the birth of brand and visualized it for the rest of the world. He was born in the year 1967. Antonio was adamant from his childhood that luxury watchmaking is what he wanted to do. He has extensive expertise in watch design and has previously worked for the most luxurious and top notch watch brands such as Piaget, Ebel, Zenith, Cartier, and TAG Heuer. After polishing himself as a fine watchmaker, he pursued his lifelong dream of launching his own brand with Sassoun Sirmakes. Both of them shared a similar passion and came up with the fantastic idea of launching Cvstos. They named the brand after a Latin word which means custodian or guardian. The main headquarters of Cvstos Watch Company are based in historical Saint Gervais quarter in Geneva.

Price and Value of Cvstos

Over the years, Cvstos has earned a great name for itself in the luxury watch industry. It has become a popular pick for the high profiles. Cvstos watches are recognized as some of the most luxurious and expensive watches. Their prices start from around nine thousand dollars and go as up as thirty two thousand dollars. These timeless pieces are only reserved for the best of the best. It is guaranteed that you will turn eyes while wearing it on your wrist. Such unique designs and aesthetically pleasing looks are difficult to find elsewhere. The philosophy of the company is to create a marvelous union of ultra modernism and traditional Swiss values. The art of watchmaking is finest at their workshops. They swear to create pieces that use techniques of traditional and contemporary Swiss watchmaking, but add the touch of modernism through materials such as Palladium, rubber, and titanium. The finished look is so classy that would get you loads of compliments.

Ever since the company was launched, Cvstos has had its own unique eccentricity. The makers have stick to their own unique and aesthetic path and have created technical timepieces.


Cvstos always comes up with great collections that are suitable for all kinds of people. There is tons of variety when it comes to choosing the style that you like. Here are the most loved collections of Cvstos.

Cvstos challenge

If you appreciate detailed views and complexity in a watch, then Challenge is the perfect collection to choose from. These technical timepieces have seven references ranging from dual time band to chronograph. The Challenge line is tonneau shaped. The special thing about Cvstos challenge is that this line offers in-depth view of the movement. It includes two QPs with round cases as well.


Evosquare is a two-model collection by Cvstos that features a chronograph with an extreme futuristic and modern style. It comes in 50*49 mm steel or gold case.


This is a special collection for the ladies. If you want that elegant look, then this tonneau collection is perfect for you. It screams luxury with its openwork dials and diamond-studded cases in either black or white.


This collection Cvstos is also tonneau shaped. It has a contemporary design in steel and titanium. It includes hours, minutes, and seconds along with skeleton movement.

Best Selling Watch by Cvstos

Although Cvstos has created some of the most elegant and breathtaking timepieces, special attention and popularity has been gained by this unique watch. The Challenge Sea Liner is considered as the best selling time piece of Cvstos. The Cvstos sea-liner was created in the year 2007. The owners tell that it was created in the yachting club line. The initial design was created in collaboration with Italian boat builders. Due to the economic crisis at that time, the company could only come up with 20 platinum tourbillions that were sold within two weeks. It is being sold for $14,500. It has a chic and sporty image, which is perfect for the outdoors.

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