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It is undeniable that still not many people are familiar with the watch brand Edox, but actually they have already made quite a number of remarkable timepieces since establishment. Originally founded in 1884, Edox has built a solid ground in the industry with over 130 years of watchmaking. 

The Edox watch is well recognised for its high in water and shock resistance and reliability. This Swiss watch brand has contributed several innovations to watchmaking including the double gasket crown, the shock-absorbing gasket, the world’s first world time with a combined display and also the world’s thinnest movement with a calendar complication. 

Innovative yet affordable, Edox watches are always a perfect option for people who are looking for high quality watches within budget. Housing a wide array of watches from sports watches for land, air and sea to classic dress timepieces, you will be assured to get a suitable piece for your own style.

New Edox Watches

History of Edox Watch


For people who have little knowledge about luxury watches, they may only have heard of some world-famous watch brands like Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega, etc. They are indeed all exquisite timepieces that carry both rich heritage and superb quality, while at the same time aren’t budget friendly that not many people could afford. Actually, there are way more exceptional brands that offer affordable watches but do not compromise on quality. Edox, that is exactly one of those most underrated Swiss brands, should be put in a much-deserved spotlight.

Edox is one of the few oldest and most established traditional brands that have taken their roots since the 19th century. The brand has been holding up in Swiss watchmaking history for over a century, and still remains a privately owned company to date. This is no better proof of it than showing the strength and status of the brand.


The birth of the Edox Watch Company is quite a romantic story. It was founded in Biel-Bienne in 1884 by an accomplished watchmaker, Christian Ruefly-Flury. Unlike many other watch brands at the time, Edox's beginning intention was not on profit, but a confession of love to his wife. On his wife’s 25th birthday, Rüefly-Flury personally crafted a special pocket watch to surprise her. It turned out that the surprise was a huge success. His wife was so enchanted by the dedication of her husband and high quality of the gift watch. She even persuaded her husband to start a watch manufacturing business in nearby Biel. Encouraged by his wife, Christian Rüefly-Flury took up the ancient Greek word for “hour” and named his company “Edox”. In 1900 he selected “the HourGlass” as Edox’s official symbol. After the death of Christian Ruefly-Flury in 1921, the Edox watch company was taken over by Robert Haufmann Hug.


Ever since its establishment, Edox has been constantly associated with success and horological inventions for over 130 years, and some of their inventions still remain unrivaled to this day. With the launch of its flagship model Edox Delfin in 1961, the brand has been mostly renowned for its pioneering on water resistance. The watch offered a water resistance up to a depth of 200 m with its specially built double crown gasket, a double case-back and its patented double O’ring system. Its water resistance and high shock protection was very innovative at that time and it has set a benchmark for many other Swiss sports watches till to date.


Edox has played a growingly important role in many high-level sports. The brand has dedicated itself in crafting the best sports watches and involving in a number of international sports events. At the beginning of this new millennium, it has become more active in extreme sports events. The brand is invited to be the official timekeeper of the Class 1 Powerboat World Championships, the World Rally Championships, the Extreme Sailing Series and also the Dakar Rally Championships. Edox does not only sponsor numerous international water sports and racing events, but also various extreme sports games such as rally driver Martin Prokop and powerboat driver Pal Virik Nilsen.

Popular Edox Watches


The pocket friendly package with genuine Swiss craftsmanship is what makes Edox stand out in the market. As one of the last independent Swiss watch manufacturers, the company has a full control on quality and design. Many of its models remain popular and they are still growing with more modern updates and features. Their iconic collections such as Edox Delfin, Edox Grand Ocean, Edox Chronorally, Edox CO-1, etc., are all highly acclaimed in the current market. Let’s check out some of the most popular ones. 


Edox Delfin


Edox is a well-respected brand which has registered a number of patents on watchmaking. The Edox Delfin is one of its notable models equipped with its important invention, the double-gasket crown. First introduced in the early 1960s as “The Water Champion” from the brand, the Delfin diver watch offered a water resistance up to 200m, which was groundbreaking at that era. Today the current Edox Delfin collection is already a versatile series that holds many impressive iterations of the brand’s most famous timepiece. 


Edox Class 1


As the official timekeeper of the Class-1 World Powerboat Championship, which is known as the Formula 1 of the sea, Edox has created a series of watches for such high-class offshore races. The Edox Class 1 is the brand’s one of the most emblematic collections, bringing the best function and design like never before. The Edox Class 1 watches are all built to meet extremely high standards for the high-class sports races. They are equipped with robust cases made from innovative materials and also offer super water resistance.


Edox CO-1


There are several collections from the brand that are inspired by offshore powerboat racing, and Edox CO-1 is one of the notable ones. Made of high-quality material including stainless steel, ceramic, glass fibers and carbon, the Edox CO-1 collection offers robust and reliable timepieces for the extreme power boaters of XCAT Team Australia. The Edox CO-1 Carbon Chronograph Automatic is one of their powerful watches that offers a 500m water resistance with a helium escape valve. 


For anyone who is looking for a reliable and highly performed diver watch on the budget, the Edox watch should be one of the must-have on your list. 


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