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The German watch Sinn Spezialuhren is specified for its highly technological mechanical chronograph. Founded by Helmut Sinn, an instructor for blind flight and former World War II pilot in 1961, Sinn started with a focus in manufacturing pilot chronograph and navigation clocks in Frankfurt, Germany.

Just like the founder Helmut Sinn, the pilot watch brand is courageous and adventurous. With its non-stop hard work in developing new technology for timepieces, it owns a number of patents for some important materials or technology in manufacturing timepieces, especially for watches that can function well under harsh conditions.


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History of SINN Watches

Innovation and precision everywhere 

Sinn watch does not satisfied with pilots wearing its timepieces time in the sky, it even brought its watches to the outer space. Sinn watches have an extraordinary history of flying to the outer space. The 140 S and 142 S were worn by astronauts in the 80’s and 90’s to the outer space, proving the reliability of its self-winding caliber under harsh condition, even in a weightless condition. The trips to space also boosted its fame in the chronometer manufacturing industry, making Sinn a hot brand in the world of professional and luxury watches. 

Carrying a mission of advancing innovation and technology at all time, Sinn, the German watches, developed a number of patented technology for timepieces. Another famous model of SINN is the 244 specially designed with magnetic field protection. The titanium watch has a freely oscillating suspended movement and has an outstanding performance of anti magnetic disruption. Titanium is also an ideal and innovative material for watches as it can reduce shock from the environment and absorb body temperature. 

It came up with the Ar-Dehumidifying Technology for diving watch in the 90’s, preventing the crystal surface from fogging up under temperature changes, as well as prolonging the life of the watch components. The technique was further advanced to HYDRO Technology which made a promise on anti fogging and pressure resistance, making a real diving chronograph with optimal readability under water. 

DIAPAL lubrication-free escapement and Tegiment steel hardening are two other patented technology that Sinn is proud of. The German company merged its innovation with the demand of modern life, giving birth to mechanical watches that ensured long-term precision movement by using a special combination of materials for internal components that do not need any lubrication to function. This technology was first introduced in the Frankfurt Financial District Watch. The 6000 Jubilee model is made of 18K white gold. 

The road to professional 

As the pioneer of manufacturing pilot watch, SINN produced the first TESTAF-certified watches. The TESTAF is the first ever technical standard for pilot watches, ensuring the chronograph has a precise time measurement up in the sky. TESTAF was developed by the German Institute for Standardisation upon the request of Sinn, bringing up a new standard of pilot watches in the industry. 

With the outstanding technology and bespoke design, Sinn has become the winner of Red Dot Product Design Award since 2019, a world famous international award dedicated to products with excellent design. The winning models are bicompax chronograph 936 and EZM 12. 

Sinn has different collections specializing different functions, including Instrument Chronograph, Instrument watches, Diving watches and Frankfurt Finance, etc. Let’s look into them one by one to learn more about their characteristics. 

Instrument Chronograph 

Instrument chronographs is the very first collection of the brand. The collection is a real representative for aviation chronographs and is the pride of Sinn, reflecting its tradition and history in pilot watch manufacturing. The instrument panel chronometers in Instrument Chronograph are featured with tachymeter, sub-dials for various timing functions and the iconic red hand on the dial. 

Instrument Watches 

Instrument Watches collection is inspired by navigation clocks in the cockpit of an aeroplane. These timepieces uphold the strictest standards of accuracy and perfect readability. The Arabic numerals on the dial in the classic design convey the tradition of Sinn. The clear dial surface design with a clean structure without any sub-dial ensures an optimal readability for users. Most of the models in Instrument Watches is fitted with a captive pilot’s bezel with minute ratcheting. The bezel is rotatable on both sides as a timing tool. The award winning EZM 12 model has a very useful bezel to meet its goal. The timepiece is designed as a life-saving tool for emergency personnel. A count-up inner rotating bezel allows emergency doctors to constantly keep an eye on the specified time frames, while the rotating bezel at the outer rim can be used as a countdown tool. The seconds hand in the shape of a rotor is another important feature of EZM 12, it allows recording of heart beat rate in every 15 seconds. The timepiece can be easily cleaned by removing the silicone strap without any tool, fitting the demand from emergency personnel. 

Diving watches 

Apart from watches for flying up in the sky or even to the outer space, Sinn also produced watches for underwater. It is also the first watch company to manufacture dive watches that comply with European diving equipment standards, ensuring its products’ excellent performance in the deep sea. Sinn is also the first company to test and certify timepieces for pressure resistance, water resistance and resistance to fogging.The patented technology developed by the German watch brand help drive the development of its Diving Watch collection. 

Frankfurt Financial District Watch 

The collection is distinguished by the connection with Frankfurt am Main, the internationally renowned banking and stock exchange center and the homeland of Sinn since 1961. Each Frankfurt Financial District Watch is distinguished by its own characteristics. The calendar week display in the traditional chronopgrah in 6052 model is a first of its kind function in Sinn’s timepieces. Along with the day of the week and month display, the watch helps organize appointments and plan activities for businessmen in the hustle and bustle world. Some of the latest models in the collection also tell time in three different time zones on a 12-hour basis, providing a practical function for frequent travelers. 

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