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Jaquet Droz collection of watches boasts of a rich and intriguing history that goes back by more than 250 years. As the brainchild of a visionary clockmaker in Switzerland, this brand has earned admiration from royal figures as well as modern fashion-forward clients.

Excellent precision, technological finesse, superb materials, and classy colors are the chief highlights of this brand. Currently owned by Swatch Group, it brings forth a unique variety of timepieces that celebrate the power of miniature painting, engraving, carving and enameling. Available for both men and women, Jaquet Droz watches are a must for every special occasion in life.


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History of Jaquet Droz Watches

Founded in 1738, Jaquet Droz is synonymous with classy and luxury watches that are a peerless blend of precision, performance and aesthetics that impress effortlessly. Ornamental pocket watches, snuffboxes and singing birds were this brand’s specialty too. Born in 1721, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Pierre Jaquet-Droz was the brain and the heart behind this world-famous brand. His passion for accurate and detailed clockmaking made him a living legend in a short time, and brought him all the way from his small farm in Switzerland to Spain in 1758.

Admired by King Ferdinand VI of Spain himself, Droz’s clocks won him the repute only a few watchmakers could dream of. In 1775, the creative genius was recognized by Louis XVI as well, for his humanoid automata trio. The brand succeeded in making its presence felt in China too, by capturing the attention of the Qianlong Emperor. Following this, Droz’s brilliance found a strong foothold in London and Geneva too. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Today, owned by the prestigious Swatch Group, Jaquet Droz watches have found the platform to showcase their impressive heritage. Inspired by the Age of Enlightenment, these timepieces combine superb horological acumen with innovation and elegant craftsmanship, to cater to changing demands. Each of the creations by this brand is unique and draws your attention with flawless designs, decorative arts, thoughtful dials and the best materials possible. The use of rich and vivid minerals and handcrafted motifs add to the charm.

With Marc A. Hayek and Nicholas G. Hayek at the helm of the brand currently, Jaquet Droz brings you watches that are constantly evolving yet are reminiscent of those 18th century poetic values of the original visionary.

Characteristics of Jaquet Droz Watches

Jaquet Droz watches for both men and women are characterized by technical accuracy, artistic beauty, and a special eye for enameling, engraving and carving. Robust yet beautiful cases are complemented by the best leather straps money can buy. The colors chosen are timeless yet bold, and the numbers and hands are sleek and easy on the eyes. Superior movement and the waterproof feature make these timepieces perfect for all occasions in life, whether you wish to make a lasting statement at a business meeting or hope to turn heads at a wedding.

The brand’s Eclipse black enamel watch amazes with a golden engraved moon which actually changes its size daily. The eight stars surrounding it are inspired by Jaquet Droz’s lucky number. This number appears in a stylish manner in many other models as well, to ensure that the master’s legacy thrives. Discerning customers will also admire the Grande Seconde, for its fusion of tradition and modern innovation. The intricate dial clearly shows the tourbillion movement in this one, and will appeal to technology enthusiasts.

As mentioned, the brand is known for its painstakingly precise artistry too, as is evident in Ateliers d’Art or the Bird Repeater models. The miniature and realistic paintings on the watch dials are a tribute to the brand’s centuries-old identity and flagship.

And the modern watch connoisseur will surely fall in love with the Charming Bird, a wristwatch with a singing bird automaton. This stunning technical achievement is a fruit of many years of intensive research. The Lady 8 Flower is sure to appease contemporary divas who find luxury in beauty. Inspired by the blossoming lotus flower, this timepiece is complex yet flawlessly accurate. The butterfly engraving on the dial and the jeweled bezel are eye-catching too.

The best part about Jaquet Droz watches is that, you can choose from minimalist as well as elaborate designs to complement your attitude, attire, aspiration and occasion.

Top Jaquet Droz Watch Models

The following Jaquet Droz watch models are popular picks owing to their style, functionality and durability.

The J005013224 model comes with a classy rose gold case contrasted by premium black leather strap and a bold black dial make this piece immensely appreciated. The vibrant and detailed painting of a pond with fishes enhances the beauty of the dial manifold. Roman numerals add to the elegance.

Watch connoisseurs can also choose the J007030242, equipped with a silver case. Its brilliant white dial shows the time in the style of “8”, and this watch is ideal for corporate events and other formal occasions. Crafted from crocodile leather, the black strap contrasts the dial beautifully and makes a timeless statement for all fashion-conscious men.

The J014600370 model is a stylish piece that is designed for the modern woman, and stands out with the help of sleek dark straps and a case design that resembles “8”. The mother of pearl dial has been accentuated by sharp blue hands and minimalistic indices for the hours and minutes. A beautiful pearl and sparkling white stones add glamour to the dial.

You can also pick up the J003525541 model, which has a skeletal design and reveals all the intricate movements, making this timepiece a unique and fashionable one. Crafted for men, the watch case is made of superior ceramic, and the strap is made of blue fabric. A 100 feet water resistance feature makes it well-suited for outdoorsy pursuits and adventures like hiking, trekking, running and so on.

The brand’s J029030440 model is rendered almost entirely in black, and this bold watch is the perfect companion for the modern man who lives an adventurous life with panache. Its big and robust case accommodates an intense black dial with silver detailing. Trendy hands, a mix of Roman and English numerals, and the famous figure “8” design make this timepiece an attractive one. Made of durable rubber, the band is rugged, designed to last long, and lends a sporty look.

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