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Since its foundation in 1992, the Bell and Ross have become an exemplary brand in the world of professional aviation watches. Although being relatively new to the industry, in a very short period of time the Bell & Ross has renowned its name internationally and have created timepieces which perfectly meets the requirement for professional watches.

The Bell & Ross has produced a number of watches which throughout the years have been split into two categories: Bell and Ross Vintage and Bell and Ross Instrument.


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History of Bell and Ross Watches

With the motto of “function shapes form", the founders of Bell and Ross established their company in 1992. They were Swiss designers named Bruno Belamich and Carlos A.Rosillo who founded the company for a university project. These two lifelong friends shared the sole purpose to create a watch that would adapt in the extreme conditions of professional use, and at the same time conform to the great tradition of Swiss watchmaking.

The headquarter of the Bell & Ross is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, where they manufacture and produce a wide range of astronaut watches, pilot watches, diver watches, and watches for bomb disposal experts.

The inspiration behind creating these Bell and Ross watches came from the history of aviation and the military requirements and technological advances that coexist with it. And by keeping such things in mind, the outcome of Bell & Ross products contain the highest visual and performing qualities.

Many of their early models successfully grabbed attention, including Bell & Ross Space 1, which is considered as the first automatic chronometer that was worn in space and the Bomb Disposal Type - which is a piece of wrist armor that made the dangerous job of deactivating the explosives much easier.

Now, as mentioned earlier, the company not only wanted to produce beautiful and elegant watches but they wanted the Bell and Ross watches to become useful in the professions where one has to tolerate extreme temperatures, and experience violent accelerations or abide through harmful pressures. And thus to create such a timepiece, they assigned all the proficient pilots, divers, bomb disposal experts, and astronauts and developed watches such as the Bell and Ross BR01. The BR01 has been built with the influence taken from the aesthetics of the clocks in the cockpit of an airline.

To make sure that Bell and Ross watches fulfill the requirements and expectations of the users, they created a team of experts who possessed the complementary skill sets such as the designers, engineers and the masters of watchmakers. Thus Bell and Ross watches were skillfully assembled and then fine-tuned to produce a high-quality timepiece. Hence due to research and innovative work, today they have built such a reputation that they are made the official suppliers of the French Air Force, Space Lab Mission, The Lafayette Escadrille and a lot of other professionals of the extreme.

The Bell & Ross has produced a number of watches which throughout the years have been split into two categories: Bell and Ross Vintage and Bell and Ross Instrument. The Vintage collection was introduced in the initial years of Bell & Ross and these are the watches which pays tribute to the major eras of the great aeronautical adventure, specifically to the aviators – as they were the first ones to recognize the importance of wristwatches as an advantage on their missions.

In its modern designs, it signifies the utility of the watch in its simplest form. Now because the watch is constructed using the DNA of military, each of the models of Bell & Ross fulfill the requirements established by the armed forces. And one such feature of the watch is, being ‘watertight', that is, they make sure that they are apt to use in the aquatic environments.

The four complementary instruments that are made by Bell & Ross are the BR-X1, the BR01, the BR03 and the BRS. And these type of watches typically consists of a classic round case and are equipped with a range of complications that includes a dual time zone and small second hands.

The Bell and Ross BR01 is characterized by a case size of 46mm and acquires an automatic mechanical movement and its design is aesthetically modeled on aeronautical instrumentation. Whereas the Bell and Ross BR03 is fitted into a case size of 42mm and is meant for the people with smaller wrists, while the BR-S has a 39mm case size consisting a variety of color options and designs for ladies.

One of the prominent watches from the brand is the Bell and Ross br03-92. This was introduced in 2017 and is considered as the diver’s watch. Now although it is not the first Bell and Ross diver watch, still it is the first one to come in their iconic square case, which balances its design elements along with its boldness and wearability. The case size of the Bell & Ross br03-92 watch is measured 42mm wide and is water-resistant up to 300m as well as it meets all the other ISO dive watch specifications. And to top it up, it glows in the dark (its hand and markers) and shines bright green with Super-LumiNova. Hence it is one of Bell and Ross’s functional and durable timepieces.

Thus with their four basic principles of legibility, functionality, precision, and reliability, you are offered the most perfect timepiece of all time. So go ahead and explore through the wide range of watches by Bell & Ross as it is a must-have for your watch collection.

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