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Fresh and very young, SevenFriday AG has impacted the world of horology significantly and distinctively from the rest of brands in watchmaking. The Zurich-based company debuted in 2012 as a watch manufacturer, alongside other fashion specialties like sunglasses, bracelets, and apparel. Built on the foundations of faith and determination, SevenFriday has been able to expand its market in over 80 countries through its industrial-inspired wristwatches.

Although it’s exquisitely precise, the sophisticated design in a SevenFriday watch is what has facilitated the brand’s success. Since it’s fashionably brilliant and reasonably priced. Additionally, the brand has also been able to promote its products through social interactions with its consumers online, where the sales are primarily done.


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The History of SevenFriday Watches

In a world driven by modernization and intense competitiveness in production and commerce, SevenFriday AG has become a major discussion of many. The luxury watches manufacturer was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Daniel Niederer and designer Arnaud Duval. The idea of the brand was brought forth by Daniel who has been working as a distributor of luxury watches for around a decade. He started making plans of the establishment back in 2008/2009 while residing in Bangkok but instigated the concept with his partner after returning to Switzerland.

As a Swiss, Daniel Niederer felt the price on Swiss luxury watches irrational as most of the wristwatch fans are those admiring the item without buying. Also, during his position as a distributor, he noted some brands were setting their sale prices so high, while they don’t even meet the standards. With a belief luxury should not be expensive, he got an aspiration of creating a watch brand that will be unique and accessible.

Although SevenFriday AG is based in Switzerland, its watches are predominantly set up in Asia. The brand primarily focuses on the design of the watch as that is the aspect most in the current generation are concerned about. Dissimilar to most brands which borrow the design of their watches from vintage timepieces, a SevenFriday watch features an industrial-inspired makeup. Then merged with contrasting materials and styles like finishing and colors to complete the uniqueness of the respective lineup. That, however, doesn’t mean the watches are not precise. All the watches house an original Japan Made movements that iconic brands like Citizen use. In fact, most of SevenFriday watches use Miyota calibers from a division of Citizen Watch Company.

Born in an era of intense digitalization, SevenFriday AG was the first watchmaker to share its products on Instagram. From the very beginning, the luxury watches manufacturer truly desired to interact with watch enthusiasts boundlessly, irrespective of nationality or religion. The ingenious watchmaker has even come up with a brilliant non-traditional networking idea of SevenFriday Games where they interact and celebrate with like-minded people. The outlook is hosted in a pleasant space where people come together to eat and chat, while they also learn more about the brand. Simply put, the SevenFriday Space is like a boutique but that brings its consumers to relish the experience of SevenFriday watches without “pushing” them to buy.

The first SevenFriday watch to be created was the P-series. The watch features an industrial aesthetic with the inner casing resembling the renowned TV dial pieces from the 1970s. To tell the time of the watch, a keen eye is really needed as the hands are not the usual dauphine or sword-shaped hands. During its first year, the SevenFriday P-series was only with three variants but still, they managed to sell around 12, 000 pieces. Currently, the watch lineup still has three series, but in 7 different versions. In 2016, SevenFriday AG introduced a limited P3/04 KUKA edition which had orange highlights for the enthusiast of vibrant brilliance. In the year that followed, a new version of the watch, P3/07 KUKA III, was introduced still in orange and as a limited edition too.

In 2015, SevenFriday introduced its V-Series which most watch fans had earnestly awaited, although with fear it would be “too expensive”. Powered by a Japan Made mechanical movement, the watch has a similar price range with its counterparts. The new SevenFriday watch, nevertheless, came with an additional NFC chip for authentication and ensure the watch wearer is wearing the genuine model. To run the test, the chip is scanned using the downloadable SevenFriday app which then indicates whether the watch is genuine or not.

As a brand inspired by creativeness and determination, in 2016 SevenFriday added another classical watch lineup to its industrial-inspired collections. The new Q-Series was the fourth to be released and distinctive from the previous collections, it has a decentralized hour ring and a date function. All the previous collections before it has only time feature. Similar to the V-series which had been introduced a year before it, the SevenFriday Q-Series has the NFC Chip for the user to authenticate it.

For their most recent creation, SevenFriday AG has added new watch version to their M-Series. Novel and creatively-designed, the M1B/01 was dubbed The Urban Explorer in no time, following its casual-but-sophisticated style. Unlike the previous watches that need a keen eye, the M1B/01 SevenFriday watch requires one to have a clear mind to discern the time. The timepiece has got no true dial or even hands. The hour and minutes time are shown by discs on the left side window, whereas the seconds are shown by a blue spinning line at the centralized rectangular window. Despite its hi-tech technicalities, what has attracted most to the watch is its denim strap that most of the luxury brands rarely use.

For more details on The Urban Explorer watch and the various classy collections from the SevenFriday AG, check them out below. Give your wardrobe a distinctive flair this season using an industrial timepiece.

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