The Best Rolex Watches For Women

Sep 14, 2018
The Best Rolex Watches For Women

Many people say that women always have a wider array of choices than men. However, when it comes to watches, that may not be necessarily true. Our options are limited but don’t you worry.


Rolex has one of the few best options for women out there. The brand name is enough to satisfy everybody’s want. Wearing one of their watches is akin to having gold and diamonds wrapped around our wrists.


That’s why we’ve selected some of the best Rolex watches for women:

front view of Rolex Lady Datejust Ref. 279136rbr-0001 watch

Lady-Datejust 28 – Platinum strap and ice blue dial 279136RBR

Here is a watch for all you ice queens out there. This watch has a smooth platinum strap and an ice blue dial. 


Its diamond-encrusted hour markers give it a distinctive look. So when you are feeling bold and elegant, make sure to wear this to complete your look and conquer the world.

front view of Rolex Lady Datejust 36 Black Dial Ref. 116135 watch

Datejust 36- Pink Leather Strap And Black Dial 116135

For the past few years, people have grown obsessed with the colour rose gold. Rolex decided to play on this obsession and create the Datejust 36. And we are definitely loving it.


Don’t fret if you are not a fan of metal watches, this Rolex has got you covered with its rose gold leather strap. The black dial elevates the look and the Roman numeral hour markers are definitely the icing on top of the cake.

front view of Rolex Lady Datejust 28 Everose Gold Strap And Aubergine Dial Ref. 279175 watch

Lady-Datejust 28 – Everose Gold Strap And Aubergine Dial 279175

Here’s another rose gold watch that will surely catch anyone’s eye. For this watch, Rolex has made an exclusive patent pink gold alloy cast for its own foundry.


The diamond-paved dial itself is a work of art with all the attention to detail and craftsmanship. The wearer and those around her will surely be enchanted by this watch’s intrinsic beauty!

front view of Rolex Lady Datejust Everose Gold And Diamond Paved Dial Ref. 86285 watch


Pearlmaster 39 – Everose Gold And Diamond Paved Dial 86285

This watch is a vision of opulence with a whopping 713 diamonds crafted onto the watch dial. The strap, too, is studded with sparkling diamonds, ensuring that all eyes will be on you. 


To top it off, the Rolex Pearlmaster 39 has been embellished with rose gold hour markers. The Rolex Pearlmaster 39 is the perfect piece for you if you believe that diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend.


front view of Rolex Lady Datejust 28 Mint Green Dial Ref. 279383RBR-0013G watch

Lady-Datejust 28 – Yellow Rolesor Strap And Mint Green Dial 279383RBR-0013G

Some of us love to defy conventions, and if you do then the Lady-Datejust 28 is a definite must-have for you. The Lady-Datejust 28 catches you by surprise as soon as you set your eyes on its mint green dial.


Sure, it is an unusual color, but that only adds to its allure. To top it all off, the Lady-Datejust 28  has a diamond-studded bezel and its yellow gold and steel bracelet gives off a sophisticated touch. As unconventional as it may be, the Lady-Datejust 28 remains classy and sophisticated.


And those are five of the best watches for women from Rolex. Each one of these beauties is worth wearing for every modern-day woman out there.

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