Citizen Promaster Tough: The Perfect Companion of Adventure-Seekers

Sep 29, 2021
Citizen Promaster Tough: The Perfect Companion of Adventure-Seekers

Citizen is one of the most well-loved and long-standing Japanese watch brands in the market today. Citizen takes great pride in their wide range of solidly-built watches that are innovative and trustworthy, yet not too pricey compared to their Swiss counterparts. With over a century of experience and prestige, it is no surprise why Citizen continues to be one of the most legendary names in the watchmaking niche.


One collection that stands out in Citizen’s catalogue is its amazing lineup of professional sports watches. Citizen’s Promaster Tough is a timepiece that boasts a military-inspired appeal and a powerful movement that makes it even more desirable to enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. Hailing from the diverse Promaster collection, the watch also has striking features ranging from a date display, chronograph function, and luminous hands for superior performance. The Citizen Promaster Tough can easily be your companion if you like exploring new places and going on extreme adventures.


In this article, we will take a deeper look at the hidden charms of the Citizen Promaster Tough, including its key aspects, its price range, as well as the best Citizen Promaster Tough models.

All About the Citizen Promaster Tough

Just by looking at its name, you will know that any Citizen Promaster Tough model is not your typical sports watch. Designed to last long amidst harsh environments of all sorts, these watches possess an exquisite and manly appeal that makes them good daily timepieces. From their neat dials and luscious cases to the bold strap choices and promising movement, everything about the Citizen Promaster Tough will make anyone swoon.


Citizen has released numerous versions of the Promaster Tough since 1989—the same year when the Promaster line was born. Many of them have already been discontinued, including modern members. One of the most coveted pieces in the entire Citizen Promaster Tough series is the CA0720-54H version. Equipped with the brand’s proprietary Eco-Drive movement, this durable watch has an understated aesthetic, with its muted colour scheme and simple brushed finish. This Citizen Promaster Tough chronograph brings the essence of a sports timepiece to a whole new level. With its superior utility, affordable price tag, and subtle yet modern appeal, the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H is a valuable piece worth adding to anyone’s collection.


front view of Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H watch

For those whose interests are peaked, here are the detailed specifications and other important details about the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H you should know.

  • Case material: Stainless Steel with Surface Hardening Treatment
  • Case dimension: 44mm
  • Movement: Quartz, Analog Solar-Powered
  • Power reserve: Seven Months
  • Water resistance: 200 metres


case and strap of Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H watch

Among the first things you will notice in a watch is its case. It is important that a watch’s case does not just catch attention with its finish or size, but is also able to withstand all kinds of external pressures. Thankfully, the case of the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H is more than up to the task. With a size of 44mm and a thickness of around 12mm, the round case of this Citizen Promaster model is truly a sight to behold. It has a beautiful brushed finish and is just the right size to fit all sizes of wrists. The addition of the huge crowns and pushers on the right might make the watch look bulky, but the watch rim’s well-balanced measurements make this a neat and easy timepiece to carry around on your wrist.


One interesting detail is that the case of this Citizen Promaster watch is crafted in a unique monocoque or single body format. This is the reason why it does not have a caseback at all. If you ever need to check the inner mechanisms of your watch, you will have to go through the face of the watch, removing the bezel, crystal, hands, and crown before actually gaining access to the movement. This can be quite a hassle for some. However, such a layout also has its benefits, such as increased protection from moisture and dust.

Material and Crown

Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H watch on wrist
Photo by jwerntnl on Citizen’s official website

In terms of durability, you do not have to worry as the whole exterior is made out of stainless steel. It is not just your typical stainless steel either. Citizen makes sure that the exterior of all Promaster Tough models comes with a Duratect™ surface-hardening coating. This provides their watches with greater protection from rust, corrosion, impacts, and scratches. As a result of this, the case, lugs, and crown of all Promaster Tough timepieces are five times harder than usual stainless steel.


In addition, the Duratect™ surface hardening coating also has anti-allergic properties. Even if you choose to wear the watch throughout the day, you would not have any significant allergic reactions that could hurt your overall health, making it a great everyday timepiece. It is no wonder why aficionados continuously rave about this durable and hypoallergenic watch during horological-related conversations.


Protecting the accessible crown at 3 o’clock are the short crown guards. They make this Citizen Promaster Tough watch more waterproof, preventing moisture from infiltrating the delicate core of the watch. Just like the crown, the pushers are large enough to be easily gripped, so wearers would not have any trouble controlling and resetting the watch’s chronograph function.

Water Resistance and Crystal

As a true sports watch, the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H can withstand water pressures of up to 200 metres. While you cannot bring the watch to any extreme diving activities such as scuba diving, it is still good enough for your casual dips to the pool and at the beach. You can even use it while snorkelling and jet skiing, as long as you are cautious not to exceed 200 metres.


Citizen continues to deliver the unexpected by adding a protective sapphire crystal on top of the dial. Often used by luxury brands, this sapphire crystal is highly scratch- and impact-resistant. Furthermore, it has a clear and gorgeous anti-reflective look that adds a visual appeal to the watch’s face. This means you will be able to read time with ease while underwater and take good photos of your watch at any angle without having to worry about the reflection of the light. For an affordable watch like this, having a sapphire crystal is a huge deal. It attests to how Citizen always strives to bring the best to their customers.


dial of Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H watch

Three words to describe the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H’s dial: straightforward, strategic, and rugged. Its dial is in a bluish-grey colour, which serves as a great backdrop to the silver indices and hour and minute hands. Furthermore, the hands and indices are all coated with Super-LumiNova, providing even greater visibility in low-light conditions. Adding variety to the watch, the 3 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock marks are in baton style while the rest of the hour markers are printed in Arabic numeral format. The Breguet-style chronograph minute hand comes in vibrant red colour and glides well around the dial.


While most Promaster Tough models come with time and date-telling functions only, this particular watch is remarkable as it comes with a chronograph function that measures up to 60 minutes. The sub-dials have white texts on black backgrounds and thick silver-toned outlines, which makes them quite easy to read. That said, the large layout of the sub-dials may be overwhelming for some. Adding to its incredible features, this Citizen watch also comes with a medium-sized date display and a 12/24 Hour Time indicator just beside the 9 o’clock position. The railroad-like markings found on the outer part of the dial also serve as a guide in rotating the bezel smoothly.


The Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H uses an analog solar-powered movement called the Calibre B612. It boasts an accuracy rating of -/+15 seconds per month. Typically, watches tend to deviate a couple of seconds daily. So, for a timekeeper to only deviate for a few seconds in a month is definitely an astounding achievement. This goes to show how the Citizen Promaster Tough is one of the most accurate Japanese-made watches to date.


Just like the other recent models by the brand, the movement of the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H is equipped with Eco-Drive technology. Citizen Eco-Drive watches work by gaining power from any available light source, whether solar or artificial. The energy gained will be stored in a built-in power cell, allowing the watch to last for months without any need for battery replacements. Buying the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H reduces the need for disposable batteries, allowing you to protect the earth in a simple but impactful way. You will also be supporting a humble brand that has been passionate about taking innovative green steps for the environment.


case back and bracelet of Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H watch

Matching the case, this Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster watch comes with a 22mm H-link and Duratect™-coated stainless steel bracelet. You can also remove some of the links in order to adjust the fit of this Citizen watch. A double clasp, delicately engraved with Citizen’s signature, is what secures the watch on the wearer’s wrist.

Other Versions of the Citizen Promaster Tough

While the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H is already attractive and lovely, there are other members of the Promaster Tough lineup that also deserve attention. Here are a few more Citizen Promaster Tough models that you should definitely not ignore.

1. Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0727-12E

front view of Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0727-12E watch

For folks who love bold and extraordinary concepts, the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0727-12E will not disappoint. Like the Citizen Promaster Tough CA0720-54H, the watch comes in a 41mm case made out of Duratect™-coated stainless steel. Its bezel also has teeth-like edges and white markings which complement the black hue of the lugs and crown. Similarly, it is also protected by a sapphire crystal and comes with a chronograph feature that can measure up to 1/5 of a second.  In terms of the movement, this Citizen Promaster Tough watch also runs on the Calibre B612 movement. This mechanism is equipped with the Eco-Drive technology, which means it mainly relies on light for power.


The primary differences between the Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H and this model can be found in the dial and strap. Instead of a stainless steel bracelet, the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0727-12E comes with a nylon and polyurethane strap with a stunning green and brown camouflage pattern. Furthermore, the watch also features a striking jet-black dial, as opposed to the muted grey one in the CA0720-54H variation.


All things considered, this Citizen Promaster Tough chronograph is the model to pick if you want a watch that really embodies your outdoorsy spirit. From its size to its bold aesthetics, this edition captures the true meaning of sports watches.

2. Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. BN0211-09X

front view of Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. BN0211-09X watchMany of you will definitely agree that this timepiece is a stunner despite its unusual and calming colours. The Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. BN0211-09X is a time and date-only watch, equipped with the same monocoque case that possesses impressive resistance to shocks and magnetic fields. This Citizen Promaster Tough Green watch bears a flawless green dial that blends well with the baton hour markers and the silver-toned hour, minute, and seconds hands. The brushed finish of the case, lugs, crown, and crown guards also give the watch unparalleled finesse. To balance its sleek look, Citizen added a Cordura® ballistic fabric strap in a military green hue. This gives the watch a commanding appeal that all professional men would surely love.

Price of the Citizen Promaster Tough

As of right now, a Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. CA0720-54H goes for a retail price of around $595 USD. This can vary if you decide to buy from online secondhand markets. Expect to pay a bit more if the watch is unused and in pristine condition. However, if you are leaning towards buying a piece with a lower price, make sure to check if all of its parts are original and still intact. Citizen watches are also a target of fake manufacturers, so you should exercise caution if you are planning to buy from an online store.


If you want to save up some money, there are some other Citizen Promaster Tough models that come at cheaper prices. This is primarily because Citizen has already stopped producing them. As such, your only option is to buy these pieces at cheaper prices from trusted online sites and vintage stores near your area. For instance, the Citizen Promaster Tough Ref. BN0211-09X, which we discussed earlier, only costs around $425 USD. Regardless of which version you want to get, a Citizen Promaster Tough timepiece is robust and versatile enough to last you for a long time. You certainly will not regret the purchase.

Who Should Purchase a Citizen Promaster Tough Watch?

Budding Sports Watch Collectors

It is only right to recommend the Citizen Promaster Tough to someone who wants to start their own sports watch collection. For one, it has a lot of features that all sports watches should have, such as 200-metre water resistance, a sapphire crystal, and luminous hands and indices that allow for great legibility in dim lighting conditions. It also has an attractive appeal and a sophisticated movement, so newbie collectors won’t have to worry about whether it will still look good and perform well in the years to come. Most importantly, the price of the Citizen Promaster Tough is extremely reasonable, especially compared to more revered sports watches like the Patek Philippe Nautilus.

Dedicated Adventure-Seekers

Need we say more? The Citizen Promaster Tough is heavily advertised by the brand as the perfect buddy to all adventures, able to withstand all sorts of harsh environments. With its sturdy yet stylish monocoque case, equipped with a Duratect™ coating, the watch can withstand high levels of shock and magnetism. For a $595 USD watch, this is a big deal, as most brands that can produce such watches are those that fall in the luxury category. This just goes to show how Citizen continues to be on par with the biggest names in the industry in terms of workmanship and the level of dedication and detail.

Those Who Need An Everyday Solid Watch

What is great about the Citizen Promaster Tough is that you do not have to be a sports enthusiast or an athlete to appreciate it. It is an excellent daily timekeeper due to its rugged design, functionality, and resilience. You may not use the chronograph function much in your everyday life but it still comes in handy since you never know what kind of situations you might end up facing.


If you are planning to have a single trusty piece that you can use constantly and would still function well, this hardy model is the best choice. You can easily pair this watch with just your favourite pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt, or even with your diving suit or slacks.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that the Promaster is one of the most reputable collections of the brand. It is adored by thousands of watch lovers across the globe, and the brand was able to make it even better with the Citizen Promaster Tough. With its impeccable quality and incredible robustness, it definitely lives up to its name as a “tough” watch. The brand may have slightly toned down its design, but it still catches attention with its superior performance. Extremely professional in all ways, the Citizen Promaster is the best choice if you are looking for a capable sports watch you can parade around proudly.


Interested in knowing more about Citizen and its other equally admirable products? Make sure to check out our guides on the Citizen Chronomaster, the Citizen NY0040, the Citizen Eco-Drive, as well as the Citizen Bluetooth.

Photos from Citizen’s official website unless noted otherwise

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