Curation Of The Finest Chopard Watches Ever Created

Apr 08, 2019
Curation Of The Finest Chopard Watches Ever Created

The world of watches is filled with all kinds of timepieces from countless brands. While there is a market for each brand in every country, very few names like Chopard watches reach global renown. The number of luxury watch brands that are able to stand out for their quality is even less.


It can easily be said that the world of luxury watches is incomplete without Chopard. This company is responsible for creating some of the most iconic watches ever. The amount of contribution from Chopard in the watchmaking industry is definitely worthy of praise.


It is definitely worth noting that Chopard is also a company that specializes in jewelry. This can give us a very good idea about their ability to bring out fine details and innovation in products. Whether it is Chopard women’s watches or men’s watches, the promise of quality is unbroken since its very beginning.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

If there’s one watch that signifies the connection of Chopard to both fine jewelry and expert watchmaking, it’s this one. The happy diamonds watch is a great example of the devotion that Chopard has to synergize beauty with function.


The watch’s vision derives from the reflection of water droplets, creating a beautiful image. This vision comes alive through the presentation of actual diamonds residing freely in a watch dial. This concept turned into reality in 1976 when the first iteration of happy diamonds came out.


Even though the concept has been reused over the years, the very first model is somewhat special. The case of the watch is 18k pure white gold. The dial itself comes in both solid and clear options. Of all the Chopard woman watches, this is easily the prettiest of all. Several different versions are present for this watch with varying designs.

front view of Chopard Happy Sport Ref. 278509-6004 watch

Chopard Happy Sport

Happy diamonds is a watch that is a representation of pure luxury. Chopard also created a casual version of this watch called the Happy Sport. It is completely different in build while carrying the same concept.


Instead of diamonds freely circling the dial, there are two layers. The diamonds are in a separate layer from the watch itself. This allows the watch to work as intended while the diamonds can move over it as well. The watch has a smaller 30mm dial for women. It comes in a vibrant range of colours. The colour of the dial matches the colour of the leather strap.


The watch is one of the most popular timepieces by Chopard. To celebrate its success, an automatic chronograph has been recently added by the company. The movement has a 42-hour reserve. It is visible from the back as well.

front view of Chopard L.U.C. Ref. 168592-3001 watch

Chopard L.U.C

The number of watches that come under the Chopard L.U.C family is quite big. However, there are a few watches in this series that can easily be counted amongst the best watches ever created. The very first one is the globally famous XP Urushi Goldfish.


This watch is a collaboration of Chopard with legendary Japanese urushi artist Kiichior Masumura. The watch features an exquisite dial featuring a red goldfish under sapphire glass. The case is scratch-resistant and prevents glare as well. The back of the watch is also transparent. All in all, this watch is quite a marvel to look at.


Another prominent watch is the L.U.C 1963 chronograph. It is a tribute to 50 years of the Scheufele family’s leadership. The watch features a certified chronometer that is hand-wound. The watch is a fine example of the excellent craftsmanship of Chopard L.U.C watchmakers.

Other Prominent L.U.C Watches

One of the most iconic watches in the L.U.C collection is the L.U.C 1860. This watch honours Louis-Ulysse Chopard himself. The main attraction here is that this watch uses all the traditional tools that Chopard used to achieve its fame. In addition to that, it also showcases the level of innovation in fitting a highly advanced movement in a tiny dial. While the original L.U.C 1860 is from 1996, a limited edition version also came out in 2016.


The most innovative watch in the Chopard L.U.C series has to be the Triple Certification Tourbillon. This watch has won 3 different quality certifications based on its performance. The watch boasts a superior level of craftsmanship. The result is a magnificent see-through timepiece that is extremely elegant. It has a 216-hour power reserve. Its superior machinery makes it a true Chopard jewel.

front view of Chopard Mille Miglia Ref. 168565-3001 watch

Chopard Mille Miglia

It would be impossible to curate a collection of Chopard watches without including the Mille Miglia watch series. This particular collection has garnered Chopard its outstanding reputation and fame over the years. Based on a very famous race, it is a true classic racing icon.


The iconic tire tread band and the bold watch faces have resulted in some of the most beautiful watches in this series. The value of the series is further enhanced by the fact that president Karl-Friedrich himself participates in the race regularly. The design of the entire series is completely based on racing. There are a few specific versions that stand out.


The most iconic is the racing colour collection. It includes five different dial colours representing different teams. The strap is also made of calfskin leather in this one. It has stitches that match the dial colour. The GTS, with its fuel gauge complication, is also a notable iteration.

A Collection of Legends

It is clear that as soon as Chopard entered the watchmaking business, things took a turn for the better. Chopard watches have brought a lot of innovation to the industry. It is a true sign of their undying devotion to the craft.


The Scheufele family is holding the reigns of this company firmly. There is no doubt that there will be many more amazing watches to come in the near future. We can definitely expect Chopard to continue being a strong presence in the industry. Their influence in the watchmaking industry will always be visible.

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