Top IWC Portofino Watches For Business Attire

Oct 02, 2019
Top IWC Portofino Watches For Business Attire

When it comes to fashionable elegance, the IWC Portofino is one of the top brands that ensures distinctive stylishness even for professionals. This comes despite the perception of declining demand for sophistication.


IWC, however, remains a great devotee in ensuring all its consumers are right and satisfactorily served. With the Portofino collection, the company presents authentic Swiss watches for men and women, all designed with various unique styles. 


Timepieces for both genders are available in this lineup so as to ensure balance and harmony. 


As a result of its contemporary brilliance, IWC Portofino has become the preferred timepiece for many enthusiasts. These include celebrities like Kate Mara and James Van Der Beek.

History Of Portofino Watches

In keeping with their status as globally recognized timepieces, Portofino dress watches have maintained excellent standards since their invention. 


IWC introduced the first Portofino wristwatch in 1984, just after the devastating quartz crisis. The renowned Swiss watch brand introduced the new lineup to distinguish its mechanical creations from other quartz watches.


The first watch model from the collection had a hand-wound movement. Additionally, its small seconds function sat at the 9 o’clock position and its moon-phase display sat at the 3 o’clock position. 


In 1995, IWC designers decided to add some sophistication to their watches. Hence, the brand launched the Romana Perpetual Calendar, which featured a slab-sided case. A decade later, the Schaffhausen watchmaker released another Romana edition. This became one of the thinnest perpetual calendar timepieces ever made.


In the second decade of the 21st century, IWC introduced the Caliber 59210, a recreation of the classic Caliber 5000. The new movement featured in the Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days watch, with a power reserve of up to 192 hours. Six years later, the watch added a new moon phase and a powerful 8-day calibre as well. 


Today, the IWC Portofino collection has around seven different watches, with each having multiple variants for you to choose from. 

Portofino Watch Versions

front view of IWC Portofino Chronograph Ref. IW391036 watch


The Portofino Chronograph selection has up to seven distinct watch versions, with each featuring a classic but sporty dial. Not only that, but each of these models comes with either mesh stainless steel bracelets or alligator leather straps to enhance their cosiness. 


While IWC has numerous watch variations, their pilot’s watch collection is more similar to the Portofino collection. To launch each lineup individually but successfully in the market, IWC designed and made Portofino watches as more of a wrist pocket-watch.


An example of each watch’s distinctness is the IW391021. This watch’s pushbuttons and lugs depict those of a pocket watch from the early 20th century. Most IWC watches are made with contemporary designs so as to showcase their sportiness elegantly and with modernity.


With a brief insight into the renowned IWC Portofino, let’s look at some of the most recognized models from this collection. Although our reviews mainly focus on men’s watches, we highlight one ladies’ watch as well. 

Top IWC Portofino Watches

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Eight Days

front view of IWC Portofino Ref. IW510102 watch


The first IWC Portofino watch had a manually-wound movement, moon-phase display, and a small seconds function at the 9 o’clock position. This watch was remodelled and released in 2011. The difference is that the model has no moon-phase display, and the small seconds now sit at the 6 o’clock position instead.


This stylish and contemporary watch also features a dial with a date display and power reserve indicator. Thus, you can be assured of its reliability for your 21st Century precision demands. 


Amongst the available variants of this vintage timepiece, the IW510104 comes with stunning 5N gold and matching dark brown alligator skin straps. In addition, the golden casing has a 45mm girth. 


One of this watch’s famous wearers is American actor James Van Der Beek, who has been spotted wearing the watch on the red carpet. 

IWC Portofino Hand-Wound Moon Phase

In case you desire a watch with more functions, a complete recreation of the original Portofino watch is available. This watch retains the original’s classic design and has a 45mm case, in either gold or stainless steel.


Meanwhile, the remodelled 2008 Portofino features the small seconds function at the 6 o’clock position and the moon phase display at 12. 


For those who value intricate and exceptional elegance, the Portofino Hand-Wound Moon Phase watch offers a combination of both, as exemplified by the golden IW516403.

IWC Portofino Automatic 37

front view of IWC Portofino Ref. IW458102 watch


In this lineup, all watches are female-oriented. Nevertheless, several of the models carry a masculine design.


The famous actress Kate Mara is a notable wearer of the Portofino IW458102. On the other hand, American model Emily Ratajkowski has famously sported the 5N Gold model.


Although the two watches mentioned feature a radiant 12 diamonds on the dial, their overall design is more masculine. On the IW458102, the 37mm watch features a slate-coloured sunburst dial and black alligator skin straps. These two features are usually very common with men’s timepieces due to their modest splendour and flexibility. 

IWC Portofino Chronograph

front view of IWC Portofino Ref. IW391031 watch


Fans of sports watches will be glad to know that IWC Portofino Chronographs are notable for their exceptional vintage-inspired designs. These models feature an exact replica of the olden chronograph pocket watches but with contemporary styling, so as not to appear old-fashioned. 


Currently, this watch is available in seven distinct variants.  All use the calibre 75320 self-winding movement, which reserves power for up to 44 hours. Among the different models, the IW391031 features a professional silvered dial with 5N gold hands. This comes alongside a combination of appliqued Roman numerals and stick indexes. 

IWC Le Petit Prince IW377714

front view of IWC Pilot Ref. IW377714 watch


It is believed that this watch’s design was based on The Little Prince, one of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s most famous works.


On its luminesced blue sunburst dial, this watch has a day-date window at the 3 o’clock position and three guilloche sub-dials for the stopwatch function. Inside its 43mm case, the watch houses a calibre 79320 which has a frequency of 4Hz and provides a 44-hour power reserve. 


With its brown and blue colour combinations, the IW377714 fits greatly with your professional and casual outfits. In addition, it is a remarkable timepiece for a versatile lifestyle.

IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar IW397202

The Portugieser watch collection is a favourite of many watch enthusiasts. These include world celebrities like Bradley Cooper and Daniel Kaluuya. In fact, the famed Get Out actor was featured at the 2018’s Oscars red carpet wearing the golden Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Reference IW397202. 


On its 5N gold case, this ultra-luxurious timepiece features a grey sunburst dial with two chronograph counters and a perpetual month and date display. Additionally, it features glossy dark brown alligator skin straps and a case girth of 45mm. Thus, it is an excellent wristwatch to have in one’s watch box.


Well, there you have it. These are the various novelties from IWC that you need to for an outstanding collection. In case you’re still on the fence wondering what to order, check out the following for a closer insight into Portofino watches:


  • Authenticity: IWC designs the Portofino watches with long-established Swiss watchmaking expertise. Thus, their watches are genuine and reliable for your daily needs.
  • Flexible: With a classic look, the Portofino watches are flexible when it comes to both business formal and casual dress codes.
  • Vintage-inspired: The modern Portofino watches carry on the design of the brand’s past timepieces for a sharp vintage look. 
  • Reliable: Portofino watches can last many generations, thanks to the high-quality materials used for their casing and movements. All IWC timepieces have either a meshed stainless steel bracelet or tough straps from the company’s partnership with the renowned Santoni leather brand. 


To get an original and attractive dress watch that makes you stand out, have a look at the different Portofino watches homepage and select your favourite design. Being certified collections, all IWC watches are genuine and are reliable for your precision and grandeur desires.


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