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Bremont is a luxury watch brand that offers high-precision mechanical timepieces designed and manufactured in Britain.

When Nick & Giles founded Bremont in 2002, their ultimate aim was to bring back the great watchmaking heritage of Great Britain. Within a short span, Bremont has turned into one of most influential British watch brands. Moreover, it is a leading manufacturer of automatic chronometers in the world.

The award-winning brand has been known for its affinity to aviation, military, British engineering and adventure. Bremont also played a tremendous role in reinvigorating the country’s highly acclaimed watchmaking traditions.

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Truly respecting British watchmaking heritage, all Bremont watches are designed, developed and manufactured in Britain by well-trained professionals, talented craftsmen and master watchmakers. The product portfolio of the well-established brand is comprised of well-built and mutinously finished automatic timepieces dedicated to military and civilian users.


Its major watch collections are Altitude, Supermarine, Motorsports, Armed Forces and Time Capsule. Each of them has its own source of inspiration and features. Bremont also creates various timepieces in partnership with legendary British companies, organizations and teams. Presently, its key partners are Jaguar, MARTIN-BAKER, Williams Racing, Rolls Royce and British Airways.


The Bremont Military division produces custom-made mechanical wristwatches for military pilots all over the world. 


History of Bremont watches


Bremont was co-founded by brothers Nick & Giles English in 2002.


The founders of the brand have been intimately associated with the world of aviation since their childhood. Their father Dr. Euan English was an ex-RAF pilot with a PHD in Aeronautical Engineering. Moreover, Nick and Giles are proficient pilots.


During one of their flying adventures in the late 1990s, their vintage-era aircraft made an emergency landing at a location in France. At that place they met a farmer named Antoine Bremont, who wholeheartedly helped them during their stay in the French region. When the brothers founded their own watch brand in 2002, they adopted his name.


In Feb 2009, Bremont launched MBI watch in collaboration with its partner MARTIN-BAKER. In 2010, it formed a partnership with the iconic car manufacturer Jaguar. This partnership paved the way for a new watch series inspired by Motorsports.


Presently the company has a massive Manufacturing & Technology Centre in Henley-on-Thames in Britain. In 2021, the brand won ‘Made in the UK’ award at the Walpole British Luxury Awards.


Bremont Watch Collections


(1) Bremont Altitude


This comprehensive collection proudly reflects the brand’s enduring passion for flying. Altitude series offers an outstanding collection of wrist watches designed for aviators. The notable models are ALT1, SOLO, AIRCO, MARTIN-BAKER (“MB”) and U-2. Most of timepieces are made of stainless steel.


Bremont Altitude ALT1 is an exceptional series of automatic pilot chronographs. It offers various iterations like ALT1-P2, ALT1-ZT, ALT1-WT, ALT1-B and ALT1-C. Each variant has its own design features and functionalities. The variants like ALT1-WT combine chronograph and world time functions.


SOLO is a series of automatic watches spotlighting popular three-hand with date dial lay out. It is available in 34mm, 37mm and 43mm case sizes. This range also offers chronometer-certified models. The AIRCO range of self-winding pilot models created as an appropriate tribute to a historic British aircraft manufacturer. They feature 40mm diameter cases with a large crown at 3 o’ clock.


The MB series of watches are born from the partnership between Bremont and Martin-Baker, the British manufacturer of ejection seats of fighter jets and other aviation safety equipment. This collection is comprised of three ranges: MBI, MBII and MBIII. These automatic watches feature 43mm diameter cases with a twin-crown design. The Altitude U-2 shares the similar case size and design.


(2) Bremont Supermarine


This collection offers well-built diving watches that inspired by the world of aviation. The series adopts its name from Supermarine Aviation Works, the legendary British aircraft manufacturer. It is comprised of notable creations like S300, S301, S302, S500, S501, S2000, Supermarine Chronograph and the Special Edition Bremont Project Possible.


All timepieces from this series are equipped with automatic calibers. In this series, S300, S301 and S302 feature 40mm diameter case with a water resistance of 300 meters. Professional diving models such as S500 and S501 come with 43mm diameter cases. They resistant up to 500 meters under water. Dressed in a massive 45mm diameter case, the Bremont Supermarine S2000 has an incredible depth rating of 2,000 meters. All these models are made of stainless steel. The Bremont Project Possible Edition features a titanium case with 43mm diameter. 


(3) Bremont Motorsport


As its name indicates, this is motor racing inspired series. It is comprised of exceptional automatic motorsports watches created in collaboration with the iconic British vehicle manufactures like Jaguar and Norton. It includes date versions and chronographs. For example, Bremont Jaguar MKI and MK2 are three-hand models with a date display at 6 o’ clock, where as MKIII is a chronograph.


In collaboration with the Norton Motorcycle Company, Bremont created V4SS and V4 chronograph watches. The other noteworthy chronographs from the Motorsport range are Jaguar D-Type and E-Type. All timepieces from the collection feature 43mm diameter Stainless steel cases fortified with the Bremont Trip-Tick® construction. 


(4) Bremont Armed Forces


This extraordinary collection was born from the brand’s partnership with Britain’s Ministry of Defence. Approved by this significant affiliation, Bremont legally use signs, symbols and Heraldic Badges of British Armed Forces. Inspired by the original ‘Dirty Dozen’ watches of the Second World War era, these timepieces proudly carry the British Military DNA. All of them feature HMAF inscription on the dial.


This series is comprised of watches like Arrow, Argonaut and Broadsword. Among these, Arrow is a single-pusher chronograph equipped with a chronometer-grade automatic movement. It is available with a 42mm diameter stainless steel case and offers 100m water resistance.


Argonaut is a military dive watch. Equipped with a self-winding chronometer caliber, this 42mm model has a water resistance of 300 meters. Made of stainless steel, it boasts the iconic twin-crown design. Broadsword is a modern take on the legendary dirty dozen watches. Its features a 40mm diameter case and inside beats an automatic chronometer movement. This timepiece is available in hardened stainless steel, CuSn8 Bronze or Black DLC treated steel versions. 


(5) Bremont Time Capsule


Time Capsule represents a series of limited edition watches like Longitude, Hawking, H-4 Hercules, Hawking Quantum, Wright Flyer, DH-88, 1918, Codebreaker, Victory, P-51, EP-120 and Supersonic. It traditionally contains various models featuring stainless steel, rose gold or white gold cases. Available in extremely limited numbers, each timepiece from this series is uniquely different.


The Time Capsule range pays tribute to the country’s historical achievements, iconic creations from the past, respected personalities and the legendary British flying machines. The case size of watches are available in 40mm, 41mm or 43mm versions.



Bremont is one of the most successful modern watch brands in the world. In addition to its respection for British watch making heritage, the brand maintains strong ties with aviation, military and sports.


Apart from being “British Made”, its timepieces come with various innovations and superb technical features. Bremont is an ambitious company. It has already succeeded to acquire the technology and legal rights to manufacture in-house movements in large scaled in its UK production facility.


Bremont offers harder and more scratch-resistant timepieces in comparison with other brands. Majority of them are made of 316L stainless steel, the material known for its ruggedness, reliability and corrosion resistance. It utilizes a proprietary technology for making the watch cases hard and scratch-proof. Bremont also creates timepieces using materials like titanium and 18-carat gold.


The sapphire crystal of each wristwatch features nine layers of antireflection coatings on both sides for ensuring better visibility. All timepieces from the brand comply with vigorous testing procedures.


Some of the brand’s innovations are restricted to certain models. For example, the Roto-Click® bezel technology has been used with limited number of watches like U-2. Similarly, some Bremont timepieces feature Faraday Cage to protect its inner mechanisms from strong magnetic fields. Most timepieces from the brand feature Trip-Tick® case construction and Anti-shock system.


Bremont is prominently a luxury tool watch brand and its creations are mainly dedicated to men. For the same reason, its wristwatches are masculine and bold-sized. The widely used case sizes in men models are 40mm, 41mm, 43mm and 45mm. For women, it offers two models from the Altitude collection: SOLO 34 and SOLO 37.


Bremont watches are available with impressive water resistance ratings, typically ranging from 100m to an incredible 2,000 meters.


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