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Girard-Perregaux is one of the highly renowned Swiss watch manufacturers headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds city of Switzerland. Ever since its inception in the year 1791, Girard Perregaux has been very consistent in seeking perfection in watchmaking. The brand stands high for manufacturing top quality luxury watches which perfectly reflect an impeccable blend of technical and aesthetic aspects. Girard Perregaux effectively covers every facet of watchmaking ranging from designing to manufacturing. Its inventory comprises of numerous luxury watches that are powered by high-performance in-house watch movements.

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History of Girard Perregaux Watches

Girard-Perregaux is a prestigious Swiss-based watch manufacturing conglomerate. Founded in the year 1791, the brand has successfully traversed a long journey of 227 years in the business of watch manufacturing. It holds a legacy in expertise and innovation which has made its establishment firm till date. Girard-Perregaux consists of a diverse and rich history with its origins tracing back to Geneva. The foundations of Girard-Perregaux were laid by the Geneva watchmaker and jeweler, Jean-François Bautte. At a very tender age of nineteen, he entered into the business of watchmaking. He was the person who bought together all the watchmaking facets of that time under one roof. He was also the visionary behind the creation of ultra thin watches. But unfortunately, Jean-Francois Bautte didn't have any successor to head the company after his retirement, so it led to emergence with another famous watch manufacturer, Constant Girard. Thereafter the reins of the company were passed to Constant. In 1854, Constant Girard married Marie Perregaux and from their union, the company finally acquired the name that we all know today, Girard-Perregaux.

Within a short period of time, Constant was able to achievea worldwide recognition for his brand. In 1867, he debuted an amazing watch, Tourbillon, which acted as a catalyst in boosting the company's growth. Tourbillon was a real art that added the tweaks in the watchmaking industry. This stunning pocket watch enhanced the achievement of the brand and was additionally counted among the most desired mechanical watches of that time.

Moving on to the year 1966, this year bought a substantial growth in the making of Girard-Perregaux, as during this period it launched its first high-frequency mechanical movement which supported a frequency of 32,768 Hertz. Watches fitted with this Girard Perregaux movement demonstrated excellent performance, considering which later in the year 1967, Neuchatel Observatory made it a benchmark for all the watch manufacturers. Not to sit back, Girard-Perregaux hit the market again with quartz wristwatches in 1970. It was one of a kind watches that was ever produced in Switzerland. It offered an exceptional frequency of 32,768 Hz which is still regarded as the standard for quartz watches. Even after Swiss watch industry's economic crisis in the 1970s and 1980s, Girard-Perregaux remained intact and rose up even stronger than before. Even after witnessing a lot of ups and downs in its journey, the company stayed determined and continued with its production of high-quality Girard-Perregaux watches.

Girard-Perregaux's inventory comprises of a variety of timepieces, ranging from sturdy and trendy Hawks to fanatically-traditional 1966s, along with innovative Haute horology and of course, the exquisitely designed ladies watch series. So, let's have a look at few of the most desired Girard Perregaux watch collections:

Girard Perregaux 1966
The Girard Perregaux 1966 collection is a testimonial to 1966 era. This watch collection was the result of the brand's quest for innovation. Encapsulating automatic winding movements in an elegant, extra-thin case this Girard-Perregaux watch collection is worth admiration. The GP 1966 watch collection houses various models, carrying minimal to maximal features. One such masterpiece from this collection is Girard-Perregaux 1966 Chronograph. This Girard Perregaux watch may appear formal but it is actually a sports watch. Owing to the fact that its dial is embedded with a tachymeter scale for measuring the speed of objects, the chronograph watch is traditionally very simple.

Girard Perregaux Hawk
As the name suggests, GP Hawk series is the brand's most hawkish and trendy looking timepiece. It is housed in a 44mm case and has a surprisingly clean twin-register dial. The Hawk collection mainly comprises of chronograph and dive watches. Two main watches from this Girard-Perregaux Hawk line are - the Sea Hawk and the entirely new Chrono Hawk. The addition of Sea Hawk to its dive series has been the brand’s most wonderful accomplishment. It sports a tough design with being water resistant up to 1000 meters of depth. Even its dial work is more sophisticated than other divers watches. Featuring a power reserve, date and seconds subdial along with unidirectional rotating bezels, it exhibits a bold look. Similar to Chrono-Hawk, the Sea-Hawk is also available in an all-ceramic design. The Ceramic watch models have an impressive water resistant figures of 1000 meters. The Sea Hawk watch is very subtle and has a superbly detailed finishing which makes it a perfect diver watch.

Needless to say, Girard Perregaux has effectively and quickly garnered the attention of all the watch enthusiasts around the world. Since last two centuries, the brand has left no stones unturned to add innovations to its work. By adhering to its obsession for achieving quality and reliability in its products, Girard-Perregaux has been able to distinguish itself from its other competitors. Girard Perregaux is a jewel in the industry of watchmaking. It is a pioneer in producing the highest quality watches with elegant designs.

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