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Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive Watches

Incepted in the year 1960, the Grand Seiko is a renowned name in the history of watch manufacturing. It is an innovative brand that specializes in manufacturing complicated and unique watch movements. While Grand Seiko mechanical cum electronic watch movement, the spring drive is widely appraised by the watch admirers.

The high precision and interrupted performance that the Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch movements offer is really very exceptional. Apart from this, the beauty and elegance that the Grand Seiko watches offer are far more superior than the other brand watches in the luxury segment.

New Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive Watches

History of Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive Watches

The quest to excel and accomplish something extraordinary led to the inception of the innovative brand, the Grand Seiko. The Grand Seiko is so highly held that today every avid watch lover craves to don its timepieces. Established in the year 1960, from its very initial days the Grand Seiko has been involved in creating the innovative and highly sophisticated automatic and quartz watches. Ever since the Grand Seiko watches have been synonymous to high precision, robustness, and comfort. While moving on its path of advancements Grand Seiko kept on introducing new functionalities and features. It kept on evolving and improving constantly. From being headquartered in the prefecture of Japan the brand grew to spread across the worldwide regions. It soon garnered the attention of watch enthusiasts from all across the world.

Moving ahead on its journey of watch manufacturing, the Grand Seiko holds a lot of influential and mesmerizing things under its hood. It has been home to the number of exquisite and unique watch models. Moreover, Grand Seiko Spring Drive Movement has been an important milestone in its journey. It is one of the greatest achievements of the brand. The debut of this movement changed the fate of the brand. After launching this the Grand Seiko acclaimed for a top position in the luxury watch manufacturing segment. It became more popular and even a more desired watch brand. The launch of spring drive movement was so wide hit that other brands considered the Grand Seiko's inventions as an exemplary model for their future developments. And this all was possible due to the creation of an exceptional Grand Seiko Spring Drive movement. Furthermore, to gain a better insight on this revolutionary movement let’s learn about it in detail.

The Grand Seiko Spring Drive
Unlike, to Swiss watch manufacturing the Japanese watch company, the Grand Seiko bore a very different view. It shaped its watch design aesthetics and functions based on the core essences of engineering. And this was all that made it a very different brand.

In a bid to come to achieve the high precisions of mechanical watches, the Seiko made use of best possible resources. Although, in their search, the Seiko team was not limited by any means or sources. Utilizing the core competencies of both the movements the brand came up with a solution of blending the properties of both the quartz and mechanical movement. And this is how the Spring Drive movement was born. Surprisingly, the Grand Seiko spring drive movement skilfully combines the looks and feels of a mechanical movement with the precisions of a quartz watch.

Functioning Of Seiko Spring Drive Movement
Similar to the other mechanical watches, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive is powered by a mainspring. Hence, it does not require any external source like batteries to supply power. Changes in the positions of the crown and the movements of wrists lead to the storage of energy inside the Grand Seiko spring drive watch.

This stored energy is transferred to the gears which in return unwind the spring and cause the movement of the watch hands. Thereby taking the benefit from high level of torque created by the mainspring, the caliber requires no external source of power to operate. Also, this electronic mechanism leads to a reduction in collision among the components.

Moreover, with this, the regulation of speed occurs without halting the rotation. And as a result of this, the seconds’ hand take a swift glide. Making it possible for a Grand Seiko spring drive watch to incorporate both the long hands and the high precision at the same time.

Although, there are number of timepieces available under the Grand Seiko Spring Drive mechanism that bear different styles and functions, through this article, we will be going to learn about the two popular models:
So, here we go...

The Grand Seiko GMT SBGE245
The Grand Seiko GMT SBGE245 is a limited edition model and is only available in the Seiko’s flagship salons and Premium Boutiques located in Japan. Belonging to the series of sports watches this watch features a very rigid and durable exterior design. Whereas to accompany you on your underwater expeditions these Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches offer an excellent water resistivity up to 20 bars of depth. Although the most fascinating thing about this Grand Seiko watch is - it simultaneously displays the time in three different zones due to the presence of rotating bezel with the 24-hour cipher. Furthermore, the dial of the Grand Seiko Spring Drive watch is embedded with a power reserve indicator and features a red-hued dial with delicate sunburst finish. Overall, the color contrasts and different detailed features lend a watch a very adventurous look.

Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211
The Grand Seiko SBGA211 or popularly referred to as Grand Seiko Snowflake, powered by a Spring drive movement is highly demanded among the watch enthusiasts. Together all this Grand Seiko Spring drive watch exhibits a very sober and subtle look. The finely textured dial resembling fresh snow, full titanium body, scratch resistant finish are all the hallmarks of this Snowflake watch. The Grand Seiko watch also has a 72-hour (3-day long) power reserve. Moreover, its feathery weight and swiftly gliding blue steel second hand make the Grand Seiko watch worth applauding.

So pick your best Grand Seiko Spring drive watch and add them to your bucket list.

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