Maserati Watches

Maserati is one of the most iconic luxury vehicle manufacturers. A Global Ambassador to Italian excellence, it has been world-renowned for its high-performance luxury sports cars and grand tourers. Maserati timepiece brand was born from a partnership between the Bologna based automobile maker and Morellato Group, the business conglomerate specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and distribution of watches and jewellery. Maserati watch brand offers four flagship ranges: Classic, Design, Lifestyle and Sport.

Maserati watches have been known for their exceptional design features inspired by the Italian vehicle company's cars from both past and present. The brand’s popular wristwatch models are AQUA EDITION, ATTRAZIONE, CIRCUITO, COMPETIZIONE, EPOCA, ELEGANZA, GENTLEMAN, GT, LEGEND, POTENZA, RICORDO, and SFIDA, STILE, SUCCESSO, TRADIZIONE, TRAGUARDO, TRICONIC and TRIMARANO.

New Maserati Watches

Although Maserati Cars belong to hyper luxury segment, the watches bearing its name are placed in the affordable range. As on date, the brand’s all four flagship collections are primarily dedicated to men. It typically consists of various three hand (with or without the date) models, chronographs and even yacht timers. The brand also offers motor-racing inspired fashion watches for women.


Depending upon the version, each timepiece comes equipped with an automatic or quartz movement. 


Known for its iconic Trident logo, Maserati proudly boasts its Italian roots. Its vehicles incorporate highest excellence in the automobile manufacturing, cutting-edge design and mechanical precision.


History of Maserati Watches


Maserati was founded by the Maserati brothers (Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Ettore, and Ernesto) on 1 December 1914 in Bologna, Italy. Since 1940, the iconic automobile company has been based in Modena. It has gradually grown into a prestigious car marque with admirers from all over the world. Presently, Maserati brand belongs to Stellantis N.V., a newly-formed automating company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Maserati also offers luxury accessories and lifestyle products. It has joined hands with Morellato Group for launching timepieces. Founded by Giulio Morellato in 1930, Italian company Morellato designs and manufactures jewellery and wristwatches. In addition to its own trademarks, the Italian watch and jewellery business giant manufactures timepieces for other brands under license.


Presently, Morellato Group group’s licensed watch brands are Maserati, Trussardi and Chiara Ferragni.


Maserati Watch Collections


As on date, Maserati watch brand typically offers an impressive selection of fashion/designer wristwatches. They usually reflect various design themes, ranging from classic to sporty. Motorsports is the principal theme that is used to highlight these impeccable timekeepers. The renowned Italian style is visible across all models. Based on the design ethos, the brand has categorized its wristwatches under four core groups: Classic, Design, Lifestyle and Sport.

(1) Maserati Classic Watches


Maserati Classic is a men’s wristwatch collection inspired by the Italian luxury vehicle brand’s unique heritage. It draws its inspiration from the forms and designs of historic Maserati cars. Blending the vintage/retro aesthetic themes from the glorious past with modern details, these timepieces highlight a classic elegance outlook. Highlighting a curved dial and round case, the Classic models features automatic or quartz movements. The notable timepieces from this remarkable series are EPOCA, ELEGANZA, LEGEND and RICORDO.


(2) Maserati Design Watches


The Maserati Design series offers daring, stylish and vigorous timepieces inspired by the modern cars from the revered Italian company. This outstanding collection is prominently design-oriented. Just like the contemporary Maserati luxury sports-cars, these timepieces typically incorporate aerodynamic profiles, exclusive features and cutting-edged details. These design-inspirations are instantly visible from the dial details, unique case design and strap styles. All wristwatches in this series proudly reflect the pioneering spirit of the luxury vehicle brand. The key model from the collection is STILE.


(3) Maserati Lifestyle Watches


As the name suggests, this remarkable range is inspired by the distinctive style and luxurious details of Maserati’s iconic cars. These round-case watches combine versatility with striking design features. Boasting sport-chic or elegant styles, they are capable of rapidly adapting its owner’s lifestyle. The significant models from this collection are GENTLEMAN, COMPETIZIONE and SUCCESSO.


(4) Maserati Sport watches


This wristwatch series is ideally suitable for those who with a passion for adventurous-filled lifestyle. Maserati Sport is prominently a collection of sportier and daring timepieces inspired by the superb engineering details of globally admired Maserati sports cars. The elements of these masculine wristwatches evoke the fascinating world of motorsports racing. The prominent models in this splendid collection are TRAGUARDO, SFIDA and GT.




All Maserati timepieces are meticulously manufactured in Italy by Morellato Group, a leading brand in the global watchmaking sector. Proudly displaying the iconic Trident logo on the dial, they naturally evoke the deep-rooted principles of the prestigious car label. These superb timekeepers show an inclination towards the motorsports world.


Made of stainless steel, they are available with different sizes, shapes and finishes. Usually, the case sizes range from 40mm to 49mm for men and from 35mm to 40mm for women. Boasting a well-built and robust design, the watches are available in silver, dual-tone, gold-toned and PVD coated versions.


Majority of Maserati watches equip with quartz movements. The brand in addition offers a few automatic watches specially designed for motorsports fans with an ardent passion for traditionally crafted lifestyle accessories. The calibers driving these timekeepers are generally sourced from reputed companies from Japan and Switzerland. Some of the automatic watches display open-worked dials offering a glance on horological mechanisms. The self-winding mechanical models fitted with transparent case backs for providing a spectacular movement view from the rear side of the watch.


The brand offers exceptional chronographs versions of Circuito, Corsa, Successo, Ricardo, Royale, Sfida, Stile, Attrazione, Traguardo, Epoca, Tradizione, Tridente, Meccanica, GT, Gentleman, Legend, Triconic and Aqua Edition. Typically equipped with quartz movements, they feature tri-compax or bi-compax dial layouts. Maserati also offer a few GMT watches from its extensive collection.


The dial side is properly protected by a mineral glass or sapphire crystal. The water resistance rating varies depends upon the model, ranging from 30 meters to 100 meters. Depending upon the model, Maserati watches come with graduated, plain or fluted bezels. Fashionable and bold, Maserati timepieces are available with various strap choices: steel, leather and mesh.


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