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At the center of watchmaking, Parmigiani Fleurier has proved artistry is not about extensive research but just looking around us. The Luxury watches manufacturer debuted in 1996 in Fleurier, Switzerland through the efforts of Michel Parmigiani. With the two decades of operation, the Swiss watchmaker possesses unmatched innovations, expertise, and creativity driven by excellence. In one of its greatest achievement, Parmigiani partnered with Bugatti and created one of its most iconic series, Bugatti 370.

Inspired by the exotic Bugatti Veyron, the manually-wound timepiece has a movement that resembles an engine block. An upgrade of the watch, Bugatti 390, has also been introduced with technical advances whose some patents have not been confirmed yet.

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The History of Parmigiani Fleurier Watches

“If you learn to look, art will always reveal itself”. This is the inspiration that has been guiding Parmigiani Fleurier Watch Company since its debut in 1996. Based in Fleurier, Switzerland, the watch manufacturer was officially introduced by Michel Parmigiani who was already in the watchmaking industry since 1976. At the time, his role in the industry was restoring the antique traditional timepieces that he feared might become extinct following the Quartz crisis (1970s). Through the restoration process, Michel began aspiring to have his own workshop that he’ll execute his dreams in the art of traditional watchmaking.

Through the inspiration of Sandoz Family Foundation, Michel Parmigiani established the Parmigiani Fleurier Company which borrows its name from its creator and area of birth. With the desires to maintain supreme craftsmanship, the newly-born brand introduced its first wristwatch, the Toric QP Retrograde, which comes with an alternating bezel. This has become one of the aesthetic hallmarks of the brand with series like Toric hemispheres Retrograde which combines the art with the world of travel.

In 2000, Sandoz Family Foundation acquired a high-end case producing workshop which it came to name Les Artisans Boîtiers. This was a remarkable opportunity for Parmigiani Company as with their complex cases it was able to meet the authentic quality criteria it desired. In the year that followed, the watchmaker decided to expand its production in order to enhance its originality and production. Atokalpa, the acquired firm, was a manufacturer of watch components such as pinion, trains, and micro-gears. By 2005, Parmigiani was already creating some components of the internal movement such as balance wheel and balance-spring, escapement wheel, and pallet fork.

In 2003, a sub-branch of Parmigiani Fleurier was created to help the parent firm in the engineering. The firm primarily specializes in the creation of hi-tech movements that Parmigiani uses on its watches. This was a really great breakthrough for the watchmaker as it also paved the way for the greatest achievement that followed.

It was in 2004 and backing from its inspirational slogan of borrowing art from what you see, the Swiss company became partners with Bugatti. The watchmaker had noted the magnitude the exotic cars were gaining followers with, thus, thought of bringing that luxury on the wrist. After their successful partnership, Parmigiani unveiled the Bugatti 370, one of its bestsellers that’s iconic up of today. Unlike other watches which are usually rounded or squared, the new watch collection features a horizontal alignment and in a tubular formation. The distinctive design showcased the ingenuity and independence of Parmigiani watches that even defy limits and explore extensively without fear. In 2010, a new series of Bugatti Super Sport was introduced and like its predecessor, the watch illustrated the vast creativeness of its makers.

In 2005, Parmigiani Fleurier was now a complete watchmaking company following the establishment of Quadrance Et Habillage firm for making dials. Through the help of its masterly watchmakers, the firm has been creating diverse dials which ensure each watch series of the brand has a distinctive face. Some of the ways Quadrance Et Habillage have been differentiating these dials include épargnage, engraving, Guilloché work, and galvanoplasty.

Already producing its watches in-house entirely, Parmigiani Fleurier now remained with the perfection of its timepieces to ensure its users are served optimally and satisfactorily. In 2008, the watchmaker introduced Tonda 42 Tourbillon which has a 30-second tourbillon feature to reinforce the watch’s accuracy. Since its debut, Parmigiani was primarily focused on men but in 2008, the brand was able to connect with women using Kalparisma Nova Galaxy watch. Comprised of the sparkling brilliance they all admire, the watch features a starlit sky dial with striking feminine symbolism like the sparkling diamonds.

During the 60th birthday of Parmigiani Fleurier’s founder, Michel Parmigiani, the brand introduced Tonda 1950 which features an ultra-slim design. At the time it was in 2011. 4 years later, in 2015, a tourbillon model running with the same movement- Tonda 1950 caliber, was introduced. Due to its ultra-slim makeup like that of its inspirer, the Tonda 1950 Tourbillon became one of the thinnest flying tourbillons globally. In 2017, a stainless steel version of the original Tonda 1950 was launched and at affordable prices for the men looking for modish classic elegance.

In 2016, Parmigiani Company was to celebrate its 20th birthday since its introduction in ’96. To mark the occasion with distinct brilliance, the Swiss watchmaker unveiled Tonda Chronor Anniversaire which features a design that not many brands can achieve. Featuring a manually-would gold chronograph movement, the timepiece was introduced to honor the tradition of the chronograph.

At the same year during SIHH 2016, Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène was unveiled to present the “astronomical” ladies with remarkable brilliance on their flair. On its mother of pearl dial, the watch has a lotus flower that blooms at every night when the moon rises. This is borrowed from some traditions where a follower symbolizes the female gait where every woman’s step is noted to produce a lotus flower.

Following the success attached to the collection of Bugatti watches, Parmigiani Fleurier Watch Company has invested in the lineup extensively. In 2017, Bugatti 390 was introduced to the public with its contemporary architecture that will definitely remain unrivaled for centuries. The watch has around 4 patents which are still not yet confirmed, an advancement that has proved Parmigiani’s devotion in artistic watchmaking.

Well, which is your favorite? Are you the man of exotic Bugatti or the blooming moonlight lotus flower? Share with us at the comment box on our blog page as you learn more of the prestigious Parmigiani watches.

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