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These years more luxury fashion brands are actively getting involved in the watch market. Several of them not just engrave their names on some average timepieces, but also put actual effort in producing quality watches. And Gianni Versace S.r.l., also known as “Versace”, is a notable one amongst them. 

As one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world, Versace has already achieved incredible success in the area of luxury clothing and jewelry. This legendary fashion brand is also experienced in the field of designer watches as well. Having launched its first watch collections since 1998, Versace watches have already been well recognised for its distinctive Italian design and satisfying quality.

New Versace Watches

History of Versace Watches


Even if you are not really keeping up with the fashion world, you may know about the top fashion brand Versace. Every year you can see its newest collections in major international fashion shows and also their presence spotted on countless Hollywood celebrities and sports stars. Because of such huge fame on luxury apparel, you may have missed their designer watches that are worth your attention. Now let’s take a closer look at how the well-esteemed brand developed and produced their watches.


The brand was initially established under the name of its founder, Gianni Versace in 1978 in Milan Italy. Gianni Versace was a young and independent designer working with a few Milanese fashion brands including Callaghan, Genny and Complice. After the initial success of his first collections, he opened his own business in Milan’s Via Della Spiga and started to make his own apparels from designing to retailing. 


For almost 20 years, the company had grown constantly and smoothly occupied a main seat in the high fashion market. However, it then suffered a serious setback when the founder Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997. After his death, his sister Donatella and brother Santo took over the company and continued the success and will of Gianni Versace. 


Donatella Versace and Santo Versace didn’t only manage to survive but also further took it to a whole new level. With Donstella’s splendid leadership and deep bonds with top celebrities such as Madonna or Jennifer Lopez, the brand has gained a worldwide reputation and became a favorite amongst high society.

Grounded with such solid success and status, Versace began to diversify its business and enlarge its market share. One of its most significant moves was the creation of the Versace watch. In 1998, the brand introduced its first series of timepieces. 


If we compare Versace to other older luxury brands or well-known watchmaking brands, such as Bulguri, Tissot or Cartier, the legacy and history of Versace watches is definetely pretty short. But the brand actually houses a number of impressive watches which are not just mere timekeeping toola but appealing accessories to reveal the wearer’s personality and attractiveness.


The release of the first Versace watch has turned out to be a massive success in no time in the world market. Stylish, daring and at the same time high in quality, the Versace watches are considered as a must-have accessory for fashion lovers who are also seeking for a practical watch.


Popular Versace Watches

Up to date, Versace has already expanded its wristwatch business into a versatile house that is holding a wide array of timepieces. Carrying the brand core style and daring look, each watch collection is presented with its own purpose and uniqueness. Currently, there are over a dozen collections with different styles that you can choose from. Let’s explore some of the most popular models!


Versace Khai


The word “Khai” usually refers to “majesty” and “greatness” in several cultures. So we could expect the watches under the name should be more premium and crafted with similar scale as implied. These Versace Khai watches are now available in mainly 6 different versions such as a silver version, a black dial, IP gold plated version, two-tone dials, etc.. To fit well with the name, there is a premium model which features an eye-catching bezel engraved with 66 sparkling jewels. 

The Versace Khai models are mostly in unisex size of 38 mm that both men and women can enjoy. Equipped with a reliable Swiss quartz movement, these Versace watches are all capable of offering you with both magnificence in style and reliability to stand you out at parties.

Versace Vanity

Standing together with Versace Khai Collection, Vanity is the women's version of the majestic Versace watch. Exclusively created for the ladies, this collection consists of all feminine elements that the brand can get. Elegant and timeless, the Versace Vanity timepieces are all crafted with the brand’s most exquisite craftsmanship, making them a great pick for both formal and casual.


Versace V-Ray


It is often said that if you want to see whether the watch of a brand is really worth owning, you should check out their sports watches. In this way, Versace V-Ray is one of the Versace’s best sports watches that you should take a deeper look at. These Versace V-Ray watches for men are designed in a celebration of sportsmanship, while specializing in chronograph watches. 

Bearing a big brand name, handsome build and a quality you can be contented with, the Versace V Ray watch is no doubt to be a nice companion for every sports watch lover.


Versace V-Race

Being another flagship Versace sports and tool watches , the V-Race collection houses an impressive number of quality GMT watches. Pairing with its cutting-edge design and build, the large 24-hour bezel is both practical and eye-catching. On the occasion where you need to travel frequently and meet many people, this is a popular choice that will for sure turn heads. 


Versace Mystique Sport


While both V-Ray watches and Mystique Sport watches are presenting masculine sporty chronographs, the V-Ray’s design is more general and the Versace Mystique Sport watch is designed based on inspiration from motorsports. The sub-dials with totalizers are crafted in a metal-edged tone that resembles the panels in motor racing cars.


Versace Leda


Versace Leda is relatively a newer member of the ever-growing Versace watch family. Similar to  Versace Vanity, Leda is another Versace watch model for women. Compared to Vanity, the Versace Leda watch is more of a minimalistic type while featuring well-crafted details that reveal the sophistication of the Versace femininity.


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