10 Best Golf Watches That Can Help You Improve Your Game

Jul 26, 2022
10 Best Golf Watches That Can Help You Improve Your Game

The existence of golf watches is likely something that only those who play the sport know about. Golf watches are not as popular or as well-advertised as diving pieces or racing watches. Nevertheless, some brands have dedicated models especially to the sport of golf. These best golf models are designed just for golfers who want a little assistance during their games.


In this article, we have taken a closer look at the golf watch. We will go through the qualities all the best golf watches should have, along with a list of the ten best golf watches on the market. Read on to find out more!

Anatomy Of A Good Golf Watch 

Before we get into the list of best golf watches proper, let us first take a look at what characteristics a top-notch golf watch should have. 

Superior Reliability and Durability 

One of the most important features of a good golf watch is that it possesses great durability and reliability, especially on the golf course. As with sports such as running and cycling, you need to be able to keep your golf watch on you as you play, so that it can track your statistics. This means that the watch itself has to be tough and hard-wearing. This allows it to endure exposure to all sorts of different environments and movements throughout your golf game.

Excellent GPS Functions

Another crucial quality a good golf watch should have is a highly precise GPS function. This is necessary as it helps the watch provide information on the player’s current position and distance to the flag. Excellent GPS functions can also give the wearer information on any obstacles or hazards that might be present on the course, which is always good to know when you are in a game.

Preloaded Golf Apps

Many of the best golf watches out there are smartwatches with preloaded golf apps that offer an array of functions and features. In fact, a lot of the timepieces we will be talking about later provide access to thousands of golf-related data. From golf course maps and virtual caddies to performance trackers, the information provided by these golf apps helps make your gameplay smoother. This is why golf watches with preloaded golf apps are especially appealing to golfers.

10 Best Golf Watches 

1. TAG Heuer Connected Golf Ref. SBG8A82EB0206

Front view of the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Ref. SBG8A82EB0206

We start off this list with the TAG Heuer Connected Golf Ref. SBG8A82EB0206. Tagged as a special edition model just for golfing, it is currently one of the best golf watches available. It mixes a cool, stylish look with sporty design elements, making it a versatile hit amongst all kinds of golfers.


Presented in a high-quality titanium case, this TAG Heuer Connected watch has a 45mm case diameter and a thickness of 15.3mm. Although its dimensions are on the larger end, this watch’s titanium construction allows it to wear quite lightly on the wrist. Affixed to the top of the watch case is a fixed ceramic bezel in black. It bears numerical inscriptions in white and green, which add a more classic touch to the whole piece. This model is also fitted with a hardy white rubber strap with stylish green stitching.


As a smartwatch, this timepiece has a fully digital watch face. It features a touchscreen dial, with an excellent display resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. This watch also offers a wide range of dial designs, which you can easily customise to your liking. Battery-wise, it has a capacity of 440 mAH, which takes around an hour and 30 minutes to fully recharge.


Of course, this TAG Heuer watch would not be on the list if it did not have cutting-edge technology fit for all your golfing needs. It is equipped with the TAG Heuer Golf App. This app comes with 3D and 2D mapping features, a statistics and scorecard monitor, shot trackers, club recommendations, and a state-of-the-start GPS with access to over 40,000 golf courses. On top of that, this watch is also loaded with a sports app, a companion app, and a wellness app, making it a great choice for an everyday watch, too.


The TAG Heuer Connected Golf Ref. SBG8A82EB0206 has a price tag of approximately $2,000 USD.

2. Garmin MARQ Ref. 010-02006-16 

Front view of the Garmin MARQ Ref. 010-02006-16 

The Garmin MARQ Ref. 010-02006-16 is another impressive smartwatch with excellent capabilities for all your golfing needs. It is renowned amongst athletes and those with active lifestyles because it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that caters to your daily needs, and not just your golfing ones.


This Garmin MARQ watch is housed in a 46mm titanium case with a domed sapphire crystal and a black-coated titanium bezel. These materials account for the watch’s lightweight build, comfort, and durability. To match its chunky case, this watch is paired with a silicone black rubber strap.


The dial of this watch boasts a transflective memory-in-pixel display with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. This watch is compatible with both Apple and Android gadgets, so you can easily connect it to your smartphones. You also do not have to worry about its battery. This watch can last for up to 12 days in smartwatch mode and up to 28 hours in GPS mode. When it runs out of juice, you can simply recharge it with the charger that comes in the box.


As one of the best golf watches out there, this Garmin watch is simply jam-packed with features that make your golf games more convenient. For example, you can set it to golf mode and instantly gain access to CourseView maps of over 41,000 golf courses. It also comes with handy everyday functions such as environmental sensors, music applications, health monitors, other sports modes, and the like.


This luxury Garmin watch retails at around $1,200 USD.

3. Suunto 5 Ref. SS050303000 

Front view of the Suunto 5 Ref. SS050303000 

Next, we have a timepiece from Suunto, one of the most popular brands for sports and outdoor watches. Suunto is an established innovator in the industry and it has definitely mastered the craft of making excellent smartwatches. The Suunto 5 Ref. SS050303000 serves as one of the best golf watches in Suunto’s catalogue.


This Suunto 5 watch comes in a 46mm glass fibre-reinforced polycarbonate case and a silicone strap in black. Its watch face is made entirely out of mineral glass and is kept in place by a hardy, black-coated stainless steel bezel. This golf watch shows off a sleek, all-black look that simply exudes rugged masculinity.


The Suunto 5 Ref. SS050303000 shows off a colourful LED matrix display with a decent resolution of 218 x 218 pixels. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with a battery life that ranges from 24 hours to 12 days, depending on the mode in use. This watch also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can link it to your smartphone or your computer.


When it comes to the technical details, this watch is equipped with numerous abilities for golfers, athletes, and even everyday folk. Aside from offering standard time-telling, the utility of this watch is elevated by different environmental sensors, health monitors, sports modes, and training functions. For the golfers, this watch also possesses an accurate GPS function and an activity tracker that keeps you updated on all your stats.


The best part is you only need around $350 USD to get your hands on this affordable Suunto 5 watch.  

4. Garmin Fenix 6X Ref. 010-02157-24 

Front view of the Garmin Fenix 6X Ref. 010-02157-24 

For the next entry, we have another golf watch from Garmin: the Garmin Fenix 6X Ref. 010-02157-24. Those familiar with the watch industry know that Garmin is incredibly competent at making multi-functional sports timepieces. It also offers different collections that bring something different to the table, so we will be taking a look at a watch from the brand’s Fenix series now.


Encased in fibre-reinforced polymer, this model comes in an oversized 51mm case with a thickness of 14.9mm. It is fitted with a lens made from power glass and a DLC-coated, highly scratch-resistant titanium bezel. You can get this watch with either a silicone strap or a titanium band, both of which are great, sweat-proof materials for doing physical activities.


The watch’s face is comprised of a transflective memory-in-pixel display, which remains highly legible even under the sun. It has a display resolution of 280 x 280 pixels,which is quite optimal for its size. One cool thing about this solar-powered watch is that you can charge it either with a charging cable or by simply exposing it to sunlight. It has a battery life of up to 24 days in smartwatch mode and up to 66 hours when constantly using the GPS.


This Fenix 6X watch is a highly-regarded multi-sport GPS watch that comes packed with a full array of functions and features. For golfing purposes, it is preloaded with 41,000 golf courses around the globe, which is a testament to its excellent GPS capabilities. It also has a digital scorecard, custom targets, a full vector map, a shot distance calculator, and much more. Lastly, this watch also serves as an ideal survival watch with its wide range of sports modes, tactical features, and health trackers.

The Garmin Fenix 6X Ref. 010-02157-24 sells at around $950 USD.

5. Suunto 7 Ref. SS050380000

Front view of the Suunto 7 Ref. SS050380000

Another great golf watch worth checking out is the Suunto 7 Ref. SS050380000. Compared to the aforementioned Suunto 5 model, this timepiece is a new and improved version with even better functionality. It is marketed as a timepiece that caters to all types of athletes, making it a good cop for golfers too.


This Suunto 7 watch sports a 50mm glass fibre-reinforced polyamide case, coupled with a stainless steel bezel and a white silicone strap. It has a thickness of approximately 15.3mm and weighs around 70 grams, which allows for a comfortable fit on the wrist. The watch face is protected by high-quality gorilla glass, which is extremely resistant to scratches and impacts.


The dial, on the other hand, is composed of an AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. This vibrant display boasts unmatched performance compared to the LED or LCD technology used in other smartwatches. The watch runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with a lifespan of up to 40 days in time mode and up to 12 hours in GPS mode.


In terms of its functions, the Suunto 7 Ref. SS050380000 possesses an incredibly accurate GPS system powered by Google OS, making it a great mapping tool for golf. You also get access to a wide array of activity trackers and training modes, which can come in handy during a game of golf.


The Suunto 7 Ref. SS050380000 serves as the ideal timekeeper for those who want a stylish golf watch that would be great for everyday use too. It is priced at just $350 USD.

6. Tissot T-Touch Ref. T1214204705103

Front view of the Tissot T-Touch Ref. T1214204705103

Next on our list of best golf watches is the Tissot T-Touch Ref. T1214204705103. This watch is the perfect fusion of modern and traditional watchmaking. Admittedly, it does not offer the same multi-functionality as other models on this list. However, it is a great choice for those who want a high-quality golfing companion but are not really fond of smartwatches.


This Tissot T-Touch watch utilises a chunky 47.5mm anti-magnetic titanium case, along with a snug black rubber strap. It is fitted with a ceramic bezel designed to guard the watch face from scratches and impacts. This watch ring also acts as a compass, bearing indicators for the NSWE and azimuth numbers.


Unlike the previous smartwatches, this timepiece has a tactile hybrid dial. It is made up of an analogue layout and a digital display at the bottom. The digital display is protected by a layer of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for optimal durability. All of these functions are driven by an accumulator-type Renata ICR2430 battery. This is a connected quartz movement that can run on solar energy as well.


This Tissot watch also comes with an altimeter, a compass, a perpetual calendar, an alarm, a barometer, a calories burned tracker, a weather trend indicator, and many capabilities. While it is not as sophisticated as other dedicated golf GPS watches, it is still durable and reliable enough to keep up on the golf course.


The Tissot T-Touch Ref. T1214204705103 costs about $1,150 USD.

7. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition

Front view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition is one of the best golf watches you can get if you value practicality. It is a technologically-advanced smartwatch that you can easily integrate into your daily life, especially if you are an Android user. On top of that, this model also boasts excellent sports functionality.


This Samsung Galaxy watch uses a 44mm black-tone aluminium case that offers a very sleek, chic look. It is fitted with a Gorilla Glass DX+ crystal, allowing for utmost durability. Adding to the watch’s minimalist design is a fluoroelastomer strap in green and black, which goes really well with the watch’s case.


The dial of this watch boasts a quality touchscreen display that uses Super AMOLED technology. It has a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, which is superior to all the other models on this list. Moreover, this Samsung watch is known for its excellent battery, which can last for up to 3 days in normal mode. If you are actively using the watch’s other functions, it can stay awake for up to 24 hours before you need to recharge it again.


As a golfing tool, the Galaxy Active2 has some of the best features golfers could ask for. It provides access to over 40,000 golf courses in the world, so you can accurately strategise your next shot. This model also has the Smart Caddie app preloaded. This app offers personalised coaching advice which enables you to maximise your game. Once you are done with a game, you can also check your stats with one look at your wrist since the app constantly tracks your every move.


With its impressive functionality, the Galaxy Active2’s price tag of $400 USD seems almost too good to be true.

8. GolfBuddy Aim W11

Front view of the GolfBuddy Aim W11

Up next, we have the GolfBuddy Aim W11. This is a tried-and-true GPS golf watch. This is one of the more affordable pieces you can get, making it a great option for those who are just starting out in golf. It is also very user-friendly, so even golfers who are not tech-savvy can enjoy it too.


The GolfBuddy Aim W11 comes with a full-colour touchscreen display that makes use of TFT-LCD technology. It has a zoom in and zoom out function, which makes it easier to read the different golf data being shown. Driving this watch is a rechargeable lithium polymer with a battery life of up to 13 hours in golf mode. It also comes with micro USB and Bluetooth interfaces, so you can easily connect it to your personal devices.


Since this is primarily a GPS golf watch, it is preloaded with over 40,000 courses that are kept constantly up-to-date. You also gain access to features such as the hole layout and green view, which aid you in making the perfect shot. This GolfBuddy watch also comes with a digital scorecard, automatic course and hole recognition, distance trackers, and a hazard indicator. All of this is data that will come in helpful during a tournament.


The GolfBuddy Aim W11 retails at around $250 USD.

9. Voice Caddie T9 GPS

Front view of the Voice Caddie T9 GPS

The Voice Caddie T9 GPS is another excellent golf watch that deserves all the hype. Designed for golfers of all levels, it is equipped with everything you could want in a golfing accessory. It is the newest addition to Voice Caddie’s golf watch catalogue. An improvement on all of the brand’s previous models, this is the best golf watch offered by Voice Caddie.


The Voice Caddie T9 GPS is presented in a 46mm case and a rubber strap, both in black. It shows off a colour touchscreen display that utilises LCD technology. Battery-wise, this watch is equipped with a lithium-polymer that has a battery life of up to 10 days in normal watch mode. You can charge this watch using a USB 2.0 cable.


As we said, this watch has an array of functions that would make any golfer drool. It possesses an automatic scope calculator, a practice tempo mode, a shot and putt tracker, a course layout view, and much more. It also comes preloaded with the MyVoiceCaddie app, which allows you to keep track of your statistics, digital scorecard, and other golfing data you might need.


Lastly, the Voice Caddie T9 GPS has a price tag of around $350 USD.

10. SkyCaddie LX5C

Front view of the SkyCaddie LX5C

Last but not the least, we have the SkyCaddie LX5C. With its sporty exterior, this watch is perfect for the golf course. Just like the other best golf watches on this list, this model was specially designed for golfers who want to improve their game using a little golfing accessory.


This SkyCaddie watch comes in a thick 51mm black plastic case and a matching black rubber strap. It boasts a coloured digital display that uses AMOLED technology with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. This watch also comes with Bluetooth connectivity which allows it to link to your personal gadgets. At its core is an ultra-fast multi-core processor and a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that can last for up to eight hours, or two golf rounds.


With the SkyCaddie LX5C, you gain access to over 35,000 different golf courses. It offers the Dynamic Holevue, the Dynamic Rangevue, and the SkyCaddie PinPoint Technology which are impressive features that can aid in making your game much smoother. This watch also tracks your movement, so you can monitor your score and stats in real-time.


Selling at $350 USD, this is truly one of the best golf watches available right now.

Final Thoughts

While the selection of golf watches out there is not as extensive as the ones for diving or other sports, this list proves that there are still a lot of excellent options available. The best golf watches are typically equipped with state-of-the-art technology that helps in making your game smoother and easier. In fact, a lot of the best golf watches on the market are not just good tools on the golf course, but great for everyday use as well. 


Photo Credits: TheWatchCompany and Official Watch Sites

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