Chopard Happy Sport: The Collection that Embodies Elegance

May 13, 2022
Chopard Happy Sport: The Collection that Embodies Elegance

For years, luxury dress watches have dominated the watch market. This has been further solidified with the popularity of renowned brands such as Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, known for producing exquisite luxury dress watches. One such exceptional luxury watch brand that does not receive quite enough recognition is Chopard. On top of being a top-notch watchmaker, Chopard is also a registered jeweller, famous for its incorporation of diamonds, and other exquisite metals such as gold and silver, into its watches. 


The Chopard Happy Sport collection is a prime example of Chopard’s affinity with diamonds. The Chopard Happy Sport watches utilise diamonds in a unique way that has not been seen from any other watchmaker. With its one-of-a-kind design, the Chopard Happy Sport truly sets itself apart from other luxury dress watches in the industry. Boasting a slender build and dazzling exterior, the Chopard Happy Sport collection provides wearers with a distinctive sparkle that is sure to liven up any outfit.

A Brief Background on the Chopard Happy Sport

The Chopard Happy Sport collection was first introduced in 1993. Right from the get-go, it was recognised for being the first watch model to incorporate diamonds on a stainless steel case, testifying to Chopard’s expertise in the use of precious metals and jewels.


While diamond and gold have always been go-to materials when it comes to luxury watches, Chopard chose to do things a little differently, opting for a more unique approach with the Chopard Happy Sport. Instead of the standard diamond-encrusted cases, bracelets, or dials, the brand chose to use its diamonds more innovatively, creating a “floating diamonds” design for the Chopard Happy Sport. The diamonds are encased under the watch’s sapphire crystal and left to move freely around the rim of the dial.


This was an unprecedented, one-of-a-kind design that had never been seen before in the industry. The brand’s use of diamonds in the Chopard Happy Sport established its status as a high-end luxury dress watch, while also giving it an alluring, stylish watch face that wearers could look at for days on end. As such, it was not surprising when the popularity of this ladies’ watch collection skyrocketed, or that it remains relevant in the watch community even today.

Best Chopard Happy Sport Models

Now that you know what the Chopard Happy Sport collection is all about, let us take a look at some of the best Chopard Happy Sport models that money can buy. Every one of the watches listed below is a gorgeous, exquisite luxury dress watch that would not look out of place, whether on the dance floor or in the office.

1. Chopard Happy Sport Rose Gold Ref. 278573-6019

Chopard Happy Sport 278573-6019

First off, we have the Chopard Happy Sport Rose Gold Ref. 278573-6019. This watch offers an elegant two-tone combination of rose gold and stainless steel. The use of rose gold in this watch pairs perfectly with its “floating diamonds” design, giving it an exquisite air that is perfect for your next dinner date. 


This Chopard Happy Sport watch comes in a slender 30mm stainless steel case, topped by a thick fixed bezel made of 18K rose gold. This is paired with slim lugs and a professional-looking Rolesor-style bracelet, with rose gold centre links and stainless steel outer links. The dial shows off a soft white dial, which is decorated with rose gold hour indices, pronounced Roman numeral markers, long sword hands, and a minute track in black indicators. The highlight, of course, is the five diamonds, encrusted in rose gold, which are contained within the case and left to move freely around the dial.


Driving this watch is an in-house Chopard Calibre 09.01-C. This is a solid self-winding movement that allows the watch to run for up to 42 hours and gives it a depth rating of 30 metres. This is a solid water resistance capacity for a luxury dress watch, which ensures that it can survive some splashes and showers. 


The Chopard Happy Sport Rose Gold Ref. 278573-6019 sells at around $14,700 USD. 

2. Chopard Happy Sport Oval Ref. 278602-6003

Chopard Happy Sport Oval 278602-6003

On top of the more common round-faced watches, Chopard Happy Sport also offers a series of oval-shaped watches that cater to those who prefer a more unusual watch case shape. This oval case is a more sophisticated design, and its elongated shape greatly emphasises the watch’s use of diamonds. One watch that perfectly epitomises this is the Chopard Happy Sport Oval Ref. 278602-6003. On top of being a great example of the Happy Sport collection’s oval-shaped watches, this model also shows off a more casual style. With its versatile, everyday vibe, this watch looks great whether you wear it at your next dinner party, or in your daily routine.


The Chopard Happy Sport Oval Ref. 278602-6003 is presented in a 31mm stainless steel case, with an 18K gold fixed bezel. Unlike the previous model, this watch is actually a little more lavish, with precious diamonds embedded all around this bezel to give it a more sparkling, luxurious look. This is coupled with a handsome alligator leather strap in blue that fits comfortably around your wrist. 


The dial of this watch is also a little more complex. It bears a smooth silver surface, with a guilloche pattern in the shape of an oval at the centre of the dial. This creates a nice visual symmetry with the watch’s oval-shaped case. Aside from that, this dial also consists of slender rose gold hour indices, thick Roman numeral markers in a stylised typeface, and rose gold hands. To top it all off, we have the brand’s signature “dancing diamonds” — seven diamonds that are encrusted in rose gold and roam around the watch’s dial.


Underneath this gorgeous watch face, you can find a Chopard Calibre 09.01-C. This movement is a staple in the Chopard Happy Sport collection. As a Swiss-made calibre, it is designed with a Côtes de Genève pattern, which you can admire through the watch’s see-through caseback. Held together by 27 jewels, this movement has a 42-hour power supply. 


The Chopard Happy Sport Oval Ref. 278602-6003 is worth approximately $15,500 USD. It is a little more expensive than the previous model, which is only to be expected with its striking diamond bezel. 

3. Chopard Happy Sport “Fish” Ref. 278578-3002

Chopard Happy Sport Fish 278578-3002

One thing to know about Chopard is that as a watchmaker, it is great at making seemingly bizarre designs work. Take, for instance, the ocean-influenced Chopard Happy Sport “Fish” Ref. 278578-3002. On top of its sea-blue colourway, this watch bears a quirky, unusual fish motif that somehow manages to look both fun and classy.


The Chopard Happy Sport “Fish” Ref. 278578-3002 utilises a 36mm polished stainless steel case. This is coupled with a thick fixed bezel made of stainless steel and a handsome black alligator leather strap with blue stitching. This is one of the larger models of the Chopard Happy Sport and would fit great on wrists of all sizes; even men with slightly smaller wrists would be able to wear this Happy Sport piece. 


The dial of this watch shows off a dark blue hue. A detailed pattern of a lighter blue fish takes up most of the dial, immediately establishing the watch’s ocean inspiration. This dial also follows an incredibly simple, almost minimalistic layout, comprising just sword-shaped hands in light grey and a long, sweeping seconds hand. On top of the usual dancing diamonds, you can even find a sizeable floating fish inside the watch’s case. Delicately carved from a chunk of stainless steel, this floating fish is easily the star of this underwater-themed watch.


Underneath this straightforward watch face, you can find a Chopard Calibre 09.01-C. This automatic movement possesses a 42-hour power supply and a water resistance rating of 30 metres. With its stylish yet out-of-the-box design, this watch is a great option for more eccentric personalities or for those who truly enjoy the sea.  


You can get your hands on the Chopard Happy Sport “Fish” Ref. 278578-3002 for around $4,500 USD. This is one of the more affordable Chopard Happy Sport models available. 

4. Chopard Happy Sport “Happy Stars” Ref. 278559-3011

Chopard Happy Sport Stars 278559-3011

If you are enjoying Chopard’s take on quirky designs, but are not a fan of the ocean-inspired Chopard Happy Sport “Fish”, then check out the Chopard Happy Sport “Happy Stars” Ref. 278559-3011. This watch opts for an intriguing celestial motif that astrology enthusiasts are sure to love. 


The build of the Chopard Happy Sport “Happy Stars” Ref. 278559-3011 is very similar to the Chopard Happy Sport “Fish”. It is housed in a 36mm stainless steel case, coupled with a fixed stainless steel bezel and blue alligator leather strap. This blue leather strap goes wonderfully with the watch’s sector dial, which comes in a rich blue colourway, almost like a clear night sky. The outer ring of the dial shows off a smooth, matte blue surface and is adorned with silver-tone hour indices and stylised Roman numeral markers. This is contrasted against the centre of the dial, which showcases a mesmerising guilloche pattern and contains pronounced sword hands. 


The highlight of this dial, however, is its “floating celestial bodies”. Instead of the usual plainly-cut diamonds that can be found in other Chopard Happy Star models, this watch’s case contains stars and a crescent moon carved out of stainless steel, all of which are embellished with sparkling diamonds. You can also find a vibrant, bronze-tone sun inside the case, which adds a pop of colour to this predominantly blue-and-silver watch face. Altogether, this design innovatively creates an image of a starry night sky that you will definitely not be able to take your eyes off.


Driving this watch is the Chopard Calibre 09.01-C. Held together by 25 jewels, this movement beats at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) and has a 42-hour power supply.


The Chopard Happy Sport “Happy Stars” Ref. 278559-3011 retails at just $7,100 USD.

5. Chopard Happy Sport Ref. 278573-6003

Chopard Happy Sport 278573-6003

Going back to a more classic Chopard Happy Sport design, we have the Chopard Happy Sport Ref. 278573-6003. This diamond-encrusted timepiece bears a more classic look that will elevate your outfit, no matter what you are wearing. Its blend of sparkling diamonds and exquisite rose gold is sure to turn heads, whether you are at a party or at a corporate event. 


This Chopard Happy Sport watch comes in a 30mm stainless steel case, with slim stainless steel lugs and an 18K rose gold bezel. The bezel is covered in bright diamonds, much like the Happy Sport Oval piece mentioned above. This watch’s elegant, quintessential build is finished off with a supple black leather strap.


This watch also shows off a sleek silver sector dial, with a smooth outer ring and inner dial that bears an elegant guilloche pattern. This dial is also decorated with rose gold hour indices, thick Roman numeral markers, and rose gold sword hands. Inside this watch case, you can find the mainstay of the Chopard Happy Sport collection: five brilliant “floating” diamonds outlined in rose gold.


As with the other Chopard Happy Sport timepieces, this watch runs on the Calibre 09.01-C. Through the watch’s see-through sapphire crystal caseback, you can admire this reliable automatic Chopard movement at work. 


The price for the Chopard Happy Sport Ref. 278573-6003 starts at $14,800 USD. 

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best ladies’ watch can be a challenging task. The watch market is filled with gorgeous feminine watch models that cater just to women. That being said, if you want a brilliant, prestigious, one-0f-a-kind watch, then the Chopard Happy Sport is an excellent choice. Its “dancing diamonds” design is an exquisite look that you simply cannot find on any other watch, making it a true eye-catcher.


Even as a luxury dress watch collection, the Chopard Happy Sport is quite versatile, ranging from more formal models to quirkier, more playful pieces like the Happy Sport “Fish” and Happy Sport “Happy Stars”. If you want a lovely luxury ladies’ dress watch, you should definitely not overlook the Chopard Happy Sport.


All images courtesy of The Watch Company.Featured image courtesy of Chopard.


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