Top 5 Casio Oceanus Watches

Oct 01, 2019
Top 5 Casio Oceanus Watches

By Chanel Lim


In a saturated market for watchmaking, Casio wanted to become one of the leading watch producers in the world — but how?


With many American watch companies focusing on accuracy and precision, Casio took on a different approach. In 1983, Casio launched the G-Shock collection — highly shock-resistant tactical watches with outstanding water-resistant features. Created by Kikuo Ibe, an engineer based in Japan, G-shock became a global phenomenon. The collection raised new standards for durability and long-lasting mechanical watches.

features of Casio Oceanus watch at first glance

From then on, Casio’s continued success in technological advances has seen several innovations in watchmaking history. These include the radio-controlled solar-powered functions, compass bearings, and altitude measurements using sensor technology, among others, providing the ultimate experience for a Casio user.


Then came the Casio Oceanus — a series of watches featuring a combination of both the G-shock technology and Waveceptor’s radio time signal functions. Offering four main models, all Oceanus timepieces are worth every consideration when it comes to functionality and style.


Here are five of them.

front view of Casio Oceanus Super Slim High-Spec Chronograph watch

Casio Oceanus Super Slim High-Spec Chronograph

As a limited-edition model with only 200 pieces ever produced, the Casio OCW-S5000 Super Slim High-Spec Chronograph is definitely worth coveting. Encased in an Oceanus original blue and titanium hard coating, this watch is elegant design and technology-packed.


One of the best features of this watch is its slim case. The 9.5mm thickness becomes possible because of its one-sided mounting feature. With the use of high-density technology, Casio was able to reduce the number of core components and provide a more convenient and lightweight watch for wearers. Enhanced by glowing hands and markers, the dial features a luminous layer, adding sophistication to its overall look.


In addition to its practical design, the Casio OCW-S5000 Super Slim High-Spec Chronograph offers several state-of-the-art innovations. These include an advanced time-correction system, Bluetooth and chronograph functions, a perpetual calendar (until 2100), and a power reserve indicator. What’s more, with its radio-controlled signals, you can rest assured that the time displayed is always the most accurate.

front view of Casio Oceanus Classic Line Smart Access watch Casio Oceanus Classic Line Smart Access

The Casio Oceanus Classic Line Smart Access OCW-T2600L-1AJF is a 42.8mm robust watch. With a black dial protected by scratch-resistant and non-reflective sapphire glass, it features a blue-accented bezel and multi-needle analogue display. Made with premium leather from Casio, its calf leather strap complements the dial perfectly, giving more attention to the ocean blue chronographs, sub-dials, and a logo.


This watch runs on a Japanese quartz movement and gets its power directly from the light. It has a smart access function that translates standard time radio waves transmitted from all six globally situated transmission stations for accurate timekeeping.


Perfect for avid travellers, the worldwide time functions of the Casio Oceanus Classic Line OCW-T2600L-1AJF will definitely be a useful tool to bring with you to your next great adventure.

front view of Casio Oceanus Bluetooth GPS watch

Casio Oceanus Bluetooth GPS

Like every other piece in this collection, the Casio Oceanus Bluetooth GPS OCW-G2000-1AJF watch is the game-changing synthesis of simplicity and edgy design. With a solid titanium case and bracelet, it features some of Casio’s prided innovations. These include a magnetic interference-resistant, GPS signal reception, tough solar, and a Bluetooth wireless linkage.


In addition to all these functions, Casio specially included detailed considerations in this model, providing extra aeroplane modes, battery saving, and even time calibration for your convenience and ease. Flaunting a unique dual-curved sapphire crystal, its timeless sophistication will be sure to charm its wearer.

front view of Casio Oceanus Manta Radio Solar Smartphone Link watch

Casio Oceanus Manta Radio Solar Smartphone Link

The Casio Oceanus Manta Radio Solar Smartphone Link OCW-S4000F-7AJF is another one of the collection’s exemplary pieces. With a nautical-themed colour scheme, it evokes a dreamy vibe due to its subtle blue accents and silver-white dial. The dial displays three sub-dials, a date window, and blue luminous hands and hour markers. These features certainly add characters to the otherwise simple design.


The watch also highlights a solar charging system and an amazing radio reception function. Throw in a tachymeter and a 100m water-resistance, and this is a perfect timepiece for the adventure-seeker.


front view of Casio Oceanus Climber Line Smart Access watch


Casio Oceanus Climber Line Smart Access

The Casio Oceanus Climber Line Smart Access OCW-S100-1AJF is a classic timepiece from this collection. The entire model is made of titanium and finished with a tough steel bracelet. The black dial displays blue luminous hour markers, glowing hands, and minute markers. With additional functions such as perpetual calendar and date, this watch packs a punch. And like others in the collection, it also features a worldwide date function.


With a powerful solar quartz calibre 5232 movement and a generous power reserve, this robust watch ensures quality timekeeping powers.

Insiders’ Info

Some brands may put their whole focus on creating aesthetically pleasing or creative-looking watches. However, for Casio, it’s all about creating masterpieces that last a lifetime.


With Casio’s technological contributions, rest assured that there’s one Oceanus model that encompasses everything you dream of in a watch. In fact, there is almost no need for a warranty with so much assurance that the Casio Oceanus offers.


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