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Endowed to the world by the very bold and talented Gabrielle Chanel, a.k.a Coco Chanel, this brand had begun its passage through the Parisian streets of the 20th Century and had deliberately established itself as one of the most eminent, trendsetting and prestigious fashion brands globally.

Gabrielle got financed for her early imperial shop in 1910. However, the lease restricted her to certain working branches, thus, in order to regain her artistic sovereignty, she opened her boutique in Deauville and Barritz, in 1913, where commenced the haute couture brand later brewing into Haute Horlogerie and further getting infused with an assortment of opulent, aesthetic and tasteful jewelry articles and accessories which became the legendary French fashion house.

Chanel symbolizes power and style in the most classy, elegant and subtle manner. The core notion since the dawn was to step out of the boxed mindsets' and set up a revolutionary, timeless and evergreen style that is distinct and irreplaceable.The Chanel Wristwatches embarked this splendidly, by staying true to the simplicity yet grandiose of the style and imbuing it into there collection.

The Chanel watch collection was inaugurated in 1987, by the launch of the very iconic and eternally in fashion, Chanel's very first watch for women, the Chanel Première. Ines de la Fressange got the pristine opportunity to be the pioneer endorsing the timepiece, who indeed captured the soul of the product and brand to the core.

The Chanel Première, was the fruit of the synergy fermented by the bones of the city it was born in and its spin-off took on its casing. The Placè Vendome bottle cap honorary design inspired Premiere to watch with respect to the shape of the packaging it was cased in. This was a personification of Paris, not into the Brand, but as the Brand. This Chanel watch exemplifies timeless fashion, escorting just a bit of drama and lavishness to any attire it's adorned into, a cherry on top.

The Chanel Watchmaking took its groundbreaking course in 1993 when Chanel amassed Manufacture G&F Châtelain in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The standard and precise Swiss watchmaking suffused with the statement style of the French brand, characterized into the genesis of the timepieces.

Coco was notoriously famous for the fusion of males into the female style as well as the incorporation of nautical characteristics into its clothing. Therefore, staying true to the heart of the brand, this distinguished feature was inherited into the horological piece, the Chanel J12. This unisex Chanel watch was a milestone in the Brand's watchmaking history, inspired by the yachts', the Chanel J12 set a whole new sky limit to the watchmaking industry, turning fancy dreams into reality, by its high tech ceramic and titanium manoeuvring, bringing together yin and yang, vigour and grace, mystery and clarity. Exhibited by models radiating a sporty yet elegant look, both genders, the Chanel J12 is a rather multipurpose luxury watch.

In the coming years Chanel launched a very targeted and customized deluxe watch collection for the feminine, designed by the most meticulous and exceptional artists that stemmed from Coco's legacy of maintaining the authenticity of the most high quality material, simplicity and elegance of the pieces, the choices of color bands infused and the delicate nature of the articles overall. The entire collection was immersed with the essence of Chanel coming alive, including her very distinguished statement employment, the pearls, diamonds, ribbons, etc. The collections exude integral feminity and perfection permeating through each sparkling sprinkled diamond. This exquisite and striking Chanel watch collection embraces the entire brand style and image to its quintessence.

Chanel muses throughout the history, it epitomizes timeless art, quality, elegance, and high standards but what sets it apart is the personality of Coco's independent, powerful and ‘it' factor seeping throughout the lines of every piece. Women and men both alike, enclosing any Chanel products in their closets, bestow themselves into a league of there own.

Celebrities pride themselves upon a tie-up romance with the brand's magnificence. Some of the most prominent faces of the glamour world, Angelina Jolie and Kristen Dunst have been frequently spotted with the prized Chanel watch, the Chanel Première embracing their wrists. Diane Kruger and the Harry Potter famed British beauty, Emma Watson also clasp the luxury Chanel watch, the Chanel Première to go with there outfits.

The Chanel Première thrives in the hearts of many. Oozing timeless novelty, beauty, and class, it has rippled through the waters of the style world throughout the history, being modeled by the popular celebs such as Claudia Schiffer, Lara Stone, Constance Jablonski, Vlada Roslyakova and Freida Pinto.

Where on one hand, Chanel Première, the timeless beauty courses through the eternity, the legendary Chanel watch, the Chanel J12 permeates the modern day styles through its sporty yet deceitfully feminine nature. Prominent among both the men and women, this very contemporary and tasteful Chanel watch has been sported by Dale Winton and James Van Der Beek. The J12, decidedly emanates an indestructible sense of style, power and strength, so without any surprise women that synergize with its gist, carry them into there attires exceptionally, including Hilary Clinton.

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