Analogue Watches

Garmin Vivomove: The Smartwatch Brand’s First Analogue Timekeeper

Founded in 1989, the popular technology brand Garmin has developed an impressive lineup of classic, reliable outdoor watches. Its catalogue consists of a diverse range of devices packed with modern features, including smartwatches, GPS running watches, GPS units, and many more. Indeed, Garmin products are designed especially for hardcore athletes and

9 Most Elegant Men’s Dress Watches Under $600

Classic. Elegant. Minimalist. Every man needs a nice dress watch to complement his formal wear.   No, it doesn’t have to be expensive or trendy. A good dress watch is one that’s simple and sophisticated enough to complete one’s look without drawing too much attention to itself.   Ideally, it

Classic Analogue Watches For Women

A beautiful watch is always a valuable accessory for any woman. There are tons of great digital watches, but nothing is quite as classic as an analogue watch. Lots of iconic brands out there provide great models. Thus, in this article, we look at a few of the most classic

Introducing: The Tudor Pelagos For All Dive Enthusiasts

Founded in 1946, Tudor is a sister brand of the Rolex company. This Swiss watch brand has always been determined to design classic and retro-chic style watches. In addition, they are known for producing attractive finishing and high-quality mechanics especially with dive watches such as the Tudor Pelagos.   One

Ulysse Nardin Watches: An Introduction

by Chanel Lim   As a new collector, you may or may not have heard of Ulysse Nardin watches.   Ulysse Nardin is an innovation-devoted brand whose inventions have changed the course of maritime navigations in the 1870s. Despite its technological breakthroughs in the watchmaking industry, it is, unfortunately, less

REVIEW: Bvlgari Octo Velocissimo 102859

One look at the Bvlgari Octo Velocissimo and you’ll be reminded of why angles matter. Like other Octo watches, Bvlgari has made good use of geometric shapes in designing this chronograph watch. This new model is definitely something you can’t just brush off. Background The designer’s creativity of combining complex geometric looks into
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