Digital Watches

Everything You Need To Know About the Polar Ignite 2

From basic timekeeping purposes in the past, watches today have fully evolved to match the digital landscape that surrounds them. This has led to the advent and rapid proliferation of high-tech smartwatches. Sleek and convenient, these smartwatches can make your daily life easier in every way.    Manufactured in Kempele,

How To Replace a Watch Battery: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Watches come with two different types of movements: mechanical and quartz. However, between these two engines, the battery-operated quartz movement bears the most user-friendly reputation.    This is because quartz movements are low-maintenance and can show the time more accurately. Furthermore, quartz watches also tend to be cheaper and more

Best Calculator Watch for Your Dress-Down Days: Top 15 Picks

Before the invention of smartwatches loaded with features and apps for all kinds of purposes, we had digital wristwatches. At the time, digital wristwatches were considered some of the most high-tech pieces of horology you could possibly find. Apart from having some added complications like alarms and timers, digital watches

8 Of The Most Celebrated Japanese Watch Brands

In any manufacturing industry, competition is a key factor that drives the production of goods to meet customer demands. Similarly, there has always been fierce competition between Swiss and Japanese watches.   In some aspects, Japanese watchmakers became a leader in the industry. As is known, Japanese models tend to be more
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