Watch Styles for Men – 6 Watch Styles Every Men Should Know

Oct 04, 2018
Watch Styles for Men – 6 Watch Styles Every Men Should Know

A saying goes that time is money. So, we are to read time every now and then. Watches, particularly wrist watches, play the important role to inform us about time. They are always with us no matter it is day or night. Imagine you are in an ancient era having no watches at all. How would you feel?

Wait, wait! Don’t trouble yourself. The days are gone and you can now easily check the Rolex watches for men to know the time at any hours in a day. Time is made easy indeed!


In our everyday life, we use watches. Amid numbers of watches, we lack the idea which one is the best. In fact, the watches have different shapes, sizes, quality, colors, functions, and brands. But the most interesting matter is that you cannot use the same watch for every occasion. Most of the people are unaware of the fact. Besides, they cannot get the right one for them as they are too busy to check the styles.

Rolex watches for men come with several styles. They are available in the best quality and shapes while the prices are reasonable too. However, the best idea is to get some clear concepts about the watch styles for men – how, when, and where to use them. As a matter of fact, if you can use the watches perfectly, it will help to enrich your personality.

Just only knowing the watch types and their styles will open a new realm of ideas. You can also get the best one that suits you. The most available types of watches are narrated in the below lines. Get some clear ideas in brief.


Watch types: 

Panerai Luminor
Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM01359

Automatic watch

If you never met an automatic watch in your life, you would regret in future. Automatic watches run without batteries. Almost all the other watches need batteries. But the mainspring of automatic watch works on the movement of the wearer’s body. However, the automatic watches need special attention. When you are not using it, you have to place it in a watch winder to keep it on. At the same time, be careful about the environment. At times, you may need to adjust the accuracy too.


Formal watch

It is natural that you might not have heard about the formal watches. They are also known as ‘dress watches’ to many people. It’s okay not to hear about it as people in the days do not bother the watch types they use. But if you want to prove yourself exceptional, you must know it. The formal watches help to suit your formal attire. They are free of excessive beautification. They are simple to look at. At the same time, they are appealing too. In fact, simplicity is the best fashion.

The formal watches are neither larger is size nor smaller. They just fit in the wrist. As it is said, the formal watches are not glazy, so they cannot attract people. But the most important aspect is that they can add some positive vibes with your look. Your appearance becomes prettier on occasions and parties.


Hamilton Khaki FieldHamilton Khaki Field H70455733

Watch for field action

Well, if you want something special, a field watch is one of them. The manufacturers produce field watches considering diversified matters into account. When you are in a field, you need to move fast and take part in other activities. So, if the watch is not sturdy or you need to adjust the belt frequently, you will be in trouble. Chances are higher that you may make late for reaching the end of the race. You can also be distracted by the wristwatch issue. It may also result in failure too.

Considering the matters, the watch manufacturers take their time to produce them. The body is sturdy. Even you can get titanium coating too for a better durability. Most of them are scratch-proof. The other important issue is that you can read the time at any time of the day. The dial, the number – nothing glazes in sun. You can read them even in dark too.


Diving watch 

A diving watch is the other impressive style that many cannot resist having that. Generally, the diving watches are special in several terms. First of all, they are suitable for divers under the water. So, the watches are waterproof. Besides, the divers need to have the right time. If they miss even a single second, their lives are under great risks. Moreover, the watches should be clear enough. In fact, the light is lower under the water. Sometimes, you cannot even navigate for darkness. If the watches are not bright, the divers cannot read the time.

Diving is a special art and Rolex watches for men are the constant companion. Since the mid of the last century, diving watches gained superiority. The watches are water resistant and free of corrosion. Besides, they are comfortable to wear too. The straps are strong and long for a moderate dive.


Rolex Explorer IIRolex Explorer II 216570

Sports watch

Ever have you noticed that athletes are wearing watches? If not, try to notice that. The watches are special. They have an exceptional dial, resistance capacity against breakage and more. The sports watches are also resistant to dust and can also survive around 100 meters under the water. They come with buttons and in a plastic body. Besides, the watches also have lap timing to determine the laps in a ground.

The belts are comfortable and hold the wrist tight. So, chances of falling around or losing the watch are lower.


Smart watch

With the advancement of time, watches are available in smart format too. The smart watches are able to notify you even about a meeting. Need to have some spying on something or someone? Use the camera on the watch to click some necessary secret photos. Besides, the smart watches are able to adjust to every situation. They are mostly available in digital format. Sometimes, you can illuminate the watches to read the time in darkness. However, they are not comparable with the Rolex watches for men.


Now, you know about six watch styles though. This is impossible to accommodate all the types under a single shade. However, you know the watch types. Based on your necessity, you can get the best one suitable for you.

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