Bvlgari LVCEA Watches

One of the many exceptional collections by Bvlgari is its Lvcea. It is a perfect blend of jewellery and watches which has been exclusively made for the ladies. Bvlgari Lvcea is a feminine Bvlgari watch which is ideal for everyday wear built with pure Italian stylishness.

First introduced in the year 2015, the Bvlgari Lvcea collection attained instant popularity amongst the ladies due to its design and function. Bvlgari has successfully impressed its clients, time after time, with their exclusive timeless creations. The Bvlgari Lvcea is regarded as one of the Bvlgari watches that are a combination of decorative details along with horological perfection.

New Bvlgari LVCEA Watches

History of Bvlgari Lvcea Watches

The Bvlgari, since its beginning, has never failed to think outside the box. Every time it launches its collection, it successfully surprises the entire world with its innovation.

First founded in the year 1884 by a Greek silversmith named Sotirio Boulgaris, the brand Bvlgari focused on designing jewellery. It was in the 1940s that it started with its production of watches and added a couple of other items to its list, like - perfume, scarves and eye wears.

The very first Bvlgari watch had a Serpenti watch designed to encircle the wrist and featured the time within the head of the snake, and hence began their journey in the world of watches.

One of the renowned and popular collections by the brand is its Bvlgari Lvcea. This selection was released in the year 2015 in order to celebrate the brand's 130th anniversary. The Bvlgari Lvcea line is a perfect blend of jewellery and watches for women. When worn on the wrists, the Bvlgari Lvcea watches seems like a personification of the sun, as it is inspired by the same. It has a touch of glimmer which reflects the qualities of sunshine. The name of the ladies watch aptly suits its look as it is reminiscent of the proximity of the sun. The word ‘Lucea' has been derived from an Italian word - "Luce" which means "Light".

Bulgari watches has constantly maintained its glamour through its elegant watches. The Bvlgari Lvcea watch is not only versatile but is an exquisite masterpiece which complements all kinds of apparels, be it formal wear or a glamorous party dress.

Although it is said that until the introduction of Lvcea collection, Bvlgari has not really been equipped with timepieces to suit the everyday endeavours, but now with Lvcea – that absence is all covered. Lvcea holds a number of mind-boggling variations and has successfully filled the gap with vibrant colours and refined yet eye-catchy designs.

Despite the fact that this line was introduced very recently, in 2015, it has still attained an enormous amount of popularity and has firmly established itself amongst the Bvlgari clientele. It is now amongst the most sought-after Bvlgari watches and has found a large fan base amongst the worldwide watch enthusiasts. Bvlgari Lvcea collection holds all the luxury watches for women. It is a perfect blend of everyday jewellery and watch and is made available in several variants – the range of style and design varies from plain to ornate. The Lvcea can be easily spotted and has a very mesmerizing look. It has been constructed in a very charming manner and has a touch of Italian added to it.

At present, the Bvlgari Lvcea women watches can be chosen from a wide range of variety – ranging from a sleek steel variant to a bold rose gold model along with a diamond pave. The bracelet of these designer watches for women has taken its inspiration from the iconic Bvlgari Serpenti collection. It brings the best of both the worlds – sensual shapes along with bold design elements. These Bvlgari watches are not only equipped with automatic movements but according to the model, some of them also consists of quartz movements. The case size of this Bvlgari Lvcea collection can be availed from 28 mm to 33 mm – all of them being apt to fit the feminine feel.

One of the favourites pick consists of ‘Mother of pearl' dial which is equipped with Roman Numerals and has diamond indices which furthermore enhances its luxurious charm. The Bvlgari Lvcea – no doubt – perfectly reflects the spirits of Bvlgari and this can be seen in its brilliant design. Along with its outstanding design, the crown of this Bvlgari Lvcea watch is also distinctive – it is fitted with a pink cabochon gemstone and to get the absolute look, it is decorated with an exquisite diamond.

Although, the Bvlgari Lvcea watch is not just popular because of its unique design, but, surprisingly, with a heart-throbbing design, it also holds technical finesse. Hence, it qualifies for being highly desired. Furthermore, the t Bvlgari Lvcea watches are made water resistant up to 30 meters which ensures that it can be an everyday womens watch. It comes with anti-reflective sapphire crystal which protects and prevents scratches on the dial of the watch.

Bvlgari Lvcea sits perfectly on the wrists and enhances the charm of your outfit. One of its popular references is - LU28C6SSD – it is presented in a 28 mm case size and holds a crown which is made of stainless steel. The highlights of Bvlgari Lvcea models are its exquisite sunburst dials, rhodium plated indices and of course its Roman numeral hour markers – all put together on a robust stainless steel bracelet. One can not simply refuse to buy watches from this Bvlgari luxury watchcollection. Hence, if you are looking for some subtle watch which can also be worn as jewellery, then this is it, the Bvlgari Lvcea collection is simply perfect for you.

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