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Bvlgari Serpenti Watches

Blending together the flairs of Swiss finesse and Italian ingenuity, the Bvlgari watches are very different in their very essence. Being appreciated for their uniqueness in the designs and bringing all together a different perspective to the watchmaking the Bulgari has successfully become a brand of coveted luxury admirers. Additionally, the Serpenti collection from the Bvlagari is second to none, than any other timepieces from the luxury watch segment.

These snake design Bulgari watches are a series of women timepieces, that are designed driving the inspiration from the spirit of mysterious reptiles, snake. The Bvlgari Serpenti collection features an unmatched design aesthetics while exuding the pure luxury at its best.


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18 Items

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History of Bvlgari Serpenti Watches

Bulgari is the only brand that is emboldened with a rich culture dating back to the span of long 2700 years. Incepted in the year 1884, by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgaris, Bvlgari is an Italian watch brand. Through its modern designs and products, Bvlgari is committed to honouring the rich Romanian history and culture. Bvlgari is a renowned name in the luxury products segment. It holds expertise in producing jewellery, fragrances, accessories and watches.

The brand Bulgari was born, when a Greek immigrant Sotirio Bulgari, opened his first shop in Via Sistina in Rome. And today, this brand name Bvlgari has become a world famous due to the intricate and stylish design of its products.

The pursuit of beauty and perfection that Bvlgari thrives for is evident from its Serpenti collection. The Bulgari Serpenti series exudes an exceptional design and elegance in its timepieces. This Bulgari Serpenti collection has been inspired by the lores of snakes. Being symbolic to power, valour and resurrection the serpentines hold a prominent place in human history. Thus keeping in view the same, Bulgari drew inspiration from the symbolic and aesthetic elements of this magical reptile and channelled it down into creating exquisite timepieces and jewellery based on them. And certainly, these skilled Bulgari Serpenti watches bear the trademarks of this mysterious creature.

Being fascinated by the way snakes swirl around the wrists, shoulders and necks the Bvlgari adopted the symbol of whirling snake as a hallmark for its Serpenti collection. Furthermore, these adroit Bulgari Serpenti watches are crafted using the special materials including stainless steel or gold, diamonds and colourful precious gemstones. Rather some of these Bulgari watches are also available in the indifferent bold colour combinations.

While dating back to its initial years of the 1960s. During this time when the Tubogas-style Serpenti watches were launched, they were available in a variety different of metal alloys. These were the high-quality materials which were employed in crafting the rose gold watches and white watches. Further adding them a distinguished charm they were bejewelled with the luxury diamonds and precious stones. Also, these special Bvlgari watches were sported wrapped around the wrists of great personalities such as Elizabeth Taylor. She was found flaunting her Serpenti watch during the set of Cleopatra. This incident brought the wide appeal to the popularity of already in vogue Bvlgari Serpenti watches.

Owing to their extraordinary design and accents these Bvlgari watches required a high magnitude of craftsmanship. Keen attention was paid on every design aesthetic, and deep research was followed to drive the inspiration for providing different colour hues to the bracelets. Moreover, the tails of these snake inspired Bvlgari watches were engraved with the reptile's name in Italian. In addition, other varnished snake models were inspired more by fashion rather than nature. Evidently, they were available in the hues of sunny yellow snakes featuring red scales and another variant featured white scales glaring against bright turquoise. Whereas the gold variant with pentagon-shaped scales bore the individual enamelling, which was further assembled using the tiny screws. Whilst, during the year 1970s brand, took a surprising turn. It collaborated with Jaeger-LeCoultre and Vacheron Constantin. Through this partnership, all of these brands aimed to create a distinctive movement for the Bvlgari snake watches.

However, during the year 1980's the fascination for luxury goods took a steep upsurge. And this was the clear opportunity for Bulgari to gain momentum. Realising this the brand ventured on debuting the Bvlgari Bvlgari watch. Being paired with the Tubogas serpent-style bracelet this Bvlgari watch became a great hit and continued to be in production for almost 30 years.

Thus leading the path of success, in the year 2014, Bvlgari launched a rare Serpenti watch hailing from the eras of 1965's. This special edition was released on the eve 130th-anniversary celebrations. With every passing passage of time, the Bvlgari Serpenti collection kept on enhancing by undergoing reinventions. Even during 2016 at Baselworld, a newer version named the Serpenti Incantata was debuted. The dial of this Bvlgari watch bore a whirling snake and each part including the snake's head and the body was remodelled.

Thereby providing the watch with a fully new and modish look. The Bvlgari Serpenti Incantata generally referring to "Enchanted Snake", is available in a wide assortment. May it be a style or size it has variations for both. Thus the enchanting collection of Bvlgari Serpenti has a lot to offer you. Looking them you will definitely feel persuaded to don them.

Did Bvlgari's spirit of snakes inspire you? Apparently, the answer is yes. Beckoning the dauntless courage and valour these Bvlgari watches are more than the pieces of jewellery. They are your powerful companions that are sure to fill you with a feeling of enthusiasm and zeal. So, why to think more. Hurry up and add the Bvlgari Serpenti watches to your collection. Let the eternal spirit of snakes whirl around you.

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