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Chopard Classic Racing Watches

Chopard is a Swiss manufacturer that deals with luxury watches and jewellery pieces. This brand of exquisites was founded back in the year 1860 in Sonvilier. However, since the year 1963, Chopard has been owned by Germany based Scheufele family. This brand is most importantly revered for Chopard ladies watches and jewellery pieces that promise the utmost level of quality assurance. The headquarter of this renowned company is situated in Geneva and a site in Fleurier that produces watch movements.

The Chopard Classic Racing collection is an assemblage of watches for men. This Chopard Classic Racing collection serves as a bridge between automotive engineering and mechanical watchmaking. Chopard is also renowned for its sports watch collection along with the femme-oriented collection.

New Chopard Classic Racing Watches

History of Chopard Classic Racing Watches

Chopard is a watch brand which holds substantial stature across the globe. The brand has a classic and revered collection of men's sports watches. The men's Classic Racing collection is a much talked about a deal in the sports racing watch market.

The Chopard Classic Racing collection by Chopard takes deep inspiration from the world of car racing and related components.

With the launch of its sports watch collection that is racing inspired, Chopard has opened the gates of new marts for its glory to prevail across. The entire assemblage consists of sporty looking, fast and sophisticated watches that are commendably done to meet the inspiration that they have derived from the world of car racing and sporty automobiles. Each member of this astounding collection pays an uninterrupted tribute to the world of automobiles by incorporating tremendous features and inspiration-driven designs that hold a sporty and raw look. The distinctive and superfast watch models in Chopard Classic Racing watch collection have brought an entirely differentiated trend in the racing watches' cluster.

Chopard has always, immensely cherished the idea of production independence wherein the aim has been to completely produce every part used in watchmaking. The Chopard racing watch collection has superfast automatic, power control and Chrono which have all aided in making this idea come to life. Three of these watches, in the Chopard Classic Racing collection have brilliantly added gems of worth to their overall stature.

Over years, Chopard has been a loyal partner of legendary and classic car races marking the fact that they are not new into the entire car racing scenario. The only point now is there involving in the watches that take inspiration from car racing and the automobile world. With precision and remarkable resemblance to automobiles, the Chopard watch collection has taken the thrill to another level.

The Chopard racing chronographs are immensely sleek and imposing in their appearance pertaining to mindful designing. The models are aptly sized and possess a masculine design which compliments the overall purpose and theme of the watch collection. They generously serve to the devotees of flawless watchmaking and watches with substantial looks.

Every feature of the watches in this Chopard Classic Racing collection beginning from background of the dial to the bezel and crown, all are deeply associated and hold resemblance with the automobiles in car racing, speedometers, racing engines and other related components.

The Chopard sports watches in this assemblage are solely and wholly driven to the superfast concept. These immensely speeded models of Chopard watches have superfast automatic control, superfast chrono and many other kindred functions. The concept of superfast watches too has a lot to do with the inclination towards car racing.

Chopard racing watches are a tremendous treat for those who endear the sports watches and/or are associated with car racing.

The Chopard Mille Miglia is yet another masterpiece from the Classic Racing collection of this revered brand of watches. The Chopard sports watch has a dial diameter of 42mm with a rounded case that befits the sporty requirements. This 42mm watch has made the visibility clearer, aiding the user to substantially take note of the features that this piece has to offer. The Chopard watch has a crown and two plum pushers along the watch's right side. The generously done size and design of this piece serve the sports watch requirement of this era in a monumental manner. The Chopard Mille Miglia is, therefore, a brilliant Chopard racing watch that serves amazing functions, eye-catching appearance while catering to all the specifications and visions that the company holds for itself.

The enormously adored Chopard Classic Racing watches are superfast, automatic with a display that depicts hours, minutes, seconds and date via a window at 6. The self-winding Chopard Calibre 01.01-M that the latest collection is embedded with, has been entirely developed and manufactured at Chopard's Fleurier Ebauches workshops. With a whopping 60-hour power reserve, the collection has 41mm dial diameter in general and is made in steel material to ensure water resistance up to 100 meters. These features have made it easier for the brand to bring substantially featured pieces in the market. These revered features attend to the larger aims and visions of the brand.

Chopard brings a tremendous range to choose from when it comes to sports watches and particularly racing watches that are elegant and purposeful. The exquisite and vivacious range of watches under this collection is extremely appealing with the hint of sporty and racing look that they are keenly designed with. Chopard Classic Racing watches are a great and appealing deal for those who have an innate thing for sports watches or racing watches or both.

Therefore, for all those who are looking for sports watches or racing watches must undoubtedly check the Chopard Classic Racing collection offered which ensures uncompromised features and serves quality assurance.

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