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Chopard Happy Diamonds – the watch collection that has got elegance written all over it and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to deny this fact. Chopard, as a company, has evolved by inculcating several contemporary measures because of its forward-looking approach but it has not forgotten that their timepieces must resonate beauty. Even though the Chopard Happy Diamonds collection has seen a change, it is still as delightful as ever and is capable of being a heart- throbber.

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History of Chopard Happy Diamonds Watches

Chopard – oh – you beauty! It might come as a surprise to you but the founder of this company was the son of a farmer. Who knew he was about to scale such heights? Do you want to know the age when began to do so – when he was just 24. Innovative designs were at the heart of this company because of the creativity hidden in Louis-Ulysse Chopard’s mind. He understood just what the market was in need of and produced Chopard watches in accordance with that.

Precision? Check. Reliability? Check. What was it that the company was incapable of? Nothing, and if there was something – by this time – they might have overcome it, already. The reputation that this company was fetching was mind-boggling, to say the least. They were working wonders by encapsulating time into wonderful dials.

One such wonderment was none other than the Chopard Happy Diamonds watch – introduced to the marketplace in the year 1976. In tandem with the assimilated craftsmanship, the watch can be mistaken for an explicit jewellery watch because its case has been studded with diamonds. Since we are talking diamonds, you know who are their best friends? Women, obviously, and with this Chopard began its endeavour of watches for women. Having said that we would like to slide in an important piece of information for you – the first ever Chopard Happy Diamonds watch to be created was meant for the men. Shocked, right? The Chopard womens watch was in the shape of a cushion – with a case that was 18-carat white gold and it was magnificent, to the say the least.

However, the Chopard ladies watch was revamped and furnished in a manner to serve the female segment of the market. The watch has been curated to exude feminity as soon as it is wrapped around the tender wrists of women – it looks like a delightful romance between the person who dons the watch and the watch itself. Nonetheless, Chopard has not forgotten to maintain the watch’s original cushion shape to create a fantastic journey from the past to this date.

The wonderful idea of creating this women watch struck Chopard’s designer when he was out for a stroll in the Black Forest and he stumbled upon a waterfall – so pretty, so beautiful. The sight of countless water droplets flowing out of it sparkled while oozing out the pleasing colours of a rainbow. Having experienced this elegance, the design of a watch exhibiting the same beauty must be crafted – were the thoughts of the designer and this led to the advent of this impeccable Chopard Happy Diamonds watch.

The diamonds are wonderfully dancing on the case and that in itself is a representation of the elegance of the women. When we say dancing – we mean it – the diamonds are going to move around in the dial and will match the movement of your hand. Whether the dial of the watch is huge or whether it is petite – it is least likely to impede on the value that this diamond watch emanates because it is one of a kind, the sort nobody had ever imagined before this.

If you want to look an unconventional beauty – then Chopard Happy Diamonds is your go-to. The attention that this timepiece has garnered has led to its further development which led to the sport watches for women and it takes the name Chopard Happy Diamonds Sport. This watch looks very contemporary while making sure that it does not escape from its roots of the original watch. The design was still fresh and had a different appeal to itself – just for the women who belong to the new era. Various members of this sports line have been equipped with a quartz movement while some of them have been designed to be home to the automatic movement, nonetheless, they are all charming in their own beautiful ways, right? The diversity of this watch is exactly what is driving people crazy – especially the watch enthusiasts – because it is made available in various colours and sizes. The Chopard Happy Diamonds watch is not only meant for the elegance of women but also for the boldness that they embody.

Since we have already mentioned about the concept of the diamonds dancing around the case – there is another very fancy yet awe-striking watch made encompassing the same concept and that is the Chopard Happy Ocean. The Chopard watch is unlike the Happy Diamonds because it is technical and is meant to be fun. The dial of this Chopard watch reminds of the deepest seas while the diamonds inside the case reminds the people of the oxygen bubbles.

The concept of moving diamonds is amazing, after all, and is meant to enchant the onlookers while adding an extra bit of charm to the people who have decided to make use of it. No matter how many changes Chopard brings about in their Chopard watches for women – they are bound to live up to their reputation.

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