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The name of “Cvstos” is a new entry in the world of Haute Horlogerie. Despite its late birth, Cvstos did not take much time to reach the top and make a place in the highest ranks for its watches. Securing one of the top tier positions in Swiss watchmaking, Cvstos has become known to all due to its dynamic timepieces. Each timepiece is unique with a bold design and has intricate functions and mechanisms. CEO Sassoun Sirmakes and designer Antonio Terranovoto founded Cvstos in 2005 and named it after the word “guardian’s” Latin name. Both gave a distinguished cutting-edge approach to the watches and became everyone’s favorite in a short time. Before joining hands with Sirmakes and fulfilling his dream of having a brand of his own, Terranova had worked as a watch designer for celebrated companies such as TAG Heuer, Cartier, Zenith, and so on. Currently, the Cvstos headquarters are situated in the Saint Gervais quarter in Geneva. The Chrono collection is one of Cvstos’ fine watch collections. The unconventional design of the case and the use of watch straps have made Cvstos Chrono watches one of a kind.

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Cvstos has found a fine line between futuristic designs and traditional watchmaking and is thus hailed as the future of timekeeping. The brand, even though quite new in the realm, is seen to push forward the boundary with its style and mechanisms. Since its inception in 2005, Cvstos has left its mark by creating magnificent technical timepieces, all of which have a touch of contemporary features and aesthetic designs. This emerging luxury watch brand has been founded by the joint effort of Sassoun Sirmakes and Antonio Terranovoto. Sirmakes had been quite inspired in his childhood by his father and had wanted to follow his footsteps in watchmaking. He had learned everything from his father and mastered the art in his family’s workshop. Apart from gaining knowledge about different techniques, he also learned a great deal about running a business which he later incorporated into creating his own brand. He was only 20 when he met Antonio Terranovoto, a talented designer whose portfolio is filled with the names of top watchmaking brands. Together, they set out to win the world by giving birth to Cvstos watches in Beverly Hills. Any model from Cvstos will increase the value of your watch collection to a great extent.

An Overview of the Production Line

Right in 2005 after its launch, Cvstos came to everyone’s notice through its first collection that included a chronograph, a dual-time band model and a tourbillon. The year 2007 saw the presentation of the Pagani. The breakthrough occurred in 2012 with the creation of the Challenger Pilot.


Having seven references that range from the dual-time band to the chronograph, the Challenge line is tonneau-shaped and comes with a transparent view of its movements. Not only this but the watches also have inscribed hour markers right on the sapphire crystal, a tourbillon and two QPs with round cases. The Cvstos Challenge Twin-Barrel, the Cvstos Challenge Chrono and the Cvstos Challenge Twin-Time are the notable models of this line. The Cvstos Challenge R-Line has the beautiful Cvstos Challenge-R Twin-Time and Challenge-R Chrono models.


This collection has two brilliant models that feature a steel or gold case. The magnificent timepieces also have a modern chronograph and a tourbillon. The models of this line are the Cvstos 40/50 Chrono and the 50 T-S Tourbillon Sport.


Made solely for women, these watches sit perfectly on the slender wrists and give an outstanding look to its owner. The watches provide elegance and technical sophistication through their designs. The black or white diamond-studded cases are to die for, and this tonneau series include openwork dials. This line of Cvstos watches includes the RE-Belle Twin-Time, the Cvstos RE-Bellion and the RE-Belle Twin-Time Joaillerie.


Featuring a contemporary design, this collection is the brand’s attempt to fuse tradition and modernity. With a tonneau case, this line is primarily of titanium or steel and has a skeleton movement of seconds, minutes and hours.

Apart from these, Cvstos also has some limited edition watches, namely the Challenge-R 50 HF and the Modena Cars Racing Challenge Chrono. These luxury timepieces are sporty by nature and have a bold look and intricate complications.

The Luxury Named Cvstos Chrono

Cvstos is one of those brands that has come to the forefront very recently. Even though it is involved in the Frank Muller Group, Cvstos operates separately under Sirmakes and Terranovoto. The Cvstos Challenge Chrono watches form a major part of Cvstos’ collection. Terranova, the chief designer, gets inspiration from boats and has incorporated his ideas in the creation of the watches. The entire line of watches comes in several colors, materials and designs. Even the dials have different looks for each timepiece that cater to the individual needs of the customers. Most of the watches are water-resistant for up to a hundred meters, come with a power reserve for up to 42 hours and have titanium used in the crown and the screws of the case. The Cvstos caliber automatic chronograph movement operates the watches. The sharpness of the movement is such that the Challenge Chrono watches get ranked along with some of the best luxury models of other brands.

One might argue that tonneau shapes are not for everyone. But once you get a hold of the look, there is no turning back from this beauty! As you strap on this intense Cvstos watch, you are sure to turn heads in the crowd. The dawn of this design should be credited to Frank Muller, and Richard Mille is the one to have made the barrel-shaped design popular in the world of watches. With this design, the bezel, case, lugs and dial open up to more possibilities. Cvstos does some changes here and there for each model of the Challenge collection as per the occasion. While some cases are given titanium elements for a polished finish, others have rose-gold for a subdued look. One can choose from rubber or alligator straps. The reason why the Chrono Challenge is a success today is that the price range is affordable without a compromise on the quality.

The popularity of the Cvstos Challenge Chrono watch shows how greatly everyone has accepted the brand, and Cvstos watches for sale are on the rise. Cvstos has always liked to challenge conventions, and thw Cvstos Chrono watch is a stark example of that. In fact, Cvstos can be considered one of the pioneers who brought forward PVD coatings and talked about the importance of the right material for the strap and the case of a Cvstos watch. The brand has risen to be the perfect example of how hard work and dedication can conquer any obstacle. In the matchmaking field filled with strong competitors, Cvstos has succeeded in making its own place. Apart from giving recognition to the brand, Terranovoto and Sirmakes continue to take Cvstos to the zenith of success by designing one fabulous watch after another!

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