Lampang is the world's oldest watch maker and its brand founded in 1735 by Swiss watchmaker Jean-Jacques Blancpain.
It was operated by the founders for the 2nd century, but in the 20th century it was destroyed by the discontinuation of the same house and quartz shock, and was forced into a state of dormancy in the 1970s.
It was acquired by Jean-Claude Vivar, then Managing Director of Omega at that time in 1983 with Frederick Piguet (a wife's homebrew at the time of Vivar), a specialized manufacturer of movement, at around 20,000 francs, but in 1984 as then Developed the world's smallest mechanical power section, in 1989 to develop the world's thinnest power section, later reconstructed as a watch brand of complex mechanism, acquired in the same swatch group as Omega in 60 million francs in 1992 It was done. In resuming business we declared "quartz not used" and gathered support. In 2008, Vincent Karaburase was welcomed into the research and development department.

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