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Grand Seiko 9F Quartz Watches

9F quartz movement immediately reminds of you the world of Grand Seiko filled with wonderment and dazzling features. As soon as the user begins to rely upon this quartz movement – they are making an eternal commitment because this Grand Seiko watch is never going to die. A fine combination of durability and beauty – the Grand Seiko quartz watches live up to the standards they set to make an ideal watch.

When adorned on the wrist of the user, these watches radiate a charm that is unbeatable because they are one of their own kind. They are good to go – regardless of the outfit that you decide to sport because, with the elegance of the Grand Seiko watch, you are going to charm your way into the occasion.


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History of Grand Seiko 9F Quartz Watches

Grand Seiko had a clear goal – they wanted to excel in watchmaking. From how they have climbed up the ladder of success it is clear that they were determined towards their goal. Their advent in 1960 was also a result of the same determination the company embodied. They made sure that they set a benchmark for durability, beauty and precision – all at the same point of time.

Why did Grand Seiko develop in the first place? People around the world were of the belief that Swiss watches were of the highest quality and there was no way anybody could match them. While they also believed that Japanese watches are inferior to all else. However, the brand Seiko was of the view that they could do so much more than that since they had already introduced the world to two exceptional watches. Considering their potential – they spearheaded towards the introduction of the Seiko brand.

Now that you know about the zeal that they manifest – Seiko made sure that they brought about some changes in their watchmaking practices. Thus, in 1988, they introduced the first ever Grand Seiko watch based upon the quartz movement – the 95GS. The Grand Seiko quartz watch was definitely surpassed the performance of all other watches constructed using quartz and they outperformed everybody just because of their ability to produced in-house components. The Grand Seiko Quartz were grown in their own space wherein the team selected only that quartz which was capable of delivering superior performance and worked accurately no matter what condition they were being introduced to.

Not only did the Seiko company produce the 95GS – which was developed as the watch of men – they also made sure that they catered to the needs of the women; thereby, they produced the 3FGS which was produced exclusively as a watch for women.

Nonetheless, these Grand Seiko watches were not enough for the company they had to do more – set more goals, meet them sooner than ever. The thirst to make it big was unquenchable. Thus, they were brainstorming and were thinking about the ways in which they would bring about innovation in their watches. Thereafter, in 1993, they launched the calibre 9F8. It involved the twin pulse control system, the backlash auto-adjust mechanism, the instant date change mechanism and the super sealed cabin. With the introduction of the said changes, Seiko believed that they have disrupted the watch industry and brought about it desired for. They left no effort out in improving the watches by leaps and bounds.

But the development did not stop. There was nothing that was going to satisfy them, all the wanted was to improve by the minute. So, in the year 1997 – they came up with the 9F6 series which made improvements in the design of the case and this was just to render increased levels of comfortability for its users.

The determination of the company was still afloat or we could say it got better by the minute. They wanted to set benchmarks and they thought before anybody makes a considerable improvement they should introduce that "wow" factor to the market instead. The commitments that these Grand Seiko watches – with the quartz movements – made was striking and worth appreciation. It was something that made Grand Seiko confident about its operations because they saw that they could outsmart the Swiss industry.

Since we have already mentioned about the instant date change mechanism – you must also know that it was valued and held high in regard because you wouldn't even believe something of the sort could happen in the blink of your eye. The skilled craftsmen at Grand Seiko deserve a special mention for the introduction of such a movement which is worthy of all the praise because they have introduced this mechanism by their own hands to ensure that the customer has what they exactly need in their own hands. The accuracy of the Grand Seiko watch was something that needed to be acclaimed because the company made sure they kept working on it, throughout.

Higher performance and increase in durability is all the company has aimed and hoped for and that is exactly what it has been able to achieve. The mechanism of the Grand Seiko Quartz movement must be spoken of because it has been powered by a battery. As soon as the battery sends out a signal to the quartz oscillator – an affirmation runs through the calibre the quartz at exactly 32,768 times per second. The hour markers and the hands are introduced to the case once the entire movement and calibre has been introduced – and since everything is done by hand, it requires a lot to put in a Grand Seiko quartz watch together. Once it is introduced to the world, it sure is something that deserves all your attention because of beautiful and durable it happens to be.

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