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From scarves to shoes and from jewellery to watches – Hermes is that one brand that has got it all. The brand was first founded in the year 1837 and has established its reputation in the field of crafting saddles and harnesses for horses.

While moving ahead to its journey of watch manufacturing then the brand is highly appreciated for its Hermes Heure H watch collection. Featuring the H shaped dial and elegant leather straps these square watches are very unique in their very essence. Moreover, these exquisite contemporary styled Hermes H watches are available in different bright enchanting colours and bezel types.

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History of Hermes Heure H Watches

Hermes - a leading brand in the luxury leather products segment is probably a name that we all are very much aware of. Incepted in the year 1920, the name Hermes has been synonymous to quality and expertise. Every product by the brand may it be belts, jackets, bags or watches exude a very different level of style and beauty. While after witnessing a huge success in its leather goods segment, the Hermes went on to venture into the watch manufacturing business. And it was in the year 1978 when the Hermes took a steep turn.

The company got involved in the manufacturing for exquisite Hermes watches. And undoubtedly, within a short span, it achieved the trust to watch connoisseurs. Now it became associated with the luxury watches that stood high for their quality and modish design aesthetics. During the same year in 1978 brand opened its production manufactory in Biel, Switzerland. Since then it started manufacturing number of elegant watches and went on continuing to expand its collection. It established a number of dedicated independent manufacturing units for the same. And by now the Hermes was a successful watchmaker in the world. It became a well-established name in the luxury watch manufacturing segment. Ever since its proliferation in the watch manufacturing the Hermes has debuted a number of innovative watch models.

While occupying a prominent place in the world of horology, Hermes H watch collection is by means behind the other luxury watches.

First launched in the year, 1996, the Hermes H collection is highly popular among the masses. Their dials resembling the letter ‘H' add a very unique appeal to the Hermes watch. These signature H-shaped cases look very sleek and stylish. These classic Hermes watches are available in different case sizes including: : small (21mm x 21mm), 30.5mm x 30.5mm, 17.5 x 17.5 and medium (26mm x 26mm). Apart from this these Hermes watches are adorned with bright colourful leather straps that sure entice any modish watch lover.

Moreover, the stainless steel cases of these Hermes dress watches have received a glossy finishing of black or white lacquer and are water resistant up to 30 meters of depth. Whereas their stamped sunburst finished motif dial embossed with the Arabic numerals make the dial very legible. Each of the variant from H Heure collection features a white or black varnished dial glazed with a transparent lacquer coating.

Furthermore, the Hermes watches use an AR-coated sapphire crystal on the front side and are powered by a quartz movement. Apparently, these Hermes leather watches are very sober and subtle in their every design aesthetic. Whilst if you want to add a more chic look you wrist then these Hermes H Heure watches are also available in the double strap option. Having the ability to wrapping twice around the wrist, these straps look very classy and fashionable. And if you wish to incorporate changes from time to time then these watches also provision of changing straps. Before the brand entered into the watch manufacturing the signature letter was found printed on the Hermes bags, belts and sandals. This trademark symbol of these Hermes watches makes them look very unique and distinguished, unlike the other luxury brand watches.

Well, to entice its women lovers as well, the Hermes H Heure catalogue is filled with a number of effeminate watch models also. The Hermes H watches for women are available in the number of variants. May it be colour, bezel type, dial type or case material you have got a lot of choices to select from. Few of the Heure H ladies watches also come bejewelled with the diamond-studded bezels that lend you overall a very luxurious look. These diamond-encrusted models are further available in the gold plated and silver plated dials. Moreover, the various colours options in which they are being offered allows you to do them with a number of ensembles. The wide assortment offered by the Hermes H Heure provides the timepieces for every kind of watch admirer. Whether you are a professional or a modern freak you will surely get your right timepiece to accompany you. In addition to this, the prices that these watches offer are really very affordable which are hard to find in any other luxury watch brand.

Thus to get know more about the best womens watches for your lady watch lover browse through the Hermes catalogue. It comprises of many elegant and enchanting timepieces. And the comfort and performance that these Hermes watches deliver will surely drive you crazy. Shop these timeless pieces of luxury. Because the beauty that they exude is priceless and ethereal. Embrace yourself with a token of affection from the Hermes Heure H collection. And wrap your wrists with the beauty of these watches.

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