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Hermes is a renowned luxury brand offering innovative and technologically efficient watches to meet the luxurious needs of the modern men and women.

Hermes Medor watches were introduced in 1993 and the design resembles the harness of a dog collar. Since Hermes has its roots in developing saddles and harnesses, this design stands outs from the rest as it reflects the original business line of the company.

The Hermes Medor watches are available in a variety of colors and designs which makes it the perfect men’s luxury watch. The unique designs make it one of the best luxury watches for women.

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History of Hermes Medor Watches

Hermes was established in 1837 in Paris by Thierry Hermes who was born in Germany and it was well known for its excellent crafting saddles and horse harnesses. It was later taken over by his son Charles Emile. Hermes is a renowned French high fashion luxury brand with a logo of duc carriage with a horse. The company extended the leather making expertise to belts, jackets, bags, perfumes, clothes and other accessories during the early 20s. Hermes has a rich history of evolution from manufacturing saddles to entering into some of the topmost industries across the world. One thing which the company maintained right from its inception has been the quality and innovation to meet the luxurious needs of men and women. They have always created impeccable designs with a touch of elegance and modernity.

1. The inception of idea:In 1912 Emile Hermes created the first wristwatch for his daughter Jacquiline for which the leather strap was made by saddler’s leather craftsmen. This was the starting point in the journey of watch making for Hermes.

2. Starting the journey of great watch making:Hermes entered the business of watch making in 1928 however for more than half a century they created ‘guardians of time’ with the greatest names in Swiss watch making. During the mid 1930s he employed the Swiss watchmaker Universal Geneve to design the first and exclusive Hermes watch and ended up making men’s luxury watch- chronographs and art deco cuff luxury watches for women. Both of these were introduced in 18K gold or stainless steel. The watches for women were also made with platinum.

3. Setting up the watch making unit:Further in 1978 Hermes launched the La Montre Hermes S.A. which is a subsidiary of the Hermes International. The production facility was set up in Biel, Switzerland and the firm started carrying on the international distribution through Hermes Stores. The company also launched the Arceau model of the watch in 1978 after the clasp model in 1975.

4. Hermes Clipper model and cape cod:Hermes Clippermodel created a market for the watches in 1981 which was followed by the launch of Cape Cod in 1991. After seven years in 1998, the cape cod was introduced with a double wrap around strap which became excessively popular and created a huge market for the Hermes watches.

5. Hermes medor watches: The Hermes Medor watches were introduced in 1993 and it occupies a special place in the history of Hermes watches as it traced its roots to one of the first items which were manufactured by Hermes. Just like the harnesses of the dog collar, it was adorned with a medor rock. The design was different and attractive which didn’t fail to impress the men and women.

In 1997 Hermes came up with Hermes H watches and later on in 2003 Dressage was launched with self winding feature. Following these innovations, Hermes has introduced Arceau Temps Suspendu watch, Temps Suspendu models and several other models equipped with technological advancements and featuring attractive styles and designs to meet the needs of the modern men and women. The Hermes Arceau Temps Suspendu watch contains an interlude over which the time has no hold. The Dressage L-Heure Masquee model was introduced in 2013 in which the hour hand is hidden behind the minute hand and appears only after a certain button is pressed. These small design innovations have continued creating an excellent market and reputation for the Hermes watches.

The Hermes luxury watches have been designed keeping in mind the epicurean philosophy which values sober and contemporary watches. The Hermes watches reflect the true spirit of quality, craftsmanship, detailing and designing. Hermes has been associated with Jaeger LeCoultrefrom a long time and they have produced several co-branded pieces.

The Hermes Medor watches are quartz watches that have been made using fine quality stainless steel. They are completely water resistant upto 30 metres with solid backs. The Hermes Medor watches are adorned with hours and minutes functions and comes in pin buckle. Hermes watch straps are made using superior quality leather to offer style, comfort, durability and efficiency. In 2006 Hermes even set up a workshop that has been specially dedicated to the production of superior quality leather Hermes watch straps. The men’s luxury watches and luxury watches for women under the Hermes Medor watch series are available in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. The elegant watches are perfect for all occasions.

Hermes has successfully introduced innovative designs and styles for the users from time to time. In 2015 they even introduced a Hermes slim watch that gets down to the basics. The combination of efficient designers and best Swiss technology makes the Hermes watches stand out from the crowd which has immensely helped it in creating an international market. The careful organisation and focus on precision of each and every aspect of the watch further makes Hermes watches the best choice.

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