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Hublot Watch Company was established in 1980 in Nyon, Switzerland by a watchmaker Carlo Crocco from Italy. Despite its tender age in watchmaking, the brand has left many watch enthusiasts jaw-dropped following the ultra- luxurious Swiss watches which are distinguishable from far.

Initially, Crocco launched his company as MDM Genève and the first watch to mark its debut was the “Hublot” which has a natural rubber bracelet. Despite the stiff competitiveness on the market, the watchmaker was not really disappointed of the first year as it sold over $2M worth of pieces. Although they are rare, the original Hublot watches present you with a historic-but-brilliant splendor respective to your ideal taste, including the professional classic and chronograph.

New Hublot MDM Watches

History of Hublot MDM

Although the Hublot Company was officially established in 1980, the making of the brand began back in the mid-1970s. The founder of the company, Carlo Crocco, left the Breil Watch Company where he was working and started developing his own watch design. At the time, it was in 1976 and it took him three years to do all the planning and assembling of the timepiece. After the completion of the watch around 1980, Crocco named it “Hublot”- a French word which means porthole. The Italian watchmaker had borrowed the name following the design of the timepiece which resembles a porthole shape.

The Hublot watch was made with a precious metal case which has been developed through the art of fusion and attached with natural rubber straps. This was the definitive face of the timepiece which was presented at the Basel watch fair under the roof of MDM Genève Company. In fact, the design was an unseen style in watchmaking, particularly for the rubber strap which most watchmakers thought to be too risky.

At first, watch enthusiasts were reluctant to purchase the new Hublot MDM as all Swiss watches were either in steel bracelet or leather strap. Despite all, though, at the end of the first year, the brand sold pieces worth over $2M. The company didn’t see it a very bad start and after two years it introduced a divers’ watch with a classic-inspired design and rubber strap.

In 1986, the Hublot Watch Company released its first chronograph watch which came to be known as the Classic Chronograph. The new model was created much of a racing timepiece as it has both the chronograph features and a tachymetric scale on the bezel.

All the Hublot watches which were launched in the 1980s when the brand operated as MDM Geneve Company have “MDN GENÈVE” printed on the dial. This was later changed in the models from the year 2000 which now have the dial printed with Hublot Genève instead. At the time, the popularity of Hublot watches was drowning. Carlo Crocco has become preoccupied with other commitments which now were pulling him away from the watchmaking incentive.

In 2004, Jean-Claude Biver was announced the CEO of Hublot with the hopes of resurrecting the company. Having worked with other renowned brands like Audemars Piguet and Omega, the Luxembourgish-born watchmaker was able to restore the concept of the Art of Fusion.

Alongside with the new marketing Consultant- Ricardo Guadalupe, the new CEO was able to upgrade the available chronographs in his first year of operating. This was a good sign the best was yet to happen as in the year that followed, a Super B Flyback Chronograph collection was introduced.

Commonly known as the Bing Ban chronograph, the new collection is a re-launch of the classic Hublot MDM of the 1980s. The encompassed references, however, have been recast and resized in order to bring about its sportier look, as well as make them more manlike. The new face was accepted on the market instantly and skyrocketed the brand’s growth and success. Due to its superior quality, it even won the title of the “Best Design” at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.

To prove that the Bing Bang was the best amongst the rest of men’s luxury watches, Hublot released the One Million $ Big Bang in 2007. Distinctive from the rest, the wristwatch has a total of 463 diamonds which even won it the title of the “Best Jewelry Watch”.

In 2010, Hublot Watch Company celebrated its 30th anniversary using a new UNICO column-wheel chronograph movement which has been developed in-house entirely. The 330-component movement was installed on the King power Tourbillon watch which presents you with multiple complications, including even retrograde date and World-time GMT.

In terms of achievements, 2011 was truly a successful year for the Hublot Company. The luxury watches manufacturer presented to the world an MP Key watch which allows you to speed up/ slow down time as you wish. In the same year, Hublot was recognized as the official timekeeper and watchmaker for Ferrari. In the year that followed, the watchmaker appreciated the exotic cars brand with a lavish MP-05 LaFerrari watch which has up to 50-day power reserve.

Still on the tribute of the partnership of Ferrari and Hublot Company, the latter also created the Bing Bang Chrono Tourbillon Ferrari. Although the wristwatch was meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Ferrari in China, the bond between the two was strengthened even greater. For more information on the Hublot MDM watches, check out from our wide range of series below and pick your favorite design. Also, visit our blog page for more stories on Hublot watches and don’t forget to leave us your thought in the comment box.

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